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  1. Listen dude, all the advice here seems to be good. Honestly tho, the things you need to think about when jumping that new gear are this: 1. How fcuking awesome you look! 2. How this gear makes your ass look phat! 3. Concentrate on how you will avoid constant flirtation from the opposite sex! 4. How jealous people will be of you! Most important REMEMBER people wanna be YOU!!! Congrats on the new kit[;)
  2. spootch

    Harness resizing

    Or you could find a master rigger who is willing to do the work...
  3. spootch

    Safire 2 lower brake lines

    At 250 jumps the lines should be ok... That being said if something is causing you concern, get your rigger a beer and ask.
  4. spootch

    Who's BAD?

    After my brother and me (identical) got our licenses, he used to pride himself on a squeaky clean drivers abstract. Mine was less than stellar. One night we were screaming into town and I got pulled over at a speed that put the Duke boys to shame. Now the rear slider in the truck was tinted out so right after I pulled over, I told my brother "dude hurry up and throw me your license". I mean if ever I needed him it was then, one more ticket and im walking! He quickly undid his seatbelt reached in the glove box and pulled out something plastic and passed it to me and did up his belt. It was the insurance and registration cards. "have fun Rebocking it" he said
  5. spootch

    My new snow toy...

    Please don't tell me you have cat shit in your garage?
  6. spootch

    Learn on/off for every AAD.

    They fit pretty sweet in the ol Sidewinder
  7. spootch

    What size canopy to get the GF

    #1 she needs the student gear so she can make a few mistakes and lessen the chance of a major oops. (your not getting sex when shes in a body cast!) #2 you should not be buying her gear, but spend the money more wisely on beer for the dz (eventually she will get her OWN gear and owe beer again!) #3 you should break up with her BEFORE you go on the skydive trip. (that makes it less awkward for both of you when she leaves you for the hot lesbian instructor)
  8. spootch

    Worth getting for rigging?

    Agreed! I did however use the smaller one for my fat pinned Jav and split it in the hollow end
  9. spootch

    Skydiving Confessions

    forgive me Skygods for I have sinned. My last confession was ......... well, I have never confessed.. The truth is; One time, while flying to altitude with a newer student...I farted in the 182. The stench was so bad I immediately stopped giggling to myself and briefly paused on the thought that the pilot sitting beside me, may not see the humor in last nights lunch. To my horror I was absolutely correct. Watching her dry heave twice, she ripped the window open and gasped at the fresh air coming in. Looking directly at me I knew I was screwed. I mean, the look I was getting from that pilot reminded me of my mom when (at the age of 7) I accidently set the carpet on fire trying to smoke one of grandmas cigarettes.... I PANICKED......and in a state of self preservation,..... I...... I.. BLAMED THE POOR DEFENSELESS NEWBIE !!!!!! I mean, who was gonna believe his pithy I didn't do it rant? What's he got, like 20 jumps? For weeks (well days) I felt horrible (ok seriously it was a good 2 hrs), and I carried the burden of guilt with me... *In my defense, she was threatening to pump my eyes shut worse than a raccoon in a bar fight....* To repent, this weekend I will do 3 horny Gs and a solo sitfly
  10. If the unit keeps swoop pond goop out, it must keep battery goop in
  11. spootch

    newbie rigging question

    ^ This. It takes so little to be helpful and civil. We need more of that. JerryBaumchen +1
  12. spootch

    Super Raven -MZb

    Staples. Lots of em
  13. spootch

    Reserve Extraction Force Test?

    # 4 would be moot after the first extraction. FWIW i have done periodic tests (curiosity) after the extraction debate was brought up some years ago. I have the jumper stand with rig on and measure the pull on the bridal to extract the molar with the main still packed. The highest i've had was 19.5 lbs. what does that mean for the price of rice in China? nothing, but I have not seen one "stick" or appear to be stuck such as some of the video John S has.
  14. spootch

    Student Training Difficulties

    Good luck! It's not like skydiving can kill you... oh wait... it can... never mind!
  15. spootch


    Hang in there tiger, they are having a bit of a snafu over there. I sent mine off around the same time as you, so the plan is to wait till I get it back
  16. spootch

    When you see Airtec at the Symposium.....

    Good luck with all of that. I realize it isn't likely to happen, but it does seem like something that would certainly help SSK update units for the people that are more concerned than me, and reduce their cost. I guess the question will be if Airtec will offer up the option to have the unit serviced before the manditory service. It would help to put peoples (like the op) mind at ease.
  17. spootch

    When you see Airtec at the Symposium.....

    Would you mind pointing out where I shit talk SSK? Well? And just so we're clear, I don't give a flying fuck about you and your "ol boys club" what the issue to be discussed here is whether something that is known to fail (to the point of issuing a SB) should or should not be repaired immediately? Perhaps we could entertain thoughts on the +or- of having the service done and what that means to the dealer and the customer. We could also look at the legal side as well. Perhaps have some input from that shark guy or the law rocket beagles. Heres the scenario: Jhonny Rotten is an instructor at xyz, uses two rigs one with a vigil and one with a cyp. The guy gets busy as shit, forgets his cyp check, gets into a wreck during his jump and bounces. Airtec claims he never did his check and his suing family says prove he didn't it was the device he had, here's the SB on it. I can almost guarantee there will be jumps made by jumpers who either don't care or just plain forgot to check, having had old habits engrained in their routine such as "set it and forget it" and people can bitch all they want about how said jumper is an idiot and deserves a Darwin award, but sadly ladies and gents that is the reality of skydiving today. Here's some more fuel" Fifteen units have become “non-responsive” out of the 32,000 produced during this date range," Now I wonder what the Agus failure rate was VS the cyp rate now, before we have mfgs banning the product?
  18. spootch

    When you see Airtec at the Symposium.....

    Gee did you ever stop to consider the fact that just fucking maybe it will take that long to get you an answer BECAUSE the damn part that is at issue here is not a random on the self part and that it needs to be engineered, tested and then assy in mass production in order to fix all of these units and until then you need to comply with the SB or not, your choice. Pretty damn stupid to ASSume this is all about trying to shaft everyone out of some more cash... yea would have nothing to do with designing, building, testing a replacement part because that one part is made by only 1 MFG in the world, you don't just stroll over to fucking Wal-mart or radio shack and pick out a new one and install them. What part of all that can't you and rest of pissing and moaning crowd NOT understand. Oh yea I forgot... it was an excuse made up by SSK to screw you out of more money down the road.... FWIW my wife has a recall on her Jeep because the fuel could spill out when filling at the gas station. Now I know it's not a life saving device like an aad but they did agree to fix it and everyone who paid to have it fixed were compensated. Reason being, it did not work as expected.Did it cost them a shitload to fix it? yep. Did they own it and get it done? yep. Is is she a happy customer still? yep.
  19. spootch

    Best coffee??

    I like to have my coffee like my women, HOT, BLACK and ON THE TABLE!
  20. spootch

    check out my new rig

  21. spootch

    Get a gear check, dangit!

    Take back your take-back take-back. NOT appropriate! .....uh oh there i go being sarcastic!
  22. 2.5 ? thats simply wrong and out dated. to the op please use 2.6
  23. A bit like pettin a hedgehog huh? Just walk up to her and tell her your experience was shitty but at least you don't have pink eye.Then run like hell !!!!
  24. spootch

    Custom parachute

    do you guys do nomex III material? or just nylon