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  1. TJ is an excellent coach, one of the very best this side of Cali ... This is not a sport for the weak... "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  2. I agree completely, %100. and if you can't get blocks with Adam, Striker will make you awesome really quick too.. "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  3. A huge success, don't forget to tip your panda's... "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  4. This Guy came highly recommended. I hear he can be quite expensive... so bring monies as well. Preferably in large denominations,... be sure to douse the monies in kerosene, then once you get here place monies in the Money Hole Reguardless of the rumors you may hear, do NOT let hezbollah trick you into putting the cash in the mailbox. Food better be good damnit! "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  5. I agree, very inappropriate... "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  6. Please use soap and wash behind your ears.... "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  7. All of you!!! right now!!!!!...... then come over. brings booze and drugs... employ a babysitter and bring the kids...... Elvis is coming with marriage certificates.... naked pyramids ALL NIGHT!!! 2-magicians, and a hemaphrodite opera singer.. I shall call this party is called "N/A" P.S. - It would be helpful if anyone knows someone who can transcribe in sanscrit for the dozens of revolutionary epiphanies to be had. P.S.S. - Rabbi's Micah and Gideon will be performing baptismal ceremonies in the swoop pond for the childrens. "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  8. The more the merrier... :p "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  9. HAHAHAHAA... Voo Doo Economics, I must have sleep through that one. I just want to know who gets the first slice of this bill, Im trying to get mine before the brokers come cutting off heads for the scraps... needs a foolproof plan for the consumers who actually receive actual currency flush that cash straight on down to commercial product. Only problem is, the get a overpriced-undervalued product and end up broke AGAIN!.. while CEO financiers reap the profits off inflated riches. Who will once again hold up that cash in swiss banks, or real estate, and let it depriciate like they're doing now. Can we just fucking legalize weed please.... Inflate a new Industry... give EVERYBODY A JOB!!! shiiieeettt... talk about working from home ;9. Good luck you guys, Im off to Saudi Arabia... "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  10. Happy Birthday Bubbles! "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  11. I don't know you but it's not hard to tell who is still running around with PA removed by slotperfect, namely... you. What you said proves this whole messages point, Orlando is just ~FINE~ for most people... If you knew anything about both of the sports (which you obviously don't) you would already know that Orlando WAS highly respected and regarded as the best, because of the exceptional staff who produced nothing but champions and bringing the best exposure to skydiving since movies about it, and now it's just fine, not to mention a skydiver would be "fine" if they stuck their head out car moving 25+mph. Business wise, the tunnel sells itself. Any joker could make a crowd of whuffo's go "WWWwwooooOOoWWWW!!!!"... ppssshhh carving. Do the math on that... I'll do it for you, Orlando is whack... your whack... and your denial makes you just as ridiculous as your post... And if you want to run around talking about personal issues, PA removed by slotperfect "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  12. Dalton Samuelson... will put any to shame when it comes to size of balls.... "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  13. I've had plenty of time to go over what happened, even more time to get over it. I remember everything the exact same way you do. Out of respect for you and you alone, I'll fill you in (from the horses mouth). Since this should have stayed between you and me in the first place. PM'D... "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  14. there isn't an instructor out there who isn't capable of missing spots, all the more reason for steps upward, and as for my 'friends' I'll put myself out-of-pocket for so long before I put on the brakes... How am I going to screw someone else when my name was the only one on the power bill. But if thats the story down there, it honestly doesn't surprise me. Guess I won't be defending them anymore. Let me explain something to you, I'm an actuarial pricing consultant... It's my job to crunch numbers on an infinite level, I learned how to do this from the best corporation in the world. quantum theory is my life!, I have a TS.SCI clearance you don't get making foolish decisions (like not paying rent or having DEBT) or performing below average. Do you honestly think I'm going to return to an environment with closed, translative communication? Everyone knows I would have done all I could for that tunnel, especially when Marc came in with his new ideas. Then he lost trust in his staff, (rightfully so I might add) after that illogical and irrational decisions were made fucking up my plans for the future of the tunnel. Business was at a stand-still, progress was halted... and then we went backwards. It got to the point where project margin lines were consistently failing waiting for chips to fall in place, management was abysmal, moderate at best... Not saying they don't try hard, but damn..raise the bar a little. I should have realized it the first time when a manager called me to show up at 3:00 for work... showed up after I was done skydiving with you! at 3:00 and was fired on the spot, and I still got the job back because I produce... but hey man, maybe you could be the one to bring the tunnel back to a ranking state... good luck with that bowen. If anyone there thats left can do it, it's you. I sure as hell wasn't going to step up to the plate with shane boxing me out... I had a door to fly out of, upside down. skipping town? I think we can all agree it was my time to go... I wasn't too comfortable having my job in check every time I wake up, I'm too old for that shit. "'Someday is not a day in my week'"
  15. Beer Pong anybody......??? "'Someday is not a day in my week'"