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    nitro 135
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    pd 160
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    Cypres 2

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    The farm
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  1. skinnyshrek

    Another Reason I Love The Nitro

    The nitro is an awesome canopy, not confused with the nitron which is acopy of the nitro. I probably have about 1300 jumps on the 135 nitro, the canopy is fucking awesome.
  2. skinnyshrek

    Muff Brothers Oct 12th - Oct 14th

    I guess i will show up. about time they had a proper plane up there. One that can hold my fat ass anyways
  3. Will be a good party..Only thing is. He never had anything to do with terminal velocity Anyone want to get there early friday and hit the sushi
  4. Definately get your name down on this.Spoke with Norm, he says there is a lot of people showing for this. The more the merrier. May even get the hot shot to shoot some video.Nw he is some star selling learn to video dvds, he probably won't even show up. No seriously, i think he is putting together a little ground footage of the event. Maybe afterwards we can all have a few drinks on the deck that BOB helped build
  5. skinnyshrek

    Decemeber Boogies nad parties?

    realistically you could do 2 i wuld go with the farm, jumps to me made and great people. z hills is great. My only experience twice was they didnt have the lift power for 2 boogies.But i heard last year he brought in extra plane so it helped. As for Eloy. Never heard anything bad except it gets really cold at night. with your money you could rent an RV and travel
  6. skinnyshrek

    Mike Mullins At The Farm July 21/22

    I heard trey call his plane a bitch weathered out up here at the moment.
  7. skinnyshrek

    Destin - Would have been nice. . . .

    The dates are not official as of yet for the beach jumps..Let tomatoe man rest for a week, i think he needs it
  8. skinnyshrek

    Florida POPS jumps

    rain rain rain wind and all other crap. I believe there will be an early start tomorrow morning. As of yet no jumps
  9. skinnyshrek

    B17 Beach jump 3/03/2007 Destin, FL.

    If you need video bob i will do the jump just for slot.
  10. skinnyshrek

    Pinnacle Studio 9 Movie Maker

    Id say its the burner. just went through the same. You can contact the manufacturer and they will send you a reboot disc
  11. skinnyshrek

    Blue Flu Thursday

    Like you fucking work anyways..... What you skipping. stalking RL on here
  12. skinnyshrek

    Thomaston - @ Halloween?

    I am sure trey will post when he has all the final crap sorted out. Year after year he out does himself. last year he had carnie rides, walking tree people and some othe fucked up crap. The tarrot reader was way off though. She said i would be 40 lbs lighter with a tan by the end of july You need a place in the Rv turtle
  13. skinnyshrek

    30 degrees this weekend in uk

    is that 30F? lol
  14. skinnyshrek

    Dublin DVD 2006 Ready

    about fucking time you slacker hey did you get my address
  15. skinnyshrek

    Southeast CPC at the Farm

    just fly in all the cool kids are