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  1. At least in the case of a will, the family has a chance to "get it". Perhaps a will like this could have a chance to keep the family from tainting the memory of their loved one. It seems like a loose loose situation. After the court case we all remember the pain it caused instead of the lose of that great person. It can't bring anything but pain to the family, with a long drawn out litigation. The only person winning here is the lawyer HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  2. Well said. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  3. Can anyone out there come up with a better one then that. She had that in her will before her first year was up. This girl has it all figured out. Her 4-way team is 4th in A nationally to. I love her. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  4. Truly profound. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  5. People seem to look at this in a different way then I do. 1. Aircraft that get you there safely. 2. A club where everyone is your friend or wants to be. 3. At the end of the day, it's a race to see who gets the beer to the pilot first. This goes on as we all head down to push the airplanes in. 4. The price of a jump is cheaper then anywhere in the US. 5 Check the Beer fridge thread. I haven't payed for a beer in years, unless I bring in a case for all. 6. We are kinda weak here, we are very flat at my home. we have world teamers and gold medalists everywhere, but I am the only real CReW dog (I have 4 CReW rigs though, so if ya want we can do some even if you didn't bring a rig.. Almost every weekend we have the current silver medalists in freestyle. and a hand full of very good freeflyers. If ya want to BASE I'm ready and know some great places. 7. We own several thousand acres and are surrounded by farm fields. 8. We own the Airport. 9. Every couch in the place is a role out bed. 10 Shower, always stocked with fine hair care products. All this at no charge. Hmmm maybe I am just a little spoiled. You should come and visit, we can show ya how it's done. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  6. My GF has a will that states " if anyone attempts to sue the DZ in case of her death, all the funds in her estate will be used in the DZs defense". Unless this was a negligent act that we have yet to understand. I would ask these people, who have suffered a terrible loss. Please stop the pain and stress you are causing others. Thats not what your son would have wanted. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  7. I'll fill you in on Sunday. Relax, we will not let you go up without the stuff you need and the knowledge to deal with the cold and snow. Lots of people got into the woods and hunt this time of year. I AM THE WUFFO HUNTER. Winter rules rule. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  8. It will be way more intense, thats a guarantee. The tunnel will make your first step into the world of skydiving much easier, thats for sure. As has been noted already, you will start out vertical and move to the horizontal plain. The picture will be very different in the sense that you will be falling vertically as you leave the air-craft. Unfortunately the tunnel doesn't do the best job of simulating the slow end of the spectrum for air speed. In comparison, the air as you leave the plane will feel mushy and your control will be very slow. As great as the tunnel is for learning, it can't even begin to represent the real world. A real skydive will make your tunnel experience pale in comparison. Get ready. It sounds like you have taken all the right steps in preparation. You have made the right move by doing a little time in the tunnel. Now prepare for the real thing. It will be the most powerful experience you have ever had. Have fun. Oh yeah, it feels very similar but the open environment as apposed to the closed tube makes it feel completely different. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  9. If you didn't say it, I was going to. Thanks Bill. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  10. I responded off the cuff and had no time to expound upon by angry retort. Sorry. I see that this is the way these people chose to live and I do respect that. I just wish we could all just get along. I still have no time for an explanation of my views. Later. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  11. The place really is stuck in the 3rd century. The third century? AD or BC. These neanderthals still make fire with flint stones and cloth themselves with animal hides (that they killed, ate and tanned). There has been no change in that part of the word since recorded history began. Their devotion to that ancient religion has them held back in the cave til time ends. It is unfortunate for both of us, that we have to share the same globe. Sorry if that insults or angers anyone...., no I'm not. I am an infidel so I am going to burn in hell anyway . Not that I beleive that either. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  12. A rare weekend at Skydive Wissota..., The DZO and the DZM are both gone. One is out killing animals, the other is doing the kalidascope thing in Deland. That leaves me in charge of the DZ. S&TA Todd Jacobson Armageddon will inssue here in the northland. No rules no holds bard. long nights of drunken splendor and short days of crazy skydiving antics. If you ever make it out this is the time. They never leave me in charge. Adica HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  13. My first 3 years were spent at the DZ doing nothing but flying. I did manage to make about 150 in that time. I was at the DZ four days a week. I was able to get going in my forth and fifth year getting my gold in 95(5733). I just got my quadra Diamond at couch freaks boogie on labor day. My number 457. 5000 would be a lot in most places, but on my small DZ, the DZO and DZM both have a lot more. Bob and I did out big one at couch together for my 5 and his 12000. Mary just got he 14000, number 17. those numbers still bend my mind HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  14. I'm on my way to the gym (Tuesday is a 15mi bike ride). I'll read it there. Articles like this get a lot of play because almost everyone is over weight and it makes them feel better about themselves, isn't that nice. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  15. It hurts me a little bit, every time a 200 jump wonder fades from view. It used to bother me, but I have grown past that. I used to think they had abandoned me, I had done something that had turned them off to the sport. Now I have found ways to let them go. Like talking bad about them, hoping they get run over by a bus, the normal stuff you feel for those people to whom you have given everything and who subsequently leave you. Seriously though, it is the way of the sport, and there is no escape from this pain. All you can do is continue to invest in the future, knowing that one of these new losers will eventually become more then you. I do it almost every day. That hope is the only thing that makes it all worth doing. It makes me feel so good, I will never give it up. