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  1. What is your pattern of getting over it? I get angry then just move on... I have friends who mope and get drunk a lot... what do you do?
  2. Well, the other thread got me thinking. I've never been called sexy but I've been called a hell of a lot of other things.
  3. talk to the booty because the hands are off duty This link kills me when you make him dance to Baby Got Back.
  4. you just wake up and don't give a F _ _ _ _ anymore? Finally.
  5. You got the wrong girl silly. It's Sunshine who tells people to remove their pants.
  6. That's what they all say. NO.
  7. Sometimes I ask, "Is that all you've got????" It just seems to be a mood breaker for some reason.
  8. Because some men will... 1.) spread disease to one girlfriend and next and the next and so on.. 2.) segway girlfriends... start dating one while weaning another 3.) be jealous abusive assholes while dating you and be cheating on you at the same time 4.) be dating several women and saying 'love stuff' to main gf 5.) turn gay and tell their bf they've never been straight 6.) call your current boyfriend and tell them your psycho and a cheater when you never were and they were 7.) call a local radio station and break up while requesting a new song for new love after being with you and talking marriage the NIGHT before 8.) hide a MAJOR drug problem and steal $750.00 dollars while spreading untrue gossip about your problem that really doesn't exist 9.) call your mother and father and tell them you have a std and you don't 10.) open a credit card in both your names and spend it's limit and dump you leaving you with an open card for 2 yrs. and wrecking your credit 11.) marry you in Vegas when you're drunk and not tell you Sigh... Skinny, your boy is probably an innocent sweety who doesn't deserve any of this shit but what are the odds?
  9. Obviously inspired by past threads and the Women's Forum thread in there now... just how long did it take you to say it? The girl needs to know from this crowd, and men included fully, today, in 2006. Please answer.