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  1. You can always go find the ACE hardware store where Jeffery Dahmer got all his supplies. East Troy is just outside town to the south west and is a great dropzone. Those two things should be good for a couple days anyway. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  2. If I were you, I would take the month off work and fly up to Skydive Wissota. Including the air fare, it will cost around 1000 to get your A license. The staff are all world teamer, AFFIs or 4-way competitors, most of your jumps will be videoed for free. Of coarse you can always find a small DZ that is a lot less expensive in your local. Then after you get your A you can go and jump the big planes. It would be much more productive to complete the training in short order. stretching the time out will likely result in additional jumps and more expense. Good luck. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  3. jump 1 May 11, 1991 All I did for the first year was fly skydivers. 100 9-15-93 Still flying mostly. 1000 9-14-96 forced retirement (serious injury) Feb 9 98 16 months off. 5000 9-1-07 I do 400+ every year now.and have for the last seven or eight years. I wish I could do more. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  4. Wings Vision. W1-2. EXT. Velocity 90 main, Optimum113 reserve. I have a Wings W1-3 with a 109-M reserve and a Xaos 89 main, but that thing is 5 years old is is so well used. My new vision is a work of art. Cut in laterals, spacer foam, dual pillows, articulated, you name it. It fits like a glove and is about an inch shorter then my Wings-3. Both these rigs are so small I could forget I had them on. These rigs are so nice, Thats why I'm a dealer. Edited by amazingly hot and fabulous fiancee to include pictures. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  5. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  6. classes? thats sounds like something you have to pay for. Come to my place here in WI, I'll teach you for free. Any time, any day. no problem. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  7. We send the plane (182) with one if you pay for two. I went up in an Otter at Couch to check the clouds. Just me. Did an Otter last week with ten. The more gas goes up, the more the min number. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  8. 2.3 on the Velocity 90. 2,3 on the FX 89. 2.3 on the Xaos 89. 540s on every one, great practice. I only do about 150 video per year, not full time. I do a lot more fun jumps. The Velo rules for the swoop. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  9. I always thought the Bacon thing, was just me. Now I know I'm not alone in the world. Thanks Bill. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  10. Most flat flying 4-way is about 120 to125 at my DZ. Down to 115, anything less is crazy slow. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  11. Not knowing your gear is dangerous. If you choose to remain illiterate about your gear, your dangerous to yourself and the sport. I am not asking for a lot, just the basics. If you are unwilling to gain at least a small base of knowledge about the gear that is saving your life, then you don't deserve to be in the sport. That is the way it is at my DZ and if you show up, you better at least have a clue. If your a student thats one thing but a regular jumper no excuses HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  12. 1. 3600- get the last Point and go 2. 2500 you better be gone. 3 1500 oh baby look out below. I have not heard the 1500 in a long time. I do almost exclusively 4-way and most people I jump with know how to track like rockets. If they can't track we move the break to 4 istead of 35. 8-ways break at 4, unless there are low timers, then it's 45. On a skydive bigger then 8 you might see a 45r. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  13. How is your pro-trac set. skydiver air speed or true? I Just got my Pro-Trac last year and it has always been set to true air-speed. If it's set to true then they must be jumping wing suites. A slow jump at my home DZ is anything under 120. The faster the better, when doing 4-way my team is always around 122-125. I really don't know that much about how the pro-trac works so I'm just comparing. I have been on jumps that showed as 112-115 but I had to struggle and be in the right jumpsuit. Good luck. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  14. Wissota would like to represent. I have my Fury in a Jav, another Fury without a rig and a Maverick in a old Vector Plus we have Jeremy with his Fury 200 CReW only canopy. Lynn wants to learn also. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  15. It all comes down to what it's worth to you. I got my B and first rig for about 2000 but that was back a few years. This weekend I got my new Velo (50 jumps used) for 1700. I will order a new SR Vsion this week 1700. The refund will go for the new 113 optimum 1300. I've almost made 100 since 1/1. Just an average year for me. So, after 17 years in May(11), I figure about 125G. If you don't count the medical bills. If you count them, it's about 1.5 million but thats a whole different story. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  16. At my DZ we never say anything like cleared off student status, never have. Until you get up in the B or C range your hard pressed to find anyone who considers themselves off student status. When I see people doing things I know I can't do very well, I take on the student mantle. Don't confuse us, we're all students. Thats what makes skydiving so great, you never stop learning. It seems to me, that saying "your cleared off student status" is just an excuse to stop spending your time with new jumpers. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  17. L.O.


