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  1. Ive don 75 jumps with my current rig and ive stood up every landing including crosswind, downwind and also sometimes i choose to land into wind. ive had some v good canopy coaching and not once has anyone said to me that i shouldn't be flying this canopy, im happy with it and i feel confident that im not going to hurt myself with it it. what ive got to do over the next few hundred jumps is be disciplined and not downsize again however tempting it may be.
  2. it felt a bit wierd under canopy for a while, but the tm is a very close friend and a v good tandem insructor and i trust him totally. it was a great jump and i recommend it to anyone.
  3. done it today and it was a tandem!! drougeless for 4000ft and it was awesome. it was my first tandem and i loved every second,k bring on the next 200. get in......!
  4. moth

    closing loops

    i already know how to make them but however i do not know where to get the chord to make them with.
  5. moth

    closing loops

    Where can i buy closing loops from in the UK? preferably on the net
  6. both brakes down and a little pucker on the leading edge on right. can you please explain what you mean by this?
  7. why do a search? its a current issue that someone has bought up and i feel it would be benificial to get some attention again. please remember that not everyone has read every post on this forum, and some issues are not forefront in everyones mind, so it sometimes does good to bring them up again. it certainly does no harm!
  8. i'm sorry dude i will have to say what every one else is thinking " those colours are AWFUL" sorry to be so truthful but you need to dye that thing and quick!!!!!
  9. so to bring this debate from another thread whats the pros and whats the con? i dont know. Ive heard for, from jumpers with 4000 jumps plus and against from equally experienced jumpers so what does it all mean?
  10. Where abouts in the uk r u from?
  11. moth

    tube stoes

    Is there a website that sells tube stoes at a reasonable rate? the only 1s that i can find are at and they cost £8.00 for 10 and i think thats extortionate or is that the going rate? btw im in the uk...
  12. ***also..what do i get my rigger if he dosent drink? DONT TRUST A RIGGER THAT DOSENT DRINK!!!
  13. pm sent. i know of a couple in the area but not many