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  1. As almost every reply has stated it is personal. I would agree the most with the person who said learn to pack for money. But I would say stop jumping and put the cash towards the new rig. If you just jump enough to get by, you become more of a hazard to yourself and to those jumping with you. I would much rather see you take a few weeks or months off, then see you have a few bad jumps and stop jumping because of it. Its easy to get frustrated when you make less then 100 jumps a year, your progression is almost nil at that rate and if you just wait til you can give'r I think you would be much happier HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  2. Kevin my boy, I think perhaps you should refrain from cutting on our pilots. Pilots deserve much more respect then they often times receive and if you look around a little you will most likely see that a large portion of the best jumpers are..., surprise..., Pilots. Pilots understand how we fly and why, not just seat of the pants feel like most jumpers. Maybe your post meant no disrespect towards pilots but it didn't come across that way to me. The definition in your post about pilots being an annoyance really turned me the wrong way. I hope you can see your way clear to apologize to all the pilots who read this post (then I will apologize for being so harsh). There I got out all my pent up rage and anger and I didn't even rip on your 7 years, 105 jump. By the way your reserve is a 143R not 142R. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  3. Cool, I haven't jumped much in the Milwaukee area but I made it to East Troys Halloween Boogie they held the PAC two plane shot for me while I talked on the cell giving them my progress report as I went along at high speed trying to make it. It turned out well, I made it just in time no one was peeved and I was in from the trail plane before the base was built so I gave them nothing to complain about even after holding the planes for me. I am a com. pilot from Skydive Wissota (also the pres. of the club). I think a bunch of wolf river people made it over to our boogie the week before East Troys. It was a blast. I started out as a pilot only but got a good job started jumping and never looked back. now I L.O. at the WFFC at home and for the last four years have been on Gang Green the top AAA team in the NPSL. So becoming a skydiver has had it positive side. It rules being a jumper. I have more stories about flying jumpers then I can tell in public, so I'll say the same about being a pilot. You should try to make it up during the winter or next spring/summer we should try to make it over to your places in the east soon to. Maybe we will meet in the real world sometime and we can swap stories about both. 3-2-1-see ya HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  4. Hello. welcome to the forums here at DZ.com. I must say the obvious answer to help you improve, is to jump more. 25 jumps per year is not likely to help any, you wont improve at that rate. You may have other issues like money, time or other commitments but you should try to make at least 100 a year to see a marked improvement of any type (and honestly, to be safe). The more coaching you get the better. Time in the tunnel helps but nothing can replace the experience of a good skydive. I hope I don't sound to harsh, I am just being honest and I hope it comes across that way. You sound like you have the right attitude towards jumping I wish you good luck and blue skies. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  5. Welcome to our world Krissy, I hope you can turn this sport into a wonderful part of your life forever. Good luck. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  6. L.O.


    Every DZ is slightly different, but most adhere to the standard USPA progression go to USPA.org and read up. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  7. What two DZs and what aircraft. Have you flown the PAC. Just wondering if we've met. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  8. Tire iron. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  9. Heres the trick, my boss is my 4-way team captain and one of my best freinds. He demands I take off for competition weekends, busy DZ weekends and important demos. The WFFC is also a company shut down for 12 days as far as he and I are concernd. I would not tell if I were applying for annother job, they dont need that info unless it applys to the job. HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.
  10. The true indication of your absolute dedication is not just in yourself. When your 5yr old daughter can identify the regular jumpers from your DZ by there canopy colors and flying style thats a big one. She can also identify my 4 way team by name and ranking in the NSL, the airplanes I jump out of regularly and the aircraft ID including the complete end #. Her name is Skyler Jayde Jacobson, Remember it, she will replace me one day HPDBs, I hate those guys. AFB, charter member.