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  16. Mine is on a nationally ranked NSL A class 4-way team after her first year in the sport. They ended up 4th because of a very poor last competition. They were in line for 2nd or 3rd. Not bad for a group that had never jumped together, all have little or no tunnel, all but 1 had less then 200. Everyone on the team has a different body type, and little or no coaching from others. I had to hook up with this girl, she's on fire. Wildfan 75. A hardcore skydiver for a hardcore skydiver, the only way to go. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  17. Wisconsin Skydive Wissota - No Skydive Twin Cities (usually listed under MN) - No (Even mentions avoid scams on their website!!) Skydive Superior - Yes Oops--This is WildFan75. I'm not going to take the time to delete, sign in and repost. But wanted it on the record that it was me. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  18. I wish I had a shot of my DZOs vette. His vette is a anniversary edition (76 I think) it is so custom, I don't think an original part remains. The engine in the current iteration, is a big block 544 cuin 8. He has the HP chart from the dyno and this naturally aspirated engine produces 750 HP. The thing would bend something every time he put his foot down so, he went with a custom 6-speed manual (good for 200+). Custom axles, so he could get bigger tires. custon fiberglass body, with a whale tail, to cover the bigger tires and engine. not much of the car is not billet. He competes at random times, in some not so legal road rallies. The guy loves his car and makes good use of it. you world teamers know the guy and his SO. Next time you see him as Bob S about his car. Betty White is her name. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  19. Winter is the best time to jump for the new people. It may be cold but the cold keeps the tandems and most student away. You are left with only the hard core. Most loads at our place during the winter generally score a higher point average. The winter culls the herd and only the strong survive. Even if you have your A, taking many months off puts you back at square one come spring time. Skydiving isn't like snowboarding. It sounds like you have a good base of knowledge for boarding so the months off are no big deal. If you take many months off skydiving and have almost no time in the sport, you might as well start with a first jump coarse. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  20. Pied for 100??. when did we start with that. I got pied for my 1000 2000 and 5000th. If I see a person getting pied I think, hmm I wonder which thousand it is. If you pie for 100 maybe you should also pie for AFF grad and first H/P maybe first skyvan, Otter, 206. perhaps we should stop bringing beer for our firsts and just allow others to pie us. Much cheaper that way. I just did my 5000th last week, I got water dumped on me when I landed (no damage to gear). I got pied later at the beer truck (couch freaks) After washing up I was asked to help pie a couple people who had just done 100. I was amazed, for 100?? I said..., why. I would be more then happy to take the time to give them a congrates. Pie, no way. Being pied is a special thing. It means a lot. It signifies a major milestone in the sport. sure 100 is a milestone, maybe enough for a cupcake but save the pie for the big ones. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  21. Stephan just left my house (hanger on the DZ). He did 13 jumps this weekend. I jumpmastered his first, then got stuck doing Tandem Vid and other stuff. I saw him jumping, and talked to the other jumpmasters. They all said he did well. His last jump was a hot 4-way. The average jump number for each person on the jump, including Stephan, was 6,342. His jump also included two world teamers and 8 gold medels in 4-way. I wish I would have been on it (the average would have been higher). I hear it was very good. This is how it works at my DZ (skydivewissota.org). we all love to jump with the new guy/girl. If you are willing to push it to your max, we will do our best to get you as far as you can go. Besides jumping, he also learned how to pack a little and spent a bunch of time learning about the rules and regs. We won't let him loose on the skydiving world, until he is ready. With a good attitude and a lot of skill, Stephan is the ideal student. At the pace he is going, He will be an A licensed jumper in two more weekends like this one. One to make the jumps, and another to learn the little stuff. This is an extreme pace. Stephan does understand that getting done so quickly will leave him lacking for the finer details in many areas of the sport but he's ready for the continued studies. Great job Stephan!! HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  22. unfortunately it's not that simple. We here at Skydive Wissota are only open Fri-Sun and Wed. We are a club (www.skydivewissota.org). We do the best we can, but there are to many variables to count when you determine how long it takes to get your A. If you make it out we will do our best to get you through. It generally takes a committed student less then a month to get an A (3 weeks). Give us a call at the DZ after 4 tonight or call me on my cell. I would be more then happy to explain everything I can. I have the day off and will be laying on the beach til about 3 then jumping til sunset. I live on the DZ and the beach is only about 3 miles away. Life is so goood. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  23. We jump all winter here in Wi.. lets just consider for a moment..., you go from a warm building, to a warm airplane, spend aprox. 3+ min exposed to very cold conditions then back into the warm building. It's not so bad. All you have to do is dress accordingly. lets all just pull up the skirt a little and step up to the plate. Winter is not so bad. I have at least 1000 jumps below 32 on the ground. It would be nice if it was always 72, but thats not how the world works. Sorry I am unwilling to give up the sport I love for more then a few days, so here I will be, jumping all winter. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  24. I did that too. 13-14 years ago when jumps were cheaper. The pace was slower but you took more in just by spending more time out there, including sitting through wind holds for students and watching the experienced jumpers land. Just a Question. since you can make 5 s/l jumps for every one AFF, how is the pace slower? Or were you perhaps referring to the overall pace of jumping 13-14 years ago? HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  25. The wind was reported at 21 gust 28knots just before we reached altitude on the first load. I didn't even consider not jumping, but I did mention it to the others in the plane. We all jumped. The winds were more then reported and the turbulance was extreme. I would have jumped even if they had reported 30 gust 40 but I would have shut everyone else down ( I am the S&TA after all). I was jumping a 82, I still got forward drive and a soft landing. I would consider not jumping if I could see the funnel forming, but not before. If I knew how windy it really was I would have jumped anyway but sent the rest of the load down. No one else had more then 290 jumps HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.