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  1. (Dancing around classroom doing the TGIF happy Friday dance!)
  2. Thank you. lmao! We get ripped off bigtime. I work 60-80 hrs. a week most times! I do love my job however, the reward is worth it. Assuming that the money is invested and not wasted. I believe most issues with the American school system are cultural and not monetary. Okay, how would getting paid what I deserve so that I can meet my bills and pay for the required Master's Degree(out of my own pocket) that won't result in a pay increase in any way waste taxpayer's money? Are you saying that paying me a fair wage is a waste? I thank you as I put in my 67th hour of work this week. (Knowing full well I will only get paid for 40.) The profit my business puts out is the profit you make now. The fact that you can read and write means I did something right. I tell you what....why don't you take a pay cut then just give it to me, along with the 1100+ students I have had the honor of teaching so far.
  3. no you don't, you didn't say anything about posts...fine, I'm leaving!!
  4. You betcha, and a man, a good one. Know any? possibly...
  5. Does anyone remember the old Isis series? I loved her.
  6. Hmmm.... age 2--jumping off cousin's silo and landing in 'dirty' hay mound age 2 1/2--jumping off other cousin's roof age 3--crawling on farm tractor and releasing brake and having one of the funnest rides of my life weaving through field watching every family member I have at our family reunion chasing after me as I waved at them happily age--3 1/2 falling asleep on our neighbor's unbroken stallion's back as he munched on grass out in the pasture, no one found me for a couple of hours and mom hysterical I got more but those are a few from early childhood...
  7. i was so bummed to pass up a perfect opportunity to go to tunnel this weekend there It would have been awesome!!
  8. Are you really saying here that a newbie looking towards the end of improving his or her skills by accepting a request to jump with an experienced jumper and paying for his or her own slot is the same thing? It's not and everyone knows that! Hmmm... did you learn by doing all solo jumps? I think not....you had me totally agreeing with you until then... She's actually looking for a 'relationship' is she? What happens when she wants to learn scuba diving, skiing, or surfing? This girl must have really been around if she knows a lot of sports!!
  9. Okay, this is just wrong...
  10. I know that Frenchy paid you to write that.
  11. I just wanted to know if he was really French!
  12. transfer goodbye deploy-- when connected to my friends in the military that is, not my parachute
  13. Nope....you are not alone. yep...totally saw it
  14. Yeah, well yours did nothing for me. I am still cold. (Step it up big guy. Your pic is from a hundred miles away.)
  15. it is 42 and will probably freeze later I'm cold....
  16. thinking freefly sitfly kitty?
  17. Yes... must be nice!!!!!! He probably wanted dessert after that and will get up for breakfast at 7 or so.