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  1. I have (had, it's a shop rag now) the perfect T-shirt, it explains it all. THOSE WHO DO CANNOT EXPLAIN AND THOSE WHO DON'T CANNOT UNDERSTAND. No Fear circa 1995 HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  2. 450 a year. A couple hours in the tunnel. Same every year and thats the way it has stayed since the early 90s. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  3. June 1986. I was in a off-road (enduro) motorcycle race. I lost control and left the trail (high speed 60ish)connecting with the ground and then a tree at that same high speed. The next person along stopped to see if I was OK. I did not respond. The person happened to be a EMT and after checking me out and finding no heartbeat or sign of respiration, began to administer CPR. After clearing my throat of my swollen tongue and doing the compression thing, he got a heart beat. No bright lights. No flames and pitch forks. Just dead a little. No bigs. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  4. A tandem is the safest by far, according to the stats. All the other methods of learning, depend on the individual. Tandem passengers, are (most of the time,not all)going for a ride, paying an experienced jumper to handle any situation that would require higher brain function. Not much danger there. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  5. I have no goals for me in skydiving. I have done almost everything I ever wanted. I am on track to do my average # of jumps (450). I am making a little more then in past years doing video. I am making more at rigging. My turns are faster then ever. My swoops are longer. I am spending more time at the DZ. But these were not my goals in the sport. My goals in the sport revolve around the newbs on my DZ. I work very very hard to help and encourage the new jumpers. I have helped them with gear (new rigs or fixing old). I have helped them with jumping (tunnel in March). I have helped them with canopy skills (swooping and CReW). We now have a new team, a new group of hot young skydivers. We also have at least one other team and a few alternates. My goals with them is to make them as good as they can be. I find that my skills do not suffer because of the time I spend with low timers. I find that I push myself harder then ever, to show them by example how to get er done. The small 3 Cessna DZ that is my home will field at least two perhaps three 4-way teams at the next NSL meet. we are going to nationals and doing both 4 and 8-way (16 could even happen). My goals in the sport, are to lock in the future, by locking in others. By doing this, I make my future (and all of yours)much much brighter. I think things are going well. I guess you'll have to ask the new people from my DZ how my goals for 07 are going HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  6. Thanks got it. I had seen these adds but couldn't find a compatibility cart. and the sony help line didn't know. but I did find a chart thanks. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  7. I have lost one of my PC 330s A/V cables. I have looked online and found nothing that matches the new sony half moon attachments. Does anyone have a supplier who can provide me with one of these little devils or do I have to buy from Sony. It's just for the TV hook up and I don't have to have it, but it would be nice. On Sonys web page the part # is 182315613. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated. Thanks. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  8. Looks like Terry got the job done and answered all your Qs. I agree with everything he said and would like to emphasize the 1:1 weight limit for new jumpers. I wouldn't put anyone new on a fury over .8. They aren't all CReW canopies but they all have the ability to be used that way. Accuracy and CReW with 7-cell F-111 is on the way back. head down is on it's way out. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  9. What do ya need. Have lots. THE FURY RULES!!! Got mine as payment for a ride to Quincy 94. I have a collapsible pilot chute on it, cross-connectors, CReW lines. It's hot. It is very nice to jump a canopy that doesn't demand you to be razor sharp all the time. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  10. I am right on the verge of enjoying the canopy flight more then the freefall. I have at least 4000 High/P canopy jumps. I love my fast canopy so much.I also have at least 500 crew jumps. So canopy stuff is my thing. I always have that tiny fear in the back of my mind though. It keeps me from doing things that kill me (or at least keeping those things toned down). It isn't a big enough fear, because I still push well beyond the edge on a regular basis. Obviously those in the sport don't fear the canopy flight enough, it kills more of us then anything else. We need to start being more cautious and maybe even a little frightened. Maybe then we will stop dieing so often under canopy. Think on that one. Be afraid maybe even very afraid it might save your life. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  11. 3.1 VX63. The same guy has a 60 I will jump it this weekend if he is nice enough to let me. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  12. My first canopy was a Sharpshooter 244sq 7-cell F-111. I got it at 15 jumps. I spent the next 150 jumps, jumping the h#$l out of every demo rig I could get my hands on. My first new canopy (180 jumps) was a 120 AR-11. w/l 1.59. The canopy opened and flew like crap, but I learned a lot. Don't flame me. I am just answering the original Q. Not giving advice HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  13. Maybe we should add bowling and golf. That way, the people who stopped skydiving long ago but still post here, have someplace to go (other then the Bonfire) and talk about the sports they actually DO participate in. