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  1. I did two tandems and then went to do my solo jump (IAD), but slipped off the plane wing by accident, before my instructor gave me the sign to let go of the plane, and was so scared that I did one more tandem right after the jump before continuing on with my training. And the next day I did another IAD jump and it went well, I was more confident that time. I was wearing a shirt that had holes for thumbs (I know, stupid) in it so when my feet went off the platform while holding onto the wing, my hands just slipped and I was just terrified, and definitely wasn't ready to do another solo until I had one more tandem jump. So do as many as you need, I know how you feel! :)
  2. Alex89

    AFF exit

  3. I love this one! This video always makes me want to go jump
  4. So I just booked at Skydive Big Sky with DZO to do my first jump solo course on Sat the 29 (had to get it off work but oh well who wants to work when there is skydiving waiting for ya)!!!!!!!! Along with my buddy Matt! So awesome, I can't wait to do all my courses!!!! YAAAYYYYY!!! SEE YAH THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D D: D:D :D :D :D I don't know what it is about skydiving but my crazy excitement over it hasn't gone down ONE BIT!!!! So we are doing one more tandem this sat coming up at Edm and next sat doing our first jumps at SBS! SO EXCITED!!!!!! AAAHH! I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  5. No no, he only jumped once..His name is Justin, he is from Ontario but lives here in AB now I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  6. That's so cool! One of my friends jumped there a few years back! I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  7. Damn now I feel bad. It's a great DZ, we don't want them known for a bad receptionist. They should be known for awesome instructors and good facility. Hopefully, the receptionist will have a better attitude towards her customers from now on. Thank you! I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  8. My instructor was Jeff...I don't know his fb, but I would def do that....maybe if we can do solo courses could we book through you guys? But yes majority of people wanted to do another location :( so we will do the solo jump courses at Skydive Big Sky for sure...and no maybes Mia, we are def going back there now for SURE!!!!! :P Hahaha Thank you thank you! I'll def jump at different DZs around, once I get my courses done :) I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  9. Hahaha yes that's me thank you very much! Highly doubt that was the case, I don't think they would remember us though XD But they have 2 guys that are camera guys on site, so don't think having a camera guy for all of us would be possible...I'm saying screw it, booking for all of us to do tandem (me and my friend again) and then coming back in spring to do the solo course now.. Hahaha thanks for all your input and info! :D I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  10. Wow thank you...No the DZ is definitely amazing! The instructors are so good, your camera guys are hilarious, they answer every single question we had about safety concern without being annoyed (like what happens if the chute doesn't open...blah you get asked that question 1000000 times a day) It's just we can't book with someone who makes us feel like we are a burden to her...It's hard trying to book without getting the info...Like we gotta make sure all of us can jump same day, we want to know how many people would be able to have a camera guy instead of a wrist cam, before we book...We want to know if me and my friend can do solo classes while our first time friends do tandem jumps...We were going to book Monday and all of us were waiting for her message so we can give her the $50.00 for the deposit...So yes all 10 people have been 100% confirmed to go. But yes I will talk to them all and see what they want to do...It was very nice to receive some very nice messages from the DZ so they are good people...Just sucks about the receptionist. I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  11. The DZs in Alberta are not large businesses. The person you call a receptionist is probably running manifest, scheduling tandems, organizing AFF jumps and instructors, and is might also be doing a few other things. Maybe that is the case but they still shouldn't advertise her number on their website then saying "for any questions call us" they should just get a person who deals with all the questions then. :( I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  12. Thanks guys for all your answers,me and my friend have a small accent, definitely not a crazy thick one, we have more of an accent speaking Russian already haha. I think she was just trying to be a b****! But we called her on Monday, those championships were already done by then....And what's the point of having a receptionist if she doesn't have time to talk to her clients :S Hahah I seen they keep talking about the pink eye, whats the truth behind the joke? Did someone get pink eye on their site once or what? Thank you for the DZ recommendations, we will definitely check into it! I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  13. Hopefully this is the right thread to post in... Have any of you guys had any problems with any staff from a DZ you went to? I went to Skydive Big Sky in Innisfail, AB just a few weeks ago, for my first jump ever (Now I am HOOKED!). My instructor was super awesome, kept me calm and just made the experience absolutely amazing! But the lady receptionist there was super mean We didn't really care at that time, but we were eager to come back and do more jumps! We gathered alot more people this time, there is a group for about 10 of us who are 100% in! Also me and my friend (who jumped with me the first time) wanted to do the course for a solo jump because we want to get our AFF so we can jump for cheap. We had a lot of questions to make sure we can do that while our friends do tandem that same day. My friend called, and that same receptionist told her she didn't have time to answer our questions and that we should just look online, which we did prior to calling, but didn't find any answers we were looking for. She sounded like she was annoyed, but maybe they make too much money so groups of 10 are nothing to them...Also me and my friend are Russian, lived in Canada most of our lives, but we still have the accent, and the lady said that "we need to know and speak English to be able to do the solo course" which I find extremely ignorant and offensive, just plain rude. Anyways we are losing our interest in going to jump at Skydive Big Sky again, either book our jumps with a different person other than the receptionist, or if you guys have any suggestions about other good DZ around Calgary, that would be great :-) I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!
  14. Hi! Wanted to say my first jump was SOOO amazing!!!! Can't wait to join all you experienced crazy skydivers! What a great feeling when you fall! Not going to lie, the second that door was opened I thought I would die from fear! But it's gone instantly after you are out! And I am HOOKED!!!! What are great spots in Calgary? I did my jump at Skydive Big Sky in Innisfail if you guys know any others that are good or better around Calgary area, let me know :D I LOVE! SKYDIVING!!!!