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  1. sorry, not in my name. base for me is not only fun. and no way, it is not total freedom. we are all walking in a world where we are not alone. we are related to each other in certain ways, if we like it or not. I don´t want to start a philosophy discussion about freedom of individuals or freedom of mind. this is a major theme somewhere else. if you consider yourself beeing totaly free during base, conclusion is that you are unfree most of the rest of your time.. by the way, what would you call guys, that say: slapp a basejumper in the face if you see one, that´s total freedom and pure fun... but let´s stop that. it is a big difference between beeing a p-c-pussy and show respect to others. if this would be your world, your bridge or your selfbuilt object and you were the only one on that planet, then you could be able to speak of totally freedom and you don´t have to care about others. as long as this is not the case, we all have to follow guidelines and are doing well with that. more or less, that´s true. maybe I´m wrong with that for you, but it works well for me. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  2. we just use velcro. it gives the feedback a little better than the tuckin´ it in. you can test the length of the bridle by stretching out your forearm and feel the grip of the velcro. on my first rig, a perigee2, we placed a tuck-pocket (is that called so?) under the right flap on the upper side. but mostly while testing the routing and length, we pulled the bridle out. with the velcro, you get direct response and you can give small tension on the bridle. if too much, your buddy can fix it with one hand back again. we use to tuck the bridle under the flap when someone jumps a rig without velcropads sewn on. it is better than nothing. no, we do not place pins in different ways as far as I know. perhaps some jumpers do voodoo-style techniques ;-) also stand-up openings worked well, the bridle pulls the pins in every direction. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  3. in my view, the routing looks not so bad. but the length from fist to container does. in germany, we put some velcro on the upper and the lower side of the right flap and also on the bridle. this prevents the bridle from slacking and a possible pin-extrusion, i.e. when winds are blowing. in my opinion, the correct length is when you get light tension on the velcro while the arms are in exit position. means, not fully extented right arm. with that, during exit move there is no possibility for a bridleslacking. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  4. Hajo

    9mm vs .45

    I am on your side, definetly. my thoughts about firsttimers should only make visible, that just small physical challenge will decrease your performance dramatically. combattraining is much more, of course. everyone has to think about that. a gunfight in a room without earprotection is something different to a shooting range. and pointing a gun onto another person is even harder (usually). a possible intruder is prepared, also experienced and willing to accept the risk (mostly). proper training can help you out, but is always to see in interrelation with someone´s personality. It needs both, the will to fight back and the ability. ability comes with training. and real self defense training is a complex work. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  5. Hajo

    9mm vs .45

    you can practice under stress, and you should do this. out on the range, get instructions from a pro in tactical weapon use. for firsttimers, it is hard to hit a stillstanding target if they have to do 15 situps in front, get back on their feet and fire a triple (body-body-head) successfully. it is harder to react right and consequent in a lifethreatening situation, when untrained. in my experience, it also depends on the ammo you are using. my vector 9mm shoots the usual full metal bullets. (I also use a taurus .357 mag, but as a six-gun.) it is known, that if these bullets hit you without destroying an important part of your body (like head, arteria, etc.), it will feel like a hot stitch with a needle, especially if you are under adrenaline. when using manstopping-ammo, the effect would be much different, even with 9mm. the usual .45 semi-wadcutter bullet or hollow points of course have more man stopping power, but also require more power in your arms. my choice would be a glock with 9 mm jacketed hollow point ammo. easy to carry and holds more bullets than a .45 gun. it gives me the possibility to fight back quick against multiple threats. (sometimes 15 + 1 is not a bad thing to have). also the possible risks of injury for uninvolved people would be less. this is why special-units use this type of ammo. if you hit someone, he will be serious injured, but only he will be. but this is only the view of a non-professional. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  6. for me, it is really easy to clear the difference. if it would be equal to a skydive (3000 ft or less, it doesn´t matter), it should not be a problem to use regular skydive equipment, to exit in the line of "flight", turn 180 degrees and track as hell for, let´s say: 10 seconds, waive off and pull... he should try this from: a: an aircraft or a balloon b: from a nice "E". with the results on his body, he should be able to see the difference by himself. my suggestion, he should try this from an aircraft first ... but in the end, it doesn´t really matter. and give me his phone number. probably there would be some used baserig for sale. okay - with some damages ... honest: as long as buildings, antennas, spans and earth are not flying (by themselves) - it is not a skydive. interesting point of view: probably if he is standing on top of an antenna which is to be thrown from a cliff, that could be ... no- not a skydive, but worth to see ;-) and still a base-jump disclaimer: this is not to be meant as a serious advice! don´t try this at norway ;-)) the usual argumentation: you are jumping, flying and landing under a parachute, so it is a skydive is the same as: you are driving with a F1-car on a race track, it has 4 tires and you are using seatbelts - so it is the same as going into town on friday evening with your chevy-nova... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  7. I tried and now love my FOX Boots. they are special military boots and have several good points for me: they are absolutely quiet, really (sometimes you need that) very good grip on earth, rocks, steel, concrete, glass, .... waterresistant no hooks for the laces black ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  8. I will put this onto the german base association website right now. Littering is showing a no-respect-attitude to everyone in our sport and to the guys around us (such as owner of landing fields and hotels, etc.). ´nough said -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  9. Hajo