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  14. If you hit someone in a designated landing area, you F'd up. You should be able to see and avoid. If you are standing in a designated landing area for no reason and you get hit, you deserve it. Thats why they call it a landing area not a standing area you idiot. I don't want anyone to get hurt but perhaps a little pain would clear out the landing area next time. Standing on a runway and getting run over by an airplane is the same thing. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  15. I have always jumped very aggressive canopies. I have 4800 jumps. I have packed at least 4700. If I have any chioce, I pack for myself and anyone else who wants a good opening. I am a freak, I enjoy packing parachutes. I have packed about 15000. No packing related mals yet. Thats a lie sorry. I did pack a tandem last year that ended up with tension knots. I think that was my fault. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  16. I hit my head kinda hard once. Nothing a month in an induced coma didn't fix HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  17. Routine isn't the word I would use, but it is close. after about twenty jumps I lost that "oh my God I'm going to die" feeling. After about 2000, I was firmly entrenched in my life as a Skydiver. It has never lost it's thrill. I have always kept it exciting and new. I started before the Z-P revolution so I did accuracy for a little while. We often use the same canopies for CReW so I became a CReW nut (I am teaching a beginner class this weekend). 4-way has always been my fav and I still do more of it then anything else. I got my I and started J/Ming. At about 500 I started doing Video. The Z-P canopies came along and I was all over that. As the fast canopy has evolved so have I, I've jumped a X-braced for the last 3000. For many years I was the primary pilot for the DZ (not any more). I am the S&TA for my home DZ now. I need to learn more freeflyn stuff, but my plate is almost always to full. TODAY AT 2:35 I WILL HAVE COMPLETED 16 YEARS NON-STOP IN THE SPORT. After 16 years, I still can't get enough. About 10 times a year, I have an experience that bends my perception on reality. Something so good I just can't believe it. I hope that everyone can find something like this, something that burns them from the inside out, with white hot flames of passion. Skydiving rules. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  18. A standard progression rarely applies to anything in this sport. My progression was: 2 S/L 3 Practice pulls 1 H/P 1 5sec 1 10sec all the rest from full alt. on 2/3/4-ways I think I did a few from 3-4000 on bad weather days. This all cost me almost nothing. I was the primary pilot for the DZ. They gave me a break. With the new ISP, progression becomes even more dependent on the DZ and the student. AFF tends to be a bit more rigid and very dependent on the students ability. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  19. These neanderthal, have lived with this same culture since long before the birth of christ. I try not to chime in on this topic because I have very extreme views. when will it end. With the huge amount of aid and assistance we give them, they simply remain as they have always been. Our country continues towards bankruptcy but still we help those who have fallen behind. when will we see the light and allow Darwinism to have its day. In nature the bigger stronger smarter animal makes it through. Not here, the more helpless and under developed you are the more help you get. I believe we need all types to make the world go round, but when a culture stagnates for thousand of years, perhaps it needs to be culled from the herd. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  20. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Breakfast Club. Say Anything. A Christmas Story. Gost busters. The Hunt For Red October. Farris Buellers Day Off. A little known wonder, a film by Robin Williams, What Things May come. Check it out. It's a chick flick. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  21. This week-end... Hmmm.... Jumping with friends or hanging at the DZ waiting for the weather to clear. The same thing I have done for almost 16 years. I didn't know other things happened on the week-ends. What a novelty, the thought of doing things other then skydiving, during the day light hours. NO WAY. I know nothing else really happens on the weekend, other then skydiving. So, I tend to think that this is just a thread trying to stir up trouble with strange ideas.. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  22. Hey Julie, If someone would have woke me up it would have been a two way with video from above. I took a nap and didn't wake up til the last load was off the ground. Congrats, hope to see you this weekend. Maybe we can do some hot 4-way. If we do a 4-way, it will be one with an average jump number around 7500 and at least 12 gold medals in 4-way. Don't feel bad for bringing the average so low. You'll have to get out there and win your own stuff soon. We will help. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  23. Can I still be depressed if I never leave the DZ. I live here
  24. L.O.

    closing loops

    Our have him explain how to make them, and then you will never need one again. It's so easy, even a caveman can do it. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  25. I wasn't going to respond, but I see one thing that hasn't been addressed about the experienced people who lay-off. Experienced people are usually the ones who jump fast canopies and do difficult skydives. I have a friend who just recently came back after 6mo. off (1500 jumps)he jumps a 95sq 9-cell. He tried to do his standard hook landing..., POW. shattered collar bone. Out for 8wks. Being Current, is about way more then just number of jumps. This sport isn't just a leisure time hobby. It can result in some very bad things if you don't treat it like your a little afraid of it, all the time. Be safe and make lots of jumps. I make 400+ pr year and feel I am just holding my own. I say 100 to be safe in general. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.