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  1. Definitely. It's called versatility, and derives from empathy. Remster
  2. Shah. You have an opportunity to solidify your reputation as a pig (no offence meant! ). Get them all together. Heck, 2 or 3 would work too. All of will call you all sorts of names, but most of the guys will silently admire you Remster
  3. So if you are labeling yourself as a Democrat you're against those kinds of things? You forgot to ask him if he's stopped beating his wife. And I see you failed to answer either his question, or the still un-addressed issue of wife battery. Were you drunk again when you were beating her? Remster
  4. He resigned basically 1 hour after the picture went public. Sounds like it was his decision. Remster
  5. Never mind... saw the watermark from latexlair... Bianca does look great in person too! Remster
  6. I was expecting something more like this from you: (I originally typed out "sexpecting." Oops.) Hey! Don't judge me for my weird fetishes! We can't all be vanilla and into see-through latex like you... PS: what site is that from? Remster
  7. I staked a turtle out there to see if it will come back. That's not very nice. You should stop teasing the hawk and put the bait on it's back. Remster
  8. It's a AN-2. Remster
  9. Was it about "little people"? No. These shows, along with women who impersonate clown cars, are the exclusivity of TLC. Remster
  10. Shop around. And be honest. It will be difficult to twist the facts when the helicopter is sent to the DZ to medivac your ass after you femur in. I was looking aboud with a possible change of role recently, and, for example, HealtNet did not have any activity restrictions for the individual plan I was looking at. Obviously, YMMV. Remster
  11. You wanted to learn how to swoop, didn't you? Remster
  12. Yes. It's most probably that. The chances of it being a virus or trojan that kicks up the processor at night to do some spamming is so slim, it must be paranormal. Remster
  13. They didn't have after-market twin turbos Remster
  14. A friend of mine got circumcised in his early 20's for aesthetic reasons. Remster
  15. Still too tame? How about some leopard sexiness? Remster
  16. In all seriousness, those outfit are pretty tame in the "what's the most sexy" game. I propose the following entry in the poll: Remster
  17. That's the issue, not the AFFI weight. Remster
  18. WTF? You and Mouth come out of retirement to make fun of me today? Remster
  19. Kinky Dutch people.. Remster
  20. Just say no to the skinny jeans. They don't look good on much of anyone. They look good on my wife! Remster
  21. Does that mean this type of bartering is not possible in the future either? Remster
  22. I don't have any of those clothes. Send me your credit card # so I can run up to Macy's. I'll PM my Wicked Weasel account info to you. please dont post your personal pics... Remster
  23. I think they came way after the peak... The peak, at my estimate, being in the mid 90s. Remster