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  1. brettski74

    CSC - Chicagoland Skydiving Center

    We recently arranged a 4-day training camp for my 8-way team at CSC. After initially trying to organize the camp at a different DZ and getting nowhere, CSC stepped up on very short notice, helping us with last-minute accommodation arrangements and stellar support from the dropzone. The Twin Otter was excellent and turned frequently to get all our training jumps in. The packers were efficient. The landing area is large and obstruction free. The facilities were great, not to mention shiny and new. The staff were extremely easy to work with and eager to please. There are very few dropzones where I've had as positive an experience as we had with CSC and I would highly recommend it to fun jumpers and teams alike.
  2. brettski74

    New CSPA card

    Is it possible to have the member's photo on the card as well, or would that increase the costs too much? I only ask because the old member id cards had a color photo on them. In any case, photo or not, this is probably a big step up in quality over the existing cards.
  3. brettski74


    Did you try the phone numbers and email address at the bottom of every page?
  4. brettski74

    AAD Brand Loyalty

    Nothing on TV tonight? I guess this thread could provide entertainment. [url]Try[/url] the [url]search[/url] [url;]feature[/url]. You'll find lots of debate and discussion about various AADs pros and cons, various malfunctions that have occurred with different units over the years and the implications of them. You'll also find a lot of pointless arguing over trivialities, anecdotes and personal preferences. For the record, I have a Vigil 2, but I'm not entirely sure that I agree the design philosophy of the manufacturer, but they've improved over the years. I like Airtec's (ie. CYPRES) design philosophy better, so if I was buying a new device, I'd probably be changing away from Vigil, but who knows what will happen between now and then. Maybe they'll impress me some more.
  5. brettski74


    Go back to your local DZ. Take your log book and any other paperwork you have from your previous training and jumps. Talk to the instructors. My guess is that they will at least want to do some recurrency jumps with you. Depending on your knowledge, they may want you to do a refresher course on the ground first. Depending on how you are in the sky, they may be willing to let you pick up where you left off, or you may need some level of retraining, which could be anything from a couple of extra coach jumps to repeating the entire AFF course. 15 jumps is not a lot, and 5 years ago is a fairly long time. That might suck, but this isn't golf. It's quite possible that you may have to spend money to regain that training from 5 years ago in order to be safe, but the only person who will be able to give you a definitive answer on that is an instructor who has had the chance to evaluate the skills and knowledge you've managed to retain.
  6. brettski74

    How does tunnel time work

    There will be a learning curve. While your skydiving experience does give you skills that are transferable, the tunnel is still new to you and like virtually all skydivers, you will probably find the tunnel humbling when you first try it. The tunnel can be much less forgiving of mistakes than the sky. The sky doesn't have solid walls to slam into. You will need to prove your abilities before you will get the higher airspeeds required for sit or head down flight. This will include back flying and walking the net at a minimum. It's highly unlikely that you would progress far enough to work on head down flight within your first hour of tunnel time. Whatever you do get to work on, however, you will likely develop some skills that are transferable to the sky. This isn't a new topic. If you do a search, you should be able to find plenty of discussion about tunnel progression on here and other sites.
  7. Are you asking about this as an engineering problem, or a regulatory one? Wouldn't the manufacturer be a good place to ask? You're in New Zealand. Isn't that where the Fletcher is made? Or maybe you've already asked them...
  8. brettski74

    Removing a Rawa Box

    Get a drill. Drill out the rivets.
  9. brettski74

    manifest software

    Start Skydiving in Ohio has something called fast slots. People can manifest themselves using their fast slots card. I'd ask the folks at Start Skydiving if you want to know more.
  10. brettski74

    Vector 2 and Freeflying

    The answers to all these questions and more can be found via the search function. Did you try searching [url]vector 2 freefly[/url]? Use the search function. It is your friend.
  11. brettski74

    Camera Helmet

    There's a [url;]whole forum[/url] dedicated to this. Start with the [url;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread]FAQ thread[/url] there. There is also a [url]gear section[/url] on here dedicated to reviews. Unfortunately, there's no camera review section, but there are [url]helmets[/url]. Newest, smallest, highest quality video... some of these are conflicting requirements. You're going to have to decide what is more important, but if your jump numbers are accurate you'll have plenty of time to think about that. Now is not the time to be strapping a helmet to your head.
  12. brettski74

    New to Edmonton. Where to jump?

    You can't go wrong with Eden North. Great people, good plane, good facilities and lots of options. You should find people of all disciplines there including freeflying. Can't recall seeing any wingsuits there, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a few. And if you do get tired of that, you'll also have some of the best RW and CRW people in the country around you if and when you want to try something new.
  13. Try the search function, then once you've mastered that, go and ask this question of your instructors. Trust them, not some random person on the interweb who you don't know.
  14. brettski74

    UPT Skyhook Mod

    Which mod? Are you talking about the split RSL mod, or the staging loop mod or both? My rigger and I talked about this at my last repack in April and he also spoke to the folks at UPT about it. I'll probably get both installed at my next repack after the summer, so to answer your second question, I'm not in a huge rush, but I am planning to have the mods done.