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  1. Well, I hate to tell you this, I'm half Swedish but also 1/4 Cherokee. Maybe it's just a deadly combination. Scary, are we related?
  2. A month ago on a day it was about 20F in CT I locked both my regular and extra as well as the valet sets of keys in my car with my cell phone and my AAA card and the spare sheet of paper I had the number to AAA on. I umm... am blonde too...... I feel your pain....then when Mr. AAA car lock opener guy gets there, he checks each and every door to see if one was actually unlocked. When I asked him why he was checking and didn't he think I would have checked each door myself he just looked at me like this > Sigh.......
  3. it's so frustrating, I kept holding on to the 'm'
  4. I don't really know... never experienced it yet so maybe someday... not dismissing the possibilty!
  5. I try to work out every day I can, it would be interesting to see what you get together. Someone like me could really benefit from it...
  6. I think three days, my first drunk at 23 and someone told me what I was drinking had no alcohol in it. It tasted like fruit juice so I believed him. I had no idea how to get myself through it and did everything wrong, no fluids, food or painkiller at all, just toughed it out...
  7. Families are great, mine are, I miss them...
  8. That is just mean!! There are a lot of beautiful women in New England including Vermont. Jeesh Chris, you know that!!! Clay you should too!
  9. Fixed it for ya.... Hot buttered rum with marshmellows. Martinis with olives. I'm sure you can be inventive. Just as good-you're right!! lol
  10. I like the foods that people make with liquor in them. Brandied or wined meatballs, chickens, dogs, etc... yum, yum...