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  1. cosmo22

    Operation Repo on Tru TV

    That show is staged.To unreal to beleve..For instence. They just repoed a beamer and Matt is driving the Tow truck.And there's a camera man riding in the beamer being towed.Matt hss to take a piss.Cant hold it any longer.So he floors the tow truck to get to A pisser.And going around a corner he flips the beamer and total's it.Camera man is okay.Matt gets fired.But gets rehired in the next episode.Because he just happens to be in the neighbor hood where there repoeing a car at a paintball center,And they get attacked by a bunch a guys and girls shooting paintballs at them.And Matt comes to the rescue. And gets his job back.So tell me that show is not staged.
  2. cosmo22

    beer tax by state

    Ill just have to stock up on grains,hops and yeast. And keep brewing my own.2 and a half cases of qaulity beer for 20 bucks.And i can make any style i want.
  3. His D license .Is lower than my A-license issued in 1982 A-7590.Hey skydiving is what it is .Expensive.It will never be cheap.You either dedicate your life to it or not.Thats your choice.No need too Trash it.Yeah There are ego's.But there legends in there own mind.No one elses.I just do it for fun.It is not as fun as it used to be.But what else is there in life that gives you a peace of mind like Skydiving?
  4. Who is Howard White?Never heard of him.
  5. cosmo22

    Gas prices and skydiving

    Not to mention Inflation.Food. Gas ,Beer.the price of a jump ticket.My wages are not keeping up with inflation in this piss poor ecomony.Im getting less hours then i was last year.I bet There will be alot of DZs going out of Buisness.Even some big DZS.If people are losing there homes by the thousands. Well there not going to have any expendable income for skydiving.
  6. cosmo22

    Jump prices when you started

    Started 1981.In Bamberg Germany ,A retired Sgt Major ran the jump club there.He had something like 40 rigs.100 dolars for training And the static line course,and freefall progression. Use of his gear.The Entire time you where there. We would use Hueys alot.1 dollar to jump all day.That was for the pilots lunch.They would go to to 8500 ft.Also had Chinooks on occasion.After I Got out in 82.Most of the boogies had DC-3s.A Dollar a Thousand feet..
  7. cosmo22

    Send All the Tweakers to Iraq.

  8. cosmo22

    3 Way Wrap.IN CO.1983

    Well i remember this incident.I lived out there before it happened.Jumped in Sterling.My Rigger was Scott Brady.Heard he went to work for Nasa packing shuttle rigs.And my freind that wittnesedi t.Was working on the roof of a Pizza hut when it happened.And when he told me about it. 5 years later he was still haunted by it.Said it was the worst thing he had ever seen.I know after that Crew guys with 7 cells never mixed with 5 cell swifts. And 9 and 7 cells where also a bad combo.
  9. cosmo22

    3 Way Wrap.IN CO.1983

    I know it happened,Im just saying.It was Traumatizing.And i would not want to see the video.. I saw the girl go in at the end of the runway at the 1985 fb convention.And that was stomach churning. But inever got any Phyciatric help.
  10. cosmo22

    3 Way Wrap.IN CO.1983

    I'am not sure but this occured around Denver. I think Arvada.They where doing a demo into a shopping center or mall.2 guys under a 7 cell 1 guy under 5 cell Swift main.And around 500 feet they wrapped.All three died in front of the spectators..I remember a news bulletin over the Tv at the time.And the Incident report in Parachutist. I ran in to a friend 5 years later.Who had Wittensed it.He was a non jumper.He said it was so traumatic that they set up phyciatric tents for any one that had wittnesed it..I Thought wow!.He would not B.S about something like that.The Early days of crew Mistakes where brutal.
  11. Rare Earth played at a bar in Des moines.ia IN 85.Right after i Attened the freak brother convention.I got to meet all the band members, I was only 24 at the time.And the lead singer was already all gray.And the original song being Hey big brotherIn there hey day they were with Motown.A band out of Detroit.Quote
  12. cosmo22

    Cowboys Caravan

    The story on Andr tornton
  13. cosmo22

    Cowboys Caravan

    What I remember about Cowboys Caravan Was that new car smell.And i could have swore it had 2 doors left and right.Icould have sworn i got in om the right side and exited on the leftAnyone confirm this?Or Am i dillosionalAnd the brown suit Dave Williams was wering was denim.And he he had this short blond female for a manifestor.Who was really nice.
  14. cosmo22

    DB Cooper

    Yes,that Guy. Do not ever remember hearing about that Hijacking.Very simular to the D,B Hijacking. Until i got sattelite tv.I never new the entire story about Andrew Thornton either.It's great living in an information age.
  15. cosmo22

    DB Cooper

    What about the other hijacker that bailed out over Idaho in 71 He demanded two rigs.Knowing they would have a transponder on them. He tossed them out of the plane 20 minutes before he jumped.Two throw off the feds.And jumped with the rig he had brought on the plane..And was caught weeks later with 250000.He told someone about his plan.And when it was excuted.and all over the news.The person he revealed his plan to.turned him in.It was on the fbi files.He then escaped from prison.I fell asleep after that.He could have been D.B.I never heard about that skyjacking.Or just do not remember it being only 10 at the time.