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  1. NZ has the option for black trim tape... Depending on your colour preference that might be something for you as it was for me. Shipping costs might vary considerably depending on your location. No other noticeable differences IMO. J.
  2. Great video Jarno! Almost as good as mine from last year... Peace, J.
  3. 321Cya

    looking for a video

    Cheers guys, that's the one... J.
  4. 321Cya

    looking for a video

    Hey guys, There is a link to a video on here of 2 guys ripping it up on their paragliders in the Swiss Alps. Can't find it anymore. Anyone? cheers, J.
  5. A sad day... Fly free bro. J.
  6. ...hassle... + you will definitely miss the early birds and you will have to go back when everybody is still drinking and having fun (last train!!!) etc. etc. What did these college girls do to you that you're still in 2 minds??? J.
  7. yes no HELL YEAH! http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=4138&string=go%20fast%20x-days It's not a public event like for example KL. It's a media event and the jumpers are actually sort of 'Go Fast employees' for 1 or 2 days. Therefore I think you won't find any more info on registration etc. than that you did so far... As far as I know all slots are full for this year's edition J.
  8. or camp... http://www.meteoschweiz.ch/web/en/weather.html J. www.vandrunen.ch
  9. The general name for people involved in the sports that you mentioned (and many more) is 'adrenaline junkie(s)'. Search that in Wikipedia and this is what you get: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrenaline_junkie I think these words say it all: "Originally, it was used to describe argumentative people who deliberately (consciously or unconsciously) find excuses to explode in order to get an adrenaline fix. After the adrenaline rush wears off, they become agitated, which causes them to seek another reason to explode to get another fix. This mode of receiving a fix is deemed just as addictive as a recreational drug (such as cocaine), but perhaps more harmful as it negatively involves other people." J.
  10. I'm getting married on 22/06 (...yes really!) and many of my friends will come over to Switzerland to be part of that and since lot of them come from far I guess they will be hanging around to jump off some stuff... I guess just come to the valley and you'll find them. Horner pub is the place to get yourself accomodation or on either one of the campsites (cheaper) as it will be June and nice and warm.... J.
  11. You are right, especially if I would have aimed my laughs directly at the deceased pilot, but in fact the little joke made me laugh and I responded accordingly... I could and maybe should have been more cautious as this is a public forum Peace, J.
  12. http://www.blick.ch/news/schweiz/artikel60308 TRANSLATION: "Pilot did not believe in his rescue BERN - The surviving pilot must have had a huge guardian angel: his parachute got hung up on a ledge. There was no more chance for one of the pilots in the crash of the German Tornado fighter jet. Only his dead body could be recovered. The other officer however had, according to his rescuer, a lot of luck. After he ejected his seat, his parachute got hung up at about 100m below the crash location on the north face of the Aebniflue. Gusts had obviously pushed his parachute into the cliff face, said Rescue Medic Bruno Durrer. If the parachute would not have got hung up, the German would probably not have survived. Durrer had himself lowered down to the pilot on a long winch wire together with a second rescuer. He was conscious and talkative. , said the Medic. They immediately secured the pilot, then cut the lines of his parachute and flew him out. Falling ice and stones made the rescue operation more difficult. The pilot came out of this with only minor injuries. Why the Tornado of the German Air force smashed into the cliff face is not yet known. Eye witnesses observed that the machine was travelling very low through the Lauterbrunnen Valley." Another article says that they were on their way back from an exercise on Corsica in the Mediterranean and that they refuelled in Switzerland and were following a navigational course...
  13. Hmmm.... I wonder if we speak about the same Mushroom here, because when we were going up on the 18th of July last year the snow was as good as gone and even the meltwater was actually in liquid form and not ice. I remember it was very hot. The year before that (2005) around the same time (end of July) the snow had also disappeared, but it was much colder that year and still pretty icey, thus very slippery/dangerous and scary. I attached a photo from during the hike last year and as you can see no snow, except for the small bit on the left center (behind the guy's arm). That patch was really one of the very few I saw last year. Are you perhaps referring to those little patches of snow? J. www.vandrunen.ch