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  1. here in the UK we have a or trying to make a living from BASE and trading off the backs of dead jumpers..he uses a website to do this and because of the nature of search engines etc he sits above the true home of UK BASE in the scheme of you have a link to your web site,a resource or something worthwhile please go to and add your link and help move this arse onto page 10000... or if you want you can PM me the link and ill send you ours by return...thanks in advance
  2. you homeboys need to get a wind here in the UK...i had done two jumps by 815 fucker left any dead pig in my fridge euther..remember freaks its not .us so save your hes so great he left weiners up my wife stories for some other forum...keep this special place for BASE related stuff...coooking can get fucked.
  3. Sean621

    thanks Mac

    just like to give Mac a hi five for smashing my chicks back doors in whilst i was packing for my first flameover...way to go bro you really took one for the team.
  4. no but its a repost
  5. and you never hear much of what they do...funny that eh?
  6. all very true..however the mojo and the troll have both been used in up down and off configurations...some people go for something in between the two and have a finger trapped loop for the toggle (1 fixed oal) just have to know what the flare point is for each configuration (up,down or off)
  7. thats one badass looking piece of say a very gnarly A
  8. i took 10 inches of the mojo and about the same off my troll...when they are on "full drive" they are on full drive and both flare well dont forget air density,windspeed,air temperature,all up weight and a shit load of combinations of these and other variables will affect canopy performance...ive done jumps where i wish i had arms like an orang- utan (instead of just a face like one) because other contributing factors have messed with the flight phase.that includes pilot error!
  9. RIP Benni...was looking to hook up with you this coming on
  10. my own personal definition of a B is...its got floors,doors and windows it has streets around it and all the associated urban hazards to go with it. It is a place where 'the man' is more prevalent than your average smoke stacks and grain silos...its a place where you will have all the urges to walk down,quit jumping,piss your pants or worse,call your loved ones and probably improve your quality of life..someplace you expect the super unexpected curve ball is gonna bite your ass and usually does... i guess if you need to ask if its a B it probably isnt one... just my one pence (thats two american cents)
  11. baffin is a very big place..the bond stunt was done several hundred miles away in the national park in the south from mount asgard or mount thor... not sure which..the french crew went there (which also included on brit) but sam ford fjord cant have seen more than 15 jumpers ever...maybe twenty at a push
  12. hey lee...glad youre well...may be heading back there myself in 2008 if youre interested..merry christmas!
  13. ts been done a few times...GC did it...DT did it and Roger did it too