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  1. Dose anyone know if any of the many skydive related businesses around Deland offer packing classes
  2. Dose anyone know if any of the many skydive related businesses around Deland offer packing classes
  3. boz2841

    Freefly Suit

    I originally ordered my suit in April after reading many reviews and forums in decided on Firefly due to their reputation. I had a local tailor take measurements for me with the measurement guide from the Firefly website. And since receiving the jumpsuit have double checked the measurements I provided against remeasuring myself. The measurements I provided were correct! the suit I received on the other hand is so far off measurement-wise I truly doubt that they even used my measurements at all. The legs are a good 5 inches too long the arms are a good 2 inches too long the crotch is at least 3 inches too low and the waist is a bit on the tight side. I have tried repeatedly to contact anyone at Firefly to resolve this issue however the only reply I received was a letter stating the pictures I provided were not good enough to tell the suit fit incorrectly. To which I provided several more photos each with the same response untill now in July they have totally stopped responding to me at all. As far as the photos I provided not being enough to tell that the suit does not fit properly I would think and hope that maybe a company would take a customers word for it when that say something is wrong with their order. Anyway I am extremely disappointed with this company and will warn everyone I know not to use them. I will admit the suit itself does seem to be of good quality but I will never truly know as I am unable to wear my $250 suit in the condition it is in. I have however taken it to my tailor to see what they can do about the sizing. Of course this means I have to dish out more cash. PS I only gave them a rating of 2 instead of a one cause it does seem to be decent quality if you get one that fits.
  4. Hey Brian I was looking at this cam myself but wondering about the video quality. Have you used it yet? What do you think?
  5. Thanks alot. I appreciate the help. The more I read the more I am liking the tri.
  6. I appriciate everybodies help but I think maybe I didn't make my original question clear or maybe it just doesn't matter. I wanted to know as a newbe how much of a difference would I see between buying a 230 sized canopy and a 220 canopy the wingload would be 1 and 1.0454 respectively. I am 210lbs. So would it be to big a difference to buy a 220 as opposed to a 230 since it is recommended a newbe stay at or below 1.0 wingload. Thanks again
  7. No they are not the same canopies but I have just been offered several 220 over a PD230 which I posted a want ad for. I was offered both a Raider 220 and a Triathlon 220. Thanks again for you help.
  8. I was wondering what the difference is between a 230 and a 220 sized canopy are without the obvious size and wingload. I recently placed an ad for a 230 sized canopy and people keep telling me they have a 220 I could buy. The wingload would be 1 and 1.0454 respectively for a 230 and a 220 for me. WOuld there be a huge difference in handling ect...Thanks