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  1. Today was my first jump in over two years. It was my 27th jump and I felt great out in the open blue sky. That was until 6.5k, suddenly my left eye felt like a ice pick was shoved through it and the cold air was excruciating. I still have pain behind my eye now and I was wondering if any of you have experienced this or something similar. Do you know how long this pain will last? To anybody ever considering jumping through sickness...Don't do it. On a side note its great to be back in the sport I can finally semi afford again.
  2. John, Thank you for your advice, trust me I have been spending hours going over internet databases for actual research articles. I realized there was a whole community here that could help me out so I spontaneously posted. I'll search. If anyone doesn't feel like I am probing them like a lab rat and doesn't mind repeating themselves I would appreciate it. -Dennis
  3. Hey Guys (And Girls), Its been a while since I have been on here due to my lack of money to skydive. Now that I am graduating I am soon going to have the funds to get recurrent. Anyway, I have a big paper due for school and I am doing it on skydiving. Basically I am trying to do an article that explains why people jump from a psychological perspective. If you could post any reason as to why you jump I would really appreciate it. Thank You All, Dennis
  4. still on thursdays at the usual time? Thanks
  5. Hey Guys (and gals), It's been almost six months since Ive been on dz.com and I was wondering if you guys are still doing the thursday skydive radio tourneys. Cant do it this week because of finals but Itd be nice to lose some money to good people rather than the usual crack, hookers, and hotel rooms. -Dennis
  6. I live in Davis so its a five minute drive from my house.
  7. Since when is there a dropzone in Sacramento??? I moved to davis recently and i need to get recurrent at Skydance but I will have to come down to Sac once I am back in the air.
  8. brianfry713 Clownburner flygirl1 McBeth monkycndo Nightingale NWFlyer DHolland westcoastjumper vdschoor
  9. If there is a list compiled of people attending, mark me down for saturday/sunday. I look forward to meeting you guys at my first boogie
  10. At Skydance its 22 to 13k and 28 to 18k if a tandem is going that high.
  11. i own an omega and that thing has really soft openings, first couple of jumps i was scared because i wasnt used to a canopy sniveling for so long. I love it now and if you are looking for a very soft openings, omegas have to be one of the best.
  12. Not the time but the money for the coach jumps, packing course and such, after buying a rig i have no money. Once school is over in a few weeks I will be back to full time and spending all my money on jumping and paying off debt on my rig. Sorry for temporarily hijacking this thread; I just want to jump the balloon
  13. Bah! Damn I want to jump the balloon. But i guess the sky isnt goin away anytime soon. I am looking forward to the sky van it will be cool to exit out of it.
  14. can you jump a balloon with an A license? I have wanted to jump a balloon ever since I started skydiving. Also I see there will be a T-33 Jet there, is that thing even jumpable?
  15. more people sign up the game starts in 20 minutes and there is only four or five ppl signed up