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  1. Women that skydive are hot.
  2. Did he tell you you were special? Remster
  3. Doug: remember that you 're a mod now. You don't need to suck up so bad.... Remster
  4. I would venture that time in sport makes up the "old" part. And since the "tourist" qualifier is only lifted after 10 years, I would venture that to be considered an old skydiver, you should have at least twice that, so 20 years in the sport. Damm. That makes me old. Remster
  5. PS: no wonder women say there's lots of assholes out there... Remster
  6. Oh sush.... Go play with your makeup and plan a lunch date with your herd friends. Remster
  7. "You want me to do what to you???? That's messed up!" Remster
  8. Where? Out there... ie, not on this site. Remster
  9. Following your logic I suppose we should ban the cops from carrying guns. Everyone except the criminals! GET ON BOARD ALREADY! ohhhhhh...The OP wants Russia type controls....yeaaaa that works well for them... Why don't you go back to that banned bridge of yours... Remster
  10. Insert guitar riff. Remster
  11. Spooning leads to forking. Remster
  12. There are ways to keep people updated without the blow-by-blow. For example, a FB friend did the following yesterday: Yesterday morning: "Hospital called. [Wife] says 'it's go time!'" No updates for 7 hours. Yesterday afternoon: "She has arrived! [baby name, weight]. Mom and baby are doing very well. Pictures later." Later yesterday afternoon - photo of dad with baby. Now, I don't have mom on FB, so I don't know if she was doing any more detailed updating of her own, but it seems like dad's approach gave plenty of info without needing to detail every single step of the process. No "She's at 8cm now! Pic below" ? Remster
  13. It's just an excuse to see the Nurses and PA at his Doctor's office.... The lengths at which some will go to! Remster
  14. You're all wrong. Chuck Norris would round-kick all their asses back to toontown. Remster
  15. meh... Notice how the guys are like in the Instructors forum? I'll stick with chicks! lol Remster
  16. Unicorns are real bitchy, and butterflies are sluts. Pretty, but sluts. Remster
  17. Unless it's changed this year, it' s not what I understand. You need to have one to own a concession, and then you can employ one or 2 others who dont need to have their tickets. Remster
  18. Norm. Attaboy. Remster
  19. Cheater. No attaboy for you. NEXT! Remster
  20. "Women. Can't live with them... ...Pass the beer nuts" I have another attaboy for who can name where that pearl of wisdom comes from. Remster
  21. Buy what you want... But we have her now! Remster
  22. Uhhh, I'm thinking "Ja". At least, it sure can be. Some of your travel pics, John? Remster
  23. That line was not in the movie; but Charlie did say it. JerryBaumchen Definitely in the movie. I remember seeing it (the line was from one of his girls, replying to a question about the type of employees Wilson hired) Remster