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    Improv Game

    QuoteI parked my car at the DZ and saw my best friend was already there. He was standing in the parking lot buck ass naked! I said, "Dude! Why the hell are you naked?". He was holding a large box of jello shots and a box of chicken. I said, "the shots will come in handy latter, but what fo' that chicken?" I'm going to make chicken swoop when I can get a can-o-pea. But with all that said, I still wondered why the HELL he was standing there naked. I was scared. Just then two more of my friends also came into the parking lot with nothing but their rigs on and said...
  2. navy for interview black for going out and looking sexy
  3. Haven't decorated, carded, or shopped. I don't even want to look at decorations yet. I have no christmas spirit this year.
  4. I could really, really, really, really use a drink too.
  5. Just got out of work. My students were nuts today. Is it a full moon?
  6. use the ole ebay, it works wonders and saves a ton of time! Do any girls really buy clothes on ebay? I wouldn't, what would be the point of saving time? It's shopping!! Shopping is fun! I wear what I feel comfortable in, regardless if it is dressy or sporty.
  7. Wonder what the comparison is between a shot and a regular dose of nyquil?
  8. I had pneumonia last year and it was because I wouldn't cough enough according to the doctor. I thought it was too gross. I ended up in hospital for four days bacause of it. Yuk, they made me cough there with a special inhaler.
  9. eastern mountain sports silk long johns under a pair of same fleece sweats rock under jumpsuit
  10. another call on your bluff here...
  11. I could use some recipes actually if anyone has some excellent vegetarian ones.
  12. I hate holidays but I think those photos are absolutely adorable!
  13. I hope she gets well soon, sorry to hear about her accident.
  14. I have been in that place too, with an ex. I understand what you mean, however, that's rare I think for the most part with most people. Sad but true.
  15. I feel the same thing. At the door and out it's great, I hope it always will be.
  16. I get lied to all the time and know it 99% of the time. I usually don't say anything either. It's usually harmless or to save face for somebody or to protect me or someone else. However, I always know.
  17. Hey, it's drunk food, what do you expect? Ok, I'm just weird!
  18. beef jerky and chocolate milk and greek olives
  19. Poor jaba! Don't you feed him?