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  1. But I thought I heard Mubarak blame Skyride for the unrest in Egypt. So Wael Ghonim works for Skyride? Damm him! DAMM HIM!!!!! Remster
  2. What you said Wendy! I don't like Skyride's business model and dishonesty, but they can't be blame for every thing under the sun. Although, that reserve ride I had last week was probably due to them too... Remster
  3. Remster


    What do you call it when they are afraid of you? Remster
  4. Remster

    Grooms cake

    Is she gonna give you a cookie? Remster
  5. Remster

    Grooms cake

    My guess is, if this wedding requires a grooms cake, it aint a cheap one! lol Remster
  6. i always sleep nekkid; that ok!? It wouldn't be the first or last time you were called a wanker, now would it vb? ;-) Remster
  7. Could also do a Black And White theme; or considering the venue, Go For The Pink wouldnt be out of place. Military is fun too, tho I did go a party with a few SS officers; the fact that it was in England made it stand out lol (no, it wasnt Mosley, or Prince Harry lol) PJ's sound fun too, and could be a nice break from the full out costumes. Remster
  8. Sounds like everyone will like to dress up. How about a masquerade theme? A black out could be fun too, but not for the whole time since fetish types do like to see what's going on.. But how about 10 minute blackouts every hour (make sure people know about the law as it pertains to public decency tho.. Don't want to get into too much trouble lol). Remster
  9. So is there when I'm supposed to post a pic of some dz.commer kissing another at a certain boogie? Give me a few mins and I can probably get a picture of a couple dz.commers kissing in the living room. Does that count? No. It was in response to a certain poster... She knows what I mean! Remster
  10. I havent seen any new otters at the DZ... unless Larry painted it already! lol Remster
  11. That wasnt _that_ original of a theme... Remster
  12. So is there when I'm supposed to post a pic of some dz.commer kissing another at a certain boogie? Remster
  13. RAAAWWRRRRRR There's a sucker born every minute! Remster
  14. I get afraid of the door when I'm in the corner and we're launching an 8way... Remster
  15. Or else it gets the hose again! Remster
  16. Shah, the sampling may be biased since a pre-requirement would be to be dating you Remster
  17. Take care of yourself and heal fast! Remster
  18. Thanks for the bigoted reference to Mexicans. Attaboy for maintaining the standards in here. Well, you know what happens: you get rid of some scum, and some new scum comes right back in. It's like they never left! Quite uncanny really... Remster
  19. This is awesome! We had a reduction of random Muslim bashing posts for some reason lately, but it looks like we have a brand new poster to pick up where others stopped (or were made to stop). Quite fortuitous really. Did you post this for discussion too? Remster
  20. Good news! I negotiated a freebie in our marriage vows that if I ever had a shot with skymama I could take it with impunity. Did you laminate that card? Remster