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  1. I see one once in awhile... Jib maybe you just have a life. I am too busy to enjoy holidays often. I love the old b&w ones though.
  2. Not as much as I love yours... No, hands down, your username Frenchy,,,brings such wonderful images and memories to mind. Ahhhhhhh! NOW QUIT HIJACKING! Frenchy loves hijacking threads with his tongue. He's a big ole' Tongue-Flasher-Thread-Hijacker!!! lol (Yes, it's 6am and I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee,
  3. Puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr I really need to learn French. That's not French, that's Frenchy
  4. my own stalker thread Apparently I am one, though I don't know I how?
  5. I would if I could tonight. I would seriously just take the thing and flush it if I didn't need it for emergencies. I should really know better than to answer numbers I don't recognize.
  6. expresso is just a trick, it has less caffeine than a mild regular coffee- I know my caffeine She's right. Expresso has less caffeine than normal or mild coffee.
  7. I am really worried for you now AirMail, how old have you eaten bread????? Fess up now...
  8. Goodbye Markus, have a safe trip. Will you jump a lot in Germany?
  9. Okay Arthur, don't blush you silly, everyone- these are definitely reposts. You have posted these same photos before and we want some new photos Mr. photographer, so get to work!! Your audience demands it!!
  10. Yes. I am so boring right now! I bore myself, I bore others, it's really, really sad. I think I will just take a nap.
  11. The last one is angelic, how sweet he is!!
  12. I wouldn't know where to even begin to flirt!
  13. I have a 1/2 day of work today. We have a party afterwards too.
  14. Don't know about men, but Frenchies do! So then are Frenchy's male? lmao, lol
  15. Strangely enough, I kind of like Christmas music. Miss Grinch thank you very much, not Mrs. They are already playing Christmas music here... isn't that early? Isn't there some unwritten law that says December has to start first or at least the day after Thanksgiving before the madness starts?
  16. Neither's the tooth fairy (and a guy name Loogie stole the money from under my pillow too!) STOP IT! You're all lying. There is a tooth fairy. YOU'RE KILLING TINK! I do believe in fairies .. I do believe in fairies.. I do believe in fairies... Wow...you do live in the Bay Area....and it shows Seriously, No stinking fairies are around here...the fairies never visit me, they freeze their little fairy asses off on the way up to New England. Did I mention I am really cold right now?
  17. Dunno where you live, but i don't have a problem finding it here in the states. me neither, it's everywhere in grocery stores
  18. How funny, it's 46F and not a flake here in Hartford, CT!!
  19. Better believe it, lady! Chateauneuf du Pape has just popped opened... Holy sheep shit, Batman! oh no, drunk Frenchy's are bad.... opening a shiraz myself....