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  1. I hope you didn't lose any friends. Unfortunately, I think I may have. He's not texting back and other friends haven't been able to say anything definitive. I hope you get a hold of your friend. They may just be at the hospital with out their phone. I'm not sure what else to say this hurts. live and let live
  2. The year is young and your family needs you right now. skyfriends will always be there when you get back to the sport. I left my home DZ and didn't show up for 2 years, then stopped in for a jump and it was like I never left. I would say be with your family right now and make sure everything is good with them. There is nothing saying you can't pop in for a couple of jumps here and there in the summer. depending on how your home DZ is you could even ask someone to hold the baby when you go for a jump. Skydivers are good people and i'm sure you have some really close friends out there. Its not like those friendships will be lost if they see you once every two months for a bit. Good luck with everything and congratulations on the new baby. live and let live
  3. I have a twin to use for sizing lol live and let live
  4. you may take my word if you want that I want no pressure to be put on her. nor will I try and get her to do things she should not be doing. when she started white water kayaking it took me about two months of running class one water with her before I would let her go to class two(class one can be paddled by a drunk guy on a tube safely). I don't want to be involved with coaching her cause 1: I'm not a coach and 2: If anything I would hold her back. The whole point was to get a rig for her and hold it. when she was ready to start shopping I would give it to her. she was not going to know about it till then. I have resold ever bit of skydiving gear for the same cost that I have paid for it so I'm not to worried about losing money. I was just asking if a 150 was ok for a first wing cause that would put her at the same wing loading I was at when I got gear. no harm no fowl, when she is ready for gear ill most likely pick up a reserve and a container and then go main shopping with her. I have a friend her size that jumps so she can help. thanks for your time
  5. good advise. I'm going to try and talk her into 3 or 4 extra days of jumping if she is having fun. I just wanted to have a gift for her B-day when we got back. I guess it is best to wait. in the time being ill keep my eyes open for a container and 170 reserve. maybe ill even update my profile live and let live
  6. ***Simply A 150 is too small, a F-111 170 is too small and too different if she's jumping a ZP student canopy. (before ZP 170-180 was the smallest standard canopy available!). Maybe if you hear it enough you'll believe it. Athletic has nothing to do with it. Please don't take one answer that says 'sure go for it', ignore all the good advice and ruin your girl friends skydiving trip. quote] she is not even going to know about this until after the trip. why would you say a 170 f1-11 is to small? live and let live
  7. So many red flags with your thought process, mate... Seriously - these posts are setting off all my alarm bells. Let her learn ONE thing at once. A normal skydiving canopy handles nothing like a paraglider, let alone a student one. And ground launching is an advanced skill and again very, very different on a speedwing. 25 jumps is nothing. You say 'just for groundhandling' - I call bullshit. Even if you have the best intentions in the world that 'just groundhandling' will end up with 'just a small flight' that will turn into 'just a simple 2-way'... Seriously, it's great you want your girlfriend to be into all the stuff you like, but the BEST thing you can do for her is to let her go at her own pace, and let professionals teach her. you can call BS all you want but no mater how fast you run you can't take off on the hill we are going to go on. and I am well aware of the fact that all 3 wings are much different but it still helps out. ok 150 is out of the question... nuff said. live and let live
  8. naw mate up sizing is the new down sizing live and let live
  9. just tying to get it across that she is athletic. no need to start being a Deployment Bag live and let live
  10. not ground lunching just ground handling. and not before she has around 25 jumps. I should have been more clear... for ground handling she can use my larger speed wing if we were going to do any launching then it would be under my paraglider and most people with 25 landings can handle a paraglider on a hill that only drops about 10 feet on a 75 foot run live and let live
  11. No need for faces..... Ok new question what's your experience trying to fit a 170 f1-11 canopy into a rig that says its a 150 max. The pilot 150 I jump now is 1 size over max but I can still jam it in there. my thoughts are that it would be a bit easier do to it being F1-11. live and let live
  12. 140 in street clothes if it had just rained haha. in this rig her exit weight would be around 155. I was under a 190 for my first rig and I'm 185 naked and I didn't think it was all to fast. I know a smaller canopy with the same wing loading is not the same but its not like we are talking about a 150 velo here. do you think ground handle helps at all? I felt way better after spending all the time I did on the ground with my canopy above me live and let live
  13. We are going to be taking a skydive trip and by the end of it she will have around 25 jumps. I do not plan on giving her the gear or letting her know that I have it until she is ready to shop for gear. she has been to the DZ lots and is used to the jumping world kind of. I will not let anyone put any pressure on her to do anything. If at the end of the trip she hates it I will say nothing about the gear and just resell it for the same cost I got it for. Seem fare? live and let live
  14. Hey my Girlfriend is just about to start jumping and I have a chance to pick up some good gear for a great price. I was just wondering what would be safe. The rig I'm looking at is a Sabre 1 150. She weighs 140 lbs and is 5'8 1/2. She has picked up a lot of sports I do like kayaking, Free diving and some others plus she used to play fast pitch (like softball but crazy fast pitching) at a really high level. I would just like to get your thoughts on that wing loading (1/1.03) with that canopy. I will have her out on a small hill doing some ground handling and what not with one of my bigger speed wings so she could do 50 landings and 3 or 4 hours Any advise would be really great. I down sized really fast so I want to get a scope of how you guys started out and what worked live and let live
  15. talk to James Natation he has done it to his. he said you can go up to every .5 but the pics suck. he was going to try every 1 sec on his next jump. live and let live