    Of 450 all but a few were fun. Even those few were more fun then anything else in the world. of the jumps I did last year 150+ were working jumps maybe 100 team and comp jumps. the rest just fun. 17 years and I can't get enough. If you don't find it fun anymore, find something else to do. 3,2,1, see ya. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  18. We here at Skydive Wissota, have one 235, two 185s, 1 170, and a 150. the 235 is in a student Sweethog, while the 185s and the 170 are in new (07,08)Infinity containers. The 150 is in a bag on risers for a quick change. This along with a Vector with a Silhouette 190, completes our student transition fleet. I did all the set up on these rigs, including jumping them to determine proper brake settings. The EXEs had nothing but good openings, and flew much like an older Sabre. They are not hot rod canopies but they are not ment to be. the turn rate is just fine for all but those people who want super fast. The flare is powerful. The canopies have done nothing but good things for us. No one has complained. Good canopy in my opinion. Just what you need to start on the long road ahead. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  19. It's on the weekend right? HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  20. As Dave has already said, the Velo is out.. a canopy loaded up over 2.0 is a canopy you don't want to mess with. The Velo may be the hottest canopy out there, but it's not a canopy you buy to learn on. The Katana is a very aggressive wing and a move down to a 107 loaded at 1.6 will put you in a very fast swooping canopy. The move to a different wing and a smaller size is very aggressive. I see that you have averaged only just over 100 a year. If this is your normal yearly total I have to suggest slowing down. if on the other hand, you did 10 in your first 2 years and have been doing 200 a year since, the move takes on a different light. I do 400+ a year and feel if I dipped down below 200 I would lay-off the Velo. These fast canopies need to be controlled, if you let then get one step ahead of you your in trouble. please be careful and take this advise to heart. Wow, that was really conservative..., ususally I would just say "F*(k it get the 79 velo dude and grow some balls" Must be the S&TA part of me coming out in public again, sorry. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  21. $750, thats not possible. Did you get to ride in an airplane for that price or did you have to hike up to a cliff top and jump. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  22. You need to apraoch the experienced skydivers who jump there.. Jumping with other recent grads would be like a sacrifice to the volcano. It will take a long time to get anywhere with other new people. Be persistent, ask to jump with them, beg, even pay if thats what it takes. If you want to get better that is the way. Jumping only with other low timers will be frustrating and unproductive. Make those experienced people spend some time with you. Don't let them rest til your satisfied. Good luck. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  23. I was asked for my thoughts. I gave you the truth about how I feel. I just did a poor job of explaining myself. The sport of skydiving is so deep so fast moving so inclusive. During the winter months when I only pack 100 mains and 30 reserves get 20 jumps a month and a tunnel trip I feel so out of touch. The point has been made that money or time keeps you from jumping like you want. I do understand how that works. My first three years in the sport were spent flying jumpers around. I only made about 150. I was at the DZ talking shop with the full timers 4days a week. I should qualify what makes you a HPDB. first thing is that it has nothing to do with numbers. If you aren't making a serious attempt to be a part of the sport and giving all you got, thats OK. If you try to represent yourself as a hardcore skydiver though when you make only a few jumps a year and do this as only a hobbie... I think you know where you fall. I still treat everyone like they are going to be the next full time skydiver until they go a couple years playing themselves up as a skydiver and not fallowing through When it comes down to the bottom line it doesn't matter what I think anyway. If you can look at yourself and be happy then more power to ya. sorry to all. I was asked. I should just keep my thoughts to myself, sometimes. note to self: stay away from the internet when your home sick from work and so heavily medicated that you can't string two sentenses together. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  24. What about the static-liners amongst us. When are they skydivers. I think your a skydiver by definition after you pull for yourself and are responsible for your own life. On the other hand, I don't count you among the real "skydivers" unless you have your own gear and make 150ish or more a year. Much less then that and you are just a Huge Poser Dushe Bag. I do count myself as an elitist and I understand that this is not for everyone. You asked for my thoughts on the subject . HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.