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  1. should be flying away from you Frenchy!!!
  2. Where is the skydiving represented in these diagrams? Shouldn't it be equal in size or bigger than the sex drive? I for one am a woman who hates shopping and money. It's just necessary evil.
  3. Think I have only have single malt 16 year old Glenlivet. Yum...sounds smooth?
  4. He looks good with or without them.
  5. Does the post world revolve around Clay? Do we have to ask his approval before we post now? I love 'They Might Be Giants'.
  6. The goggles did it for you, uh? What goggles? I thought those were your eyes!!
  7. Well...I do need a shower. You want to shower with Frenchy?
  8. You can't answer for women silly... Are you a woman? Am I then allowed to answer for men? That's is just presumptious and unfare. Personality first to be a friend for me, attraction then follows based on personality and appearance. FLAME!! FLAME!! FLAME!!
  9. Yep, in CT right now it is pretty cold. I don't just know it, I snow it.
  10. I had the day off because of a snow day and it just flew by!!
  11. Yeah... I bet it was a secret, all your co-workers probably secretly have a farting connected pet nickname for you that you are completely unaware of...
  12. I once gave 3 of my H.S. Senior students discipline referrals for farting. The Principal completely backed me up because when he came up to my class to check out their story the room smelled sooooo bad and it was 30 minutes later.
  13. Those are cute! We have very low standards for jokes around here. You wouldn't even come close to getting a dz.com bad joke award. lol
  14. I got the day off because of snow!!! I'm so happy because I'm sick & wanted to take day off but there are never enough substitutes to cover us so I'd have gone in anyways.
  15. What on earth would possess you to make such an unfounded inflamatory statement? Why would you ever even remotely come to such a mistaken and wrong conclusion? Maybe you were joking and I am being oversensitive? I sincerely hope so.
  16. It is! Be careful! He has xray vision with those goggles!!
  17. I have never had a wink go bad on me! What's wrong with winking? People at my DZ wink too. They're friendly and when they wink it's like sharing a private joke or telling me, "Hi! You're welcome here." I am a pro-wink fan, most definitely!!
  18. I'm a teacher, that automatically makes me a nerd.
  19. In all honesty, you look like a sick fat guy with a thermometer in his mouth.... jk I was thinking the same exact thing!! lol