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  1. weegegirl

    DZP (drop zone puppy )

    :( Oh, no, Kevin. I'm so sorry. I remember her from many moons ago at Skydive Tecumseh. :( Sweet puppy she was.
  2. weegegirl

    Frank "POPS" Ludvik

    Hey Pete, I think about Pops a lot too. He was a great man. Him and Junior pretty much took me through the static line program. He was Mr. Safety, always looking out for the newb. I can still hear him saying "red... silvah.... red..... silvah" with his NY accent. My favorite Pops story is from when he and I landed off after I hurt my neck real bad on an opening. We landed in a big field and were quickly surrounded by big fat cows. They were staring us down and I was getting real nervous. Pops told me to stay behind him and started waving his canopy frantically shouting "Yaw! Yaw!" I looked at him and said... "does that really work?" He replied "It works on TV!" From that day forward Pops called me Cowgirl. Miss you Pops. You'll always have a place in my heart.
  3. weegegirl

    Dz.com roller coaster boogie?

    That was more than cool. That was freakin fantastic!
  4. weegegirl

    Dropzones near Toledo, Ohio...

    head up to Tecumseh. not too far. great dz. friendly people. nice airplane.
  5. weegegirl

    DZ's near DC?

    There are a few. I work at Skydive Orange - otter, big dz, 1.5 hours from DC. That's pretty close considering the restricted airspace. PM me for more details or check out skydiveorange.com.
  6. weegegirl

    Fabulous Annual Boogie In Orange!

    Count me in! I mean, where else would I be?? And Addie... your boss called me... you're fired... you can't go to Greece anymore.
  7. weegegirl


    Nice place. Flew in with the tecumseh otter last year for a party. Had a great time. Small, but pretty... good people.... go for it. Should be a good time.
  8. weegegirl

    SKYDIVE ORANGE ~ 6/10 - 13

    Freefly team MSM (Moist Spoon Monkeys) have you covered girl. We were talking about this last night. I'll have my new place by then... which is about 1/2 mile walk from Addie's place. You can crash with either of us. We'll go out dancing Friday night if you insist , and then hit the dz. I'll make sure you get to and from the airport. Can't wait to see you and FINALLY fly with you!!!!!!
  9. weegegirl

    How do I fall with the BIG BOYS?

    make them slow down!
  10. weegegirl

    Greetings, all!

    Hey! Wellcome to dz.com. Dude... you have the best freakin avitar ever!!!!! I looooooooove llamas!! I never post in this forum, but I couldn't resist! If you are ever up in the DC area, stop by Skydive Orange.
  11. weegegirl

    Any news on Hartwood, VA?

    i second that question.
  12. weegegirl

    Ok so the relly workers have names for formations

    yeah... there is. not sure the best source, but there are lists out there. amy wrote an article not to long ago that listed them out.... check here.... http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/safety/detail_page.cgi?ID=528
  13. weegegirl

    need opinion on FF logo

    cool! but as any freeflyer.... he needs a camera!