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  1. Dirty dozen o' jumps, blablabla etc. All this advice from the pro's may be spot on (I wouldn't know), but the fact is that for that brief moment where you actually had your hands down (as in: you flared), the canopy didn't slow down all that much. You seemed to flare pretty high. Little flarepower on the canopy so you let go at the very last moment. If you had kept it in flare, I think your landing would have been a tad bit softer. Nevertheless...doesn't seem like the right canopy for you.
  2. I don't think you can make the comparison between dollar by looking at the exchange rate. I pay 16€ to 13K. That's cheap all things considered. If I do the maths it's supposed to be 26 dollars. But I think 26 bux is more expensive than 16€ no matter what the exchange rates say. If they charged 26€$ at my club I'd quit.
  3. Why not add "Why a Javelin?" Like I said, I'm a lemming. I follow the masses and the masses say... *About the Javelin: It looks the coolest and has nice standard features. *About the Optimum: It's PD and it's the newest thing you can get so it must be best. Surely it's the best reserve out there? *About the Argus: I don't like the thought of having to ship my Cypres to the manufacturer every 4 years, have expensive battery changes and what not. Argus is cheaper in purchase and maintenance, but I trust it just as much as the Cypres. Plus it has a swoop mode...and even if I'm 5 years and a 1000 jumps away from swooping so hard it would make the AAD fire, I like the thought of it. Oh and it's Belgian so that's a plus. And I'm biased (for no reason what so ever) against the Vigil. Like I uninformed lemming.
  4. Are you sure about that? I did the math on USPS and for 150$ you can have an entire rig shipped to europe.
  5. * Javelin Odyssey - articulated - spacer foam - skyhook * Sabre2/Safire2/Pilot main (I've flown none of these btw ) * PD Optimum reserve * Argus AAD (so as you can see, ignoring the AAD, I'm a lemming)
  6. Why do you hope it's also grounded in the rest of the world?
  7. Not a scam? I'd say there's a small chance it's not a scam. Even if it isn't, it sure is a weird way to handle things. Take the money elsewhere...
  8. He has already made up his mind. The certified rigger will talk him into it. The whole thread is useless. My eastern European friend. For 2000€ you can buy AMAZINGLY NEW gear in the states. I say keep looking or at least have your rigger pack that 190 for you. Let's see it happen.
  9. A 12 year old will have a beer with his dinner in Belgium, if he asks for one. The bartender will probably laugh at him and serve him his beer. I'm not saying that's a thing to be proud off, but I can't fathom the thought of 12 year olds being able to buy a shotgun whereas 20 year olds can't have a beer. Madness...
  10. I currently pay 16€ to 13K which is the cheapest you can get pretty much anywhere in Europe. I would not be able to afford (read: enjoy) 24€.
  11. So Obama is facing strong racism and will lose because of that, but on the other hand, he will surely win because all the cracka's are voting for him because he's black. I can only say that color is still a major issue (in the states)
  12. OMG ASL? If a skydiver with a yellow fishercoat and matching hat and hook asks you to get on his load...HAVE PHUN
  13. Who did? France of Vigil? I can't speak for Vigil but something sure smells fishy about these accusations and groundings.
  14. You guys can't drink beer with dinner?
  15. I realise that. Which is why I don't need the person's details or whatever. Was just curious about the whole Cell thing. Thx