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  1. L.O.

    RW avg fall rate

    How is your pro-trac set. skydiver air speed or true? I Just got my Pro-Trac last year and it has always been set to true air-speed. If it's set to true then they must be jumping wing suites. A slow jump at my home DZ is anything under 120. The faster the better, when doing 4-way my team is always around 122-125. I really don't know that much about how the pro-trac works so I'm just comparing. I have been on jumps that showed as 112-115 but I had to struggle and be in the right jumpsuit. Good luck.
  2. At my DZ all of us with the skills to pay the bills are load organizers. If you sign up on the load and we have three capable people we do a 4-way, if not its two 2-ways. To see a 4-way on my DZ without at least one 10000 jump wonder on it is a freak occurrence. To see the posts with people saying "no one will jump with me" makes me feel ashamed. To keep the sport alive and growing we have to help these people out. I may be a very highly skilled jumper now, but I think there was a time when I was not so good. I don't remember it but there has to be a beginning to everything. So today I jump with anyone who signs up, no mater their skill level. Last weekend I was on at least two loads that I didn't really want to be on. I went because I have the ability to make things work. Even if they didn't work I could at least see the problems and help the people on the load see how they f-d up or contributed to the problem and how they should have fixed things. Thats how it works at my home (I live here). I get no money for what I do (I pay full price), I do it for the love of the sport and the people doing it. I am sure you can tell that this a personal pet peeve. I am getting more and more angry as I write so I'll stop here. Sorry for the rant.
  3. L.O.


    What do ya need. Have lots. THE FURY RULES!!! Got mine as payment for a ride to Quincy 94. I have a collapsible pilot chute on it, cross-connectors, CReW lines. It's hot. It is very nice to jump a canopy that doesn't demand you to be razor sharp all the time.
  4. L.O.

    standing in landing areas

    If you hit someone in a designated landing area, you F'd up. You should be able to see and avoid. If you are standing in a designated landing area for no reason and you get hit, you deserve it. Thats why they call it a landing area not a standing area you idiot. I don't want anyone to get hurt but perhaps a little pain would clear out the landing area next time. Standing on a runway and getting run over by an airplane is the same thing.
  5. L.O.

    Fury stabilizers

  6. L.O.

    Wizard Main

    I am not sure what it is you would like to hear? I have a few jumps on a friends wizzard a long long time ago. My general impressions were, stable, decent opening F-111 canopy. If I recall correctly it was a 9-cell. I also seem to remember it was huge , like almost a manta. Why would a 160-70lb guy want a Wizard? Hope thats a help. cause thats all I got.
  7. The jet is an interesting jump ship. I have done four. The exit is unlike anything else in current use. 65 is reasonable. The exit speed is intense. If you bring feinds, you had better be tight on exit. It will take your whole skydive to get together If your not. Good luck, have fun.
  8. L.O.

    world wide poll, more men or women?

    Are your wingload numbers correct Mr. Nelson. Just wondering. Sorry for the Hijacking, but I thought I was kinda stupid loading my 89s over 2.3 with 4-way lead. I have jumped as low as 63, but to jump at that wingload regularly is crazy. It also shortens your surf by 1/2 over a 2lbs per loading. Plus you already have almost no forgiveness at 2 so at 3+ you have none. I hope this is a mistake. Let me know, please. I am not a conservative, but jumping that heavy does no good for anyone. Especially you. I can't believe I said any of that, I am getting old I guess. I just love the sport and the people in it. my DZ has only one women I and she doesn't instruct anymore. I wish we had more. They are so much better to look at and be around then guys. I like them even if they're not hot young bi-sexuals who want me bad. I just did the math in my head and the numbers must be wrong, or you are the biggest mofo I have ever seen skydiving. sorry for blowing up.
  9. L.O.

    1st Chop

    Sounds like you did well with your EPs. What altitude were you open under reserve? Who packed the main on that jump? Not knowing you, but knowing a lot of jumpers with 50 jumps I wonder did you stop tracking and then wait for your forward downward speed to return to normal? Or just dump as you brought you legs in? It is most unlikely that the RSL came undone because of opening shock. It is possible but would be one in a bagagazilion chance. I have not heard of many bad openings on the 2s, they seem forgiving. As you find out more let us know Glad your alive. Sorry about your new canopy.
  10. L.O.

    Finally done my AFF

    Sounds like you have started in the right direction. Skydiving in a country with bad weather all the time must suck. I live in a part of the US that is almost to cold to jump for 6 mos out of the year, so I feel your pain. You will grow to despise Mother Nature. But it helps you appreciate the good stuff more then anyone else. Welcome to the world of Skydiving
  11. L.O.

    Dancing on the ceiling....

    I still have the same feelings every time I jump. It only gets better. I pity those people who never find a thing like this in there life, Be it skydiving or something else. If you've got the bug, you will belong to skydiving forever. Welcome