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  1. Dear skydiving friends, with permission from the mod Meso here, see the attached links. I am riding in El Tour de Tucson on Habitat for Humanity Tucson's team. We are raising funds to build & repair homes in our community. My goal this year is to finish the bicycle ride no more than two hours behind Remi. (fat chance unless he gets several flat tires). Link to my page: video about Habitat Tucson: Thank you!
  2. Has anyone heard of an incident related to an automatic opener device failing due to date of service expiration?
  3. I made some of my first wingsuit flights with eike around about 2001. when i told him that i only had a 'A' lisence after twelve years of jumping, he told me that the 'A' was all he had and would ever have, fly on brother.
  4. john, ive contributed to your and v's lupis anonomously. how has this worked for you. small scale on my part, but experience teaches. any thoughts?
  5. thanks John. still waiting to hear from Meso if protocal permitts. I'm thinking about a $1.00 ask
  6. i work for Habitat for Humanity Tucson. We espouse 'a hand up, not a hand out'. We build holmes with volunteer labor and sell them to deserving families who have invested sweat equity hours on site and will pay a twenty five year morgate at zero interest. This formula works. Thirty three years in Tucson and four hundred homes have show less than 1 % foreclosure rate. Folks the conventional banks would not even talk to. Plus, these families have shown a 300% increased success rate in the children reaching and succeeding in higher education, attributed to a stable, secure and safe home environment. I am in touch with mods here to find a way to solicite without offense. Stay tuned.
  7. Visiting for a week or ten days. It'd be great to meet up some General aviation folk and share air time. Any skydivers around or about? Phn contact 520-440-7720,
  8. greybeard


  9. tomorrow is the day. for christmas i bought her a pandigital photo frame. now i got to figure out how to use it. im guessing a scanner of some sort to move our old and newer photos to a digitl little memory thingy. any help? thanks.
  10. I died in 1978. Bagged and tagged. Made my first skydive in 1989.
  11. The Patriot boogie at Skydive Arizona July 2 thru 4 presented a temperature challenged opportunity for the current Airspeed World Champs. The skydivers who showed up for fun and inspiration never seemed to notice the 117 degree ground temps because the Airspeed teem kept a gaggle and half of visitors and locals preoccupied with fun and frollick on the ground and in the air. Coupled with the freefly aces with the same fun attitudes, nobody at the dz left for home without some amazing stories of spectacular personal best skydives and new friends found. Three hazzaz for Skydive AZ and Airspeed, and Amy and the guy handing out free ,uh, aspirin?
  12. Great post! Thanks! Try tweet or something with less bandwidth and easier to ignore. Peace and love.
  13. ya, like that, but kinda warm also. As you drop thru 4k your bones know warmth. It's nice. Accept the fact and deal with it. It's a good thing.