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  1. I would love to be able to do aff and I have the money to do aff but I don't have enough just yet to by my first used rig. By march I will though with tax check and selling a jeep that I have plus the $500.00 month truck payment will be gone in April (6 more pymts) so finacially I'll be ready. Another reason is I'm not a cold weather person at all. I was born and raised here. So if I wait until march get my license get my gear I can jump all spring, summer and fall to get my expierence and numbers up. I only live 10mins from skydive city and have 3 day weekends off so I'll be able to juggle my jumping around the weather pretty easy. Next time you guys are out there shoot me an email would be great to meet you. I'm out there a couple times a month watching anyway.
  2. I'll be sure to take you up on that.... I miss the high speed stand ups and tank wheelies but I don't think stunt riding even comes close to the feeling I got jumping out of a plane
  3. I will be there. I actually go out there at least twice a month and watch and hang out on the deck. Have met some really nice people. Its kind of a tease for me watching others do what I want to do but I know my time is coming up fast.
  4. Had a great weekend. Did my first tandum 9:00am Sat morning at skydive city and it was a great day weather wise almost no clouds in the sky. I wasn't nervous at all but excited to make the jump. I made the jump with Scotty and Bob did video both great guys and fun to be around. I cannot wait for early spring to get here so I can start AFF. After my jump I drove over to Daytona Beach to finish out the day. What a life....
  5. Dam has it been 3yrs already?? Time flies and priorities change. My Mom passed away on sept 17th 2010 and she always told me (kidding) to wait until she was dead and gone to skydive. So this Sat Sept 17th 2011 I'm going to make my first tandum. And I can't wait.
  6. Thank You. ( When holding/opening a door for women)
  7. Congratulations, Its nice to see posts like this one. Joe also sounds like a very lucky man.
  8. Great pics and journal. Thank You for sharing them with us. Take care of that knee and stay safe. Fro
  9. Lol...Keeping the hair plucked from around my nipples takes long enough
  10. Armpits.....I did about 10yrs ago and have shaved them once a week since. I'm a 36 year old male and in really good shape and just think it looks better. Poll options 1-3 are for the guys and 4-5 are for the ladies. I have only had a couple guys say anything about it and they were both old timers and just shook their head. A lot of my friends girls try talking them into doing it though. One other thing I'm totally straight 100% lesbian so don't think other wise. OK lets hear it
  11. People who are genuine assholes want a reaction. If they're ignored, they'll go find someone else who is more receptive to their poison. Why would you waste your own energy dealing with someone like that? I know me personally would sleep better at night knowing I took up for myself and anyone else that might be getting disrespected around me. Besides assholes are easier to pick out of a crowd if they have a black ring around an eye.
  12. QuoteEspecially when their work is at the DZ. Videographers that throw rigs out of "their" packing area, or kick peoples' line while packing, rather than just asking people to move, are the worst. Is this really the kind of crap that has been witnessed at a DZ?? Sounds like someone needed to be taken behind the building for a RE PACK.
  13. You know its a good shift if your wasted before the Price is Right comes on.
  14. Anyone else here a night owl? I'm a Diesel Mech. for one of the largest trucking companies in the US and work 4 10hr shifts Tues-Fri from 3:30pm to 2:00am and have Sat, Sun and Mon off. Been working this schedule for 13yrs wish I could get to 1st shift, Have to wait for someone to retire or fall down the stairs. (Hmmmmmmmmm) By the time I get home shower and relax it's 5:00am. I love my job and the money is great for the area but I think I'm getting burnt out. I read old posts on here and watch skydiving videos and it gets me all worked up then its hard for me to go to sleep because I'm excited
  15. Most motorcyle shops sell a spray on cleaner called Plexus its made to clean clear plastics like helmet visors and windsheilds. Works great and will not yellow the plastic.