    Sidewinder 2

    I jump Skysystems for years now (since 1996). Just ordered a sidewinder 2, after having jumped a sidewinder 1 for several years now. It took only five days to get them from USA to germany (three different helmets for our camera flyers). perfect finish, superior quality. the flip-up lens is perfect and gives all the benefit I have in my Oxygn. only the cam-eye has to be installed, but this is a minor problem. for me, the sidewinder 2 is one of the best choices for filming tandems and formations.
  10. try: www.x-shut.com -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  11. I´ve met one jumper from the UK here in germany who is working in dubai. he told me, that they do not jump too much (see reason above). seems boomtown dubai is not so comfortable for basejumpers... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  12. Hajo

    Base Reserve

    our chest ones need about 100 - 120 ft for deployment (from a zerospeed) we show this on every instuctional video, to convince the newbies that this technique will work (if needed and operated, whatever this means...) I also have seen square reserves, mounted as chest reserves. in my opinion, the reserve is meant as a speed brake, not a real flying canopy. we here in germany HAD to wear two parachutes, because it is the law. one main, one reserve. therefore, the detachable D-rings were mounted on the reinforced MLW to carry the chest reserve. (the german-built susi containersystem had the D-rings installed directly to the MLW.) since this year, we have special permission by the DFV (german skydiving ass.), to stay away from the use of a reserve, if a jumper wants this. but only if we can guarantee that an endangerment of spectators can be excluded. example: on our bridge day weekend: only jumpers, no one under the bridge: we could jump without wearing a reserve. on a jump in front of spectators, perhaps with some of them directly under the exit point, there will be the use of a reserve-canopy obligatory. in germany, till today, the harness/container, the main, the reserve-container and the reserve is to be tested and approved. we have paperwork for every unit. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  13. hi, I´m in the middle of denmark for attending a fair. from the exhibition area and my hotel, I have a look at an A. some locals here whom I can ask? PM me, thanx. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  14. hi maxx, how about my famous wodka martini, I did at our cocktailparty at the dz ...? (I thought you had at least one...) 3 cl stolichnaya wodka (the original!) 6 cl martini (this is why it´s called wodka-martini...) 1 cl cointreau (I like that) with some squizz of lemon, all in a shaker with ice and: shaken, not stirred... "boom, boom - out go the lights" -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  15. from time to time I prefer the two girls in a 69 position, having fun with each other. then I can choose between two (or three, if possible) nice opportunities on each side of that. try it yourself, you´ll like it. but serious, I´ve tried hundreds of positions in different locations and I am not able to point one out. ;-)) it depends. on top of a skyscraper at night, doing doggystyle to your support before jumping is awesome. but if it is the right moment, having your beloved girl floating on her back in a clear and warm lake during sunset, her skin still smelling like the sun, and you can taste the beautiful scent of her p...y, short before she slings her legs around you is very breathtaking also. (especially if your face is under water during the first part...) -live long and explore- -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  16. Thomas D. Shafer is still a member of our club. our dropzone is still in hassfurt (www.fsz-hassfurt.de) he retired from skydiving after suffering some heart problems. he still lives in bamberg. I am proud that he was in touch with me at my beginning in 1989 and showed me some secrets of skydiving. I passed my A-D license rating and my SL-instructor course under his supervision as a S&TA. as he is a texas guy, I guess he will live a lot longer than me. I will say hello to him from you. greetz, hajo -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  17. you are talking about geraldine from switzerland. find her on the pic. was shot after they jumped the tv-tower in duesseldorf, germany. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  18. well, that idea sounds not so bad ;-) I´ll ask the babes here to do some photo-shooting session with me and my cam. ;-) hopefully, they will give their very last shirt for the sake of charity... if I succed, I´ll send you the pics afterwards.... -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  19. weired stuff. watching all the videos I know and remembering the things I know about airstreamflow, I guess using a kill line will give you a lot of trouble. especially at low altitudes. technically, without a POD, I guess you need a reefing-system which collapses the pc. this only after the canopy has inflated completely. but what the heck, is this useful? not beeing able to reach the landing? what about if you plan it with a kill line pc and something goes wrong during deployment? or the openings need more time > thought about that? then you are also not able to reach the landing again.... probably a manual detachment is possible. like on the swooping-canopies. for myself, I like reliable openings and can accept a trailing pc behind me. I know this works. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  20. just received an e-mail from switzerland, saying that the boogie has a green light again. please read the message as I got it from andreas: ----------------------------------------------------------------- OK, here is the story : I just spoke with Anne, from Glacier 3000, about our boogie. She spoke themself with the responsalbe of the OFT.... WE GOT THE AUTHORIZATION AND THE BOOGIE WOULD HAPPEND !!!!! Rush up to our web site ( http://www.epco.aero/benne ) and fill the registration form. You can speak about the event around you. For the moment we have 120 "pre registred" people and we can accept 150 (2 load of 75). --------------------------------------------------------------- so all back to the start -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  21. Hajo

