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  1. Hey "Igobiggest", WTF! Stop putting our objects on the fucking web. If you want Lewis to jump them, then take her there. But dont name Sites. C'mon Man.
  2. Very Nice Baxter, very nice. Glad to know your safe. Take Care. C.
  3. ChrisHall


    Good Luck Mike, I hope you have as much fun with your next adventure as you have had with this one. Take care friend.
  4. Good Job Jimmy and film team.
  5. Thats good news. You got lucky Ren.
  6. The last thing I meant to do, was start an arguement, or piss anyone off. In fact, I only originally posted to compelment Magot on the Jump. Damn, shit turned fast on me didn't it.
  7. Alright, I'm understanding a little better now the point you guys are trying to make. ITS JUST NOT COOL. I'm sorry. No more stickers.
  8. That would be sweet. When I'm there this summer, I"ll put a "No NPS" sticker right next to yours. And I plan on jumping with my ABP t-shirt on, and if I get caught at the bottom, I'll give them my ABP membership card when asked for I.D.
  9. Well, every plane that I've ever jumped out of, I've put a sticker on the door for good luck. And so in that habit, ( whether its good/bad ), when I started Base jumping, I put a sticker on the exit point of everything that I jumped off of. Over the last 1 year that I've grown in the sport, I've gone back and taken some of them down, for the only reason of " not leaving a trace ". But now, through more time in the sport, I'm really failing to see how it realistically affects an object. Hypothetically it could burn the object, maybe, like colin was saying, but realistically, Its probably not going to due a thing.
  10. Colin, I see and understand your point. But what my point is, is that 99.9% of the time its not the sticker that burns the object, it's all of the other things involved with getting to the exit point, then making the jump, then getting away. For an example: ***But none the less the jump was mad crazy and when I landed these kids, were like did you just jump off that --- and i said hells yah. they said your crazy. like I've never heard that. *** Getting seen making the jump has a far greater chance for the object getting closed. I'm not really trying to argue the point that tagging stickers isn't the best idea, but if you can show me when a site was burned strictly due to a sticker, and nothing else, then I'll go and take every sticker that I've ever put on anything, down.
  11. Leave no trace? Then everyone thats made a base video is guilty of not only leaving a trace, but providing video proof that they were there and jumped. It was an "A" that gets day blazed like every damn week, so I highly doubt the sticker is going to burn that site. And I put the sticker right next to the other BASE sticker that was already there. my opinion that is worse, if the exit point was highly trafficked a little sticker would mean less.Because in this case the only other people likely to be up there are more likely to notice that someone else has been there and care.*** I see your point, and agree.
  12. Spray painting " Official Base Site " at the exit point, and sticking a small little sticker are two way different things. Nobody outside of the community knows what it is, let alone if they even see it. Official Base site all over the wall is just a little bit more obvious. I've only tagged objects that have a very low chance of anyone thats not a jumper being up there. And I haven't and wouldn't tag any objects that weren't in my area, or local to my crew. I'm one of the last people that would purposely burn an object. But if I want to tag one of my local objects with a Base sticker, then I will. I'm sorry if that makes you mad, or goes against your "ethics" or "etiquette" of Base Jumping Ray, but Base is what it is, and a little sticker doesn't go against mine.
  13. Glad ya had a good jump Magot. And yes, Grafitti at the exit point is not proper Base etiquette, and could potenially hurt/burn the site. But hey, I'm sort-of-guilty of leaving stickers at most of the exit points that I come across. So maybe I'm not the best person to comment on something like that.