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  1. I had to go back to work. But it's ok: we're halfway to the wekend and 4way training! Remster
  2. Bill, I believe you did not hear what these women said well. They do not call themselves "bitches", but rather "beotches". It is derived from the greek "beo" mean together, and "atchex" meaning friend...
  3. What, no video? ... Bam Remster
  4. HAHAHAHA!! Speaking of small-time... Hi Slappie! Remster
  5. Wiki says 2 machines: one for the 1st 56, one for the 46. But then again, it had the bad odd calculation (tho properly referenced) I had initially! lol Remster
  6. That may be true.. I'm not too familiar with that lottery... Oh well! Remster
  7. I think we both f'ed up our calcs... It in between: its' not 1/56^3 for the 1st set of numbers, it's 1/(56*55*54) *3! since there is no order to the right numbers (unless you want to argue that which of the 3 numbers is a match is important, and I dont think it is). Then, * 1/46 So it's 1/1,275,120 Remster
  8. That odd of 1/8,000,000 sounded strangely low when I saw this earlier today. The actual odds or having 3/5 plus the multiplier is actually 1/13,781 Remster
  9. Yes... It's unfortunately lead to some poor decision making for her... Remster
  10. Remster

    Sorry ...

    [touches nose with finger and points] Remster
  11. "I'm just putting it out here for discussion purposes!" Remster
  12. Although you are grammatically correct, you changed the subject and thus the meaning of the statement. Shah's original statement was to a second person, not to himself. A more appropriate rendition would be: Shah: "A statement out of which way you cannot think." Hot chick(breathlessly):"Fuck me, Shah. Can we invite my size 8 sister twin to join us?" Remster
  13. Remster

    Sorry ...

    Check with, and see if they have a new batch of sarcasm. Yours ran out. Remster
  14. Remster

    Sorry ...

    Being a mod here is so awesome! It's the best! The BEST! Remster
  15. Now THAT was a good 4way jump. Does the vidiot have a private room? Damm prima-donas... Remster
  16. I really don't think it is. Dont get me wrong, it sounds like a very stupid thing to do, but the publishers are a private business, and if that's what they want to do... Now, the question is: who owns the rights to the work? If I was them, I would find a way to get out of any agreement with that publisher, and find one who respects the book as it was written. Remster
  17. The same way fundamentalists of every ilk have justified their belief: "God/Allah/Jehovah/Cthulhu is testing our resolve with these challenges... But we will prevail and get 40 virgin/eternal life/beer volcanoes if we keep up our fight" Remster
  18. Holly fuck.. Talk about thread necromancia! PS: Skreamer is back in Eloy again! And apparently, his sense of direction hasn't improved: after his spotting exploits yeras ago, now, he's taking tracking jumps off to the boonies! Remster
  19. Come on. You need to stop bringing the Bush voting scandals. Water under the bridge. Remster
  20. Guess it's so up there in news importance that most people missed it! lol Remster
  21. You got him a Snuggie, didnt ya? Remster
  22. Congrats! But why on earth would you want to have that many kids around you, who knows! Remster