    Cable car boogie?

    hi folks, just received an e-mail from the organizer. due to financial problems of the owner from that cable car, the boogie is no longer confirmed, it is in a "sleeping phase". negotiations with officials are running and andreas will keep us updated about the success. so probably we will not see us in september. but I hope he will get this event organized in any kind of way. then we will see if the wingsuits can fly that site ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  22. Hajo

    The End . . . ?

    hey nick, as far as I know, it needs more than taking away a testicle from a marine to get him down. keep ya head up and stay motivated. fight and never give up. you´ve beat it once, I am convinced you´ll beat it again. semper fi - also to your private aims and plans. don´t forget: you belong to the few, the proud. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  23. hi nick, keep the list updated, please. we also collect skydive fatalities in a list to learn from the mistakes and improve our safety. three decades of jumping and 85 killed jumpers? not to be misunderstood, every single one of these was too much and we all would be happy if they could be still alive. but 85 in thirty years is very low (if I think about the "experimental-status" in the early years). how many skydivers died in the early years of jumping out of planes? got this point? not so long ago, the base guys were jumping regular skydiving gear, round canopies or modified 7cells. less knowledge in judging the meteorological and/or site specific conditions were not so uncommon. this list is about to show that our sport IS dangerous and not a new lifestyle-adventure. this list is about to keep our eyes open and to be under alert in every jump. this list is about to show what happens, not more but also nothing less. let us all keep working, that this list will disappear by itself. if we all could mange to get the fatalities to zero, this list will not longer make sense. this would be the only reason for me to take it away. until then: keep it, please. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  24. Hajo

    Which gear?

    tach obi, martin hat schon recht mit dem gargoyle/troll package. denk mal kurz über die kante: die vents geben der kappe bessere stabilität, speziell wenn es mal gegen die wand geht oder du lang in tiefer bremse fliegen musst. die etwas härteren öffnungen sind durch versch. packtechniken zu vermeiden. ausserdem hast du dann auch für die ab und an tiefen sprünge eine der besten kappen auf dem markt. lass die 5 leinen option weg und du hast ein premium rig mit bester kappe. ausserdem ist der troll in deutschland zugelassen, heißt mit deiner versicherung abgedeckt, heißt bei einem vergehen oder unfall bist du erheblich besser gestellt als mit einem black jack oder flik. in english: take the gargoyle /troll package and you´ll be happy and satisfied greetz from da base, hajo -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  25. Hi, the records before were: 2003: 4 way into gelsenkirchen stadium "aufschalke" 2004: 6 way into the same stadium in front of the playoffs for the nfl europe football league height is about 48 meters to the roof construction, where the exits have been. jumpers had static-line or pca activation and landed in front of thousands of spectators (and nice cheerleaders) ;-) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well