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  1. wow i never would of thought some of the places are double what i would pay here in america. but you guys make more so its not so bad, i might not go at that price
  2. im going to visit my friends living in england and wondering prices and best places. he actually lives in southampton but around the area is fine.
  3. yeah i didnt realize it was that expensive for gas. and there are a lot of things i didnt know thats why i asked. but if i can get certified before i ship out then i guess ill just go to a local spot when im able to leave. then later on if i pass SERE than ill get HALO done
  4. yeah im going to do SERE and after i can volunteer to do HALO but if i get certified like i want before i leave i figured i could probably just go up whenever they do. if i can do halo when im there im sure its cheap to just get jumps
  5. thanks again everyone. yeah i didnt know it was that expensive, i would have to get in 5 or 6 jumps in an hour. thats climp to whatever altitude we want to jump from, jump, land and repack. i dont know how long that all takes since ive only done one tandem. plus im joining the airforce and will jump a lot once in. does anyone anything about jumping(cost) if you are certified in the airforce?
  6. really, even with 3 of us splitting the cost of gas and 2 jumping over and over. also since i havent been certified how do you log jumps? like could i log those? not sure at all how you log and if things have to be signed or what, like can they go toward your total jumps since you were not at a dropzone
  7. thanks guys. yeah this wont be anytime soon as you can see ive only done one tandem. and he just got his private i think. but me and my friend are going to get certified in the next couple weeks. so this is for far future use. getting jumps for the split cost of gas and find a big open space. so any class E airspace and where the person doesnt mind us landing and picking back up can be used and not get into trouble?
  8. so my friend is almost completed his helicopter license. so how illegal or what do you have to do to be able to just go up and jump out. once im confident and have enough jumps and my own gear. just to go in the copter with my gear on and have him go to whatever altitude and jump out. can i log that kind of jump and where would i have to land. is it totally illegal or what? i dont know anything about it so i figured id ask
  9. im not sure about the bonus. i know i will if i go for special forces, and if i go SF then ill get jump training too. but its gonna be a while and i want to go NOW. lol and a guy i met said jumping in the airforce even not with there training is really cheap for jump tickets. if your certified either way its really cheap. hope its true. but i could do 1 and 2 then wait a bit and do 3 and 4 both on the same weekend. would that be better?
  10. thanks everyone. well right now i have 800 to spend. and wont have more til end of march. so im not sure what to do. its really hard for me to save 600 more before spending it and will take me a while. i dont make a lot and have payments. also might sign for airforce and would be shipping out in june/july. what do you guys suggest
  11. a month in between the next 4? i thought maybe because they are the biggest ones and the last 4 might be just getting the main skills down, but im not sure how it works. what do you guys think?
  12. in between south hampton and portsmouth. i should have my aff as long as i get a decent tax return. dont work a whole lot but i should be fine. i cant wait. id like to be able to jump solo over there but it sounds like it might be expensive
  13. wow thats nuts. maybe i wont be then. it would be around southampton portsmouth area i think