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  2. I know a doctor in Boulder who has 2 blondes, a brunette, and an auburn-haired babe among his staff. One of the blonds and the brunette are Physician Assistants, and the other two are clerical help. All four are about 5'10", slim, shapely as hell, and smoking hot. It's like walking into a modeling agency.
  3. Wow, a skydiver setting high goals and actually accomplishing them. What's this world coming to? Sounds great. You'll totally rock an MBA. Skydiving will still be here when you're rich and powerful. I just want to be more like Remi!
  4. Yeah... Just slumming it in Eloy . Remster
  5. True, but in the case of Eloy, a good portion of the official packers at Eloy are riggers. You need a rigging ticket to have a packing concession at he DZ, which has 2 or 3 stalls. And Sam is a rigger. So is Coop (that crusty old brit ) if I'm not mistaking. Remster
  6. I knew there was a reason I liked you! Remster
  7. Silly people... Going to Florida when a perfectly good Arizona is available It's nice to be back in the 70s! Those last few weeks of 50s and 60s were bad .... Remster
  8. It only looks that way dues to scale issues. Rockets still have to reach the same speed to reach outer space. Remster
  9. Krisanne gave a goog reviews of on site lodging. The Skyrider Inn, as I understand, is pretty decent and clean, but it's expensive. It's designed/priced for sharing with a roomie, or a team. It's walking distance to the DZ. The restaurant, the Bent Prop, is good enough. It wont win any AAA diamonds, but the food is decent, and the daily specials give some nice enough variety. It's the only option for food if you dont have a car or a lift to town for food tho. In town food options: A&M Pizza in Eloy (they do deliver to the DZ, and they are good!); Eva's mexican in Toltec; and quite a few options in Casa Grande. Same for the lodging: all the other hotel will require a car to get to and from the DZ. We normally stayed at the Hotel 6 when we spend the night, but, last time, we stayed at the Travel lodge, and were pleasantly surprised: newly renovated rooms. Pretty nice overall (for the area! lol). Also, there are a few skydivers with rooms to rent who live in Eloy, Toltec, and the area. If you have a car, those would be a good, cheaper option than a hotel. PM me if you want more info. Edit: for clothing, bring layers! It's the most versatile way to dress for varying weather, either in the air, or on the ground. Remster
  10. Personally, I always figured the physical stuff should progress at the same rate as the emotional/social/intellectual connection did. Getting ahead of yourself physically just seems to cause problems and be not fulfilling. I don't think you can really put a time table (or a price tag) on that. But I do think if the relationship is not progressing in a direction that the parties want, it is beneficial to call it quits at some point before you go too far down the road. So, sucking, right? Remster
  11. Quade: it was meant as arrows, not math... Really dude... Remster
  12. I'm pretty sure Michel is a partner at Skyventure Montreal. Remster
  13. Yeah.. Not one word from CBC... Remster
  14. You're scared of me, and you let Ed close to your sister? WTFO? Remster
  15. I'm not a cop lover, but good for them. I have zero tolerance for drunks behind wheels too. And thanks to Godwin, you lose. Remster
  16. Actually, considering what can happen after major events like this in under developed country, I wouldnt have been surprised if he didnt end up leading a coup... Remster
  17. Who are you lying to and deceiving when you skydive? Remster
  18. You say that like if it's a bad thing... Remster
  19. Personal attack! Personal attack! Ban him, Andrea! Remster
  20. Only if he's been bad, very bad. When has Sean _ever_ been good? Remster
  21. My guess is that it was Twardo who sent him the link of his gym... Remster
  22. Must... Refrain... From... Making.... Jokes.... About... Annoying.... People..... Who... Are... Banned... Remster
  23. Nonsense. If astrology is bollocks, then you'd have to say The Flying Spaghetti Monster is bollocks. You can't answer that, can you? The mere mention of doubt of His existence will bring wrath to you and your decedents. He will smite you with His noodly appendage. Remster