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  1. Hi James, I'm really tempted by one of these, one question though: With the old Prodigy I never found it that practical to leave the wings attached after deployment and I liked the fact that you could pop/yank the wing attachment really quickly. With the new attachment system is it as easy to detach the wings? From the pics it looks very secure but potentially a bit fiddly to undo. Gus
  2. Nothing? The advice I've had offline is that if it's mildew it shouldn't affect the dacron because it's a polymer. But I'll never get rid of the smell. Gus
  3. I'm looking at a 2nd hand canopy that I might buy, it's about 4 years old with 50 - 100 jumps on it. 1 water landing. The dacron lines are quite dirty and they smell quite strongly of damp. They also feel a bit 'stiff'. And I don't have enough experience with wet gear to know if I should worry about it? Or what I can look for? The actual fabric of the canopy seems fine and in keeping with the jump numbers. It's possibly been sat packed for a little while which might not help the smell. Thanks, Gus
  4. Where is that video? I can't find it. Thanks, Gus
  5. gus


    Outstanding. Nice one Baxter. Gus
  6. gus

    Art Project

    I love finding cool things like that in unexpected places. Go for it. Gus
  7. I have seen a good friend saved by his pc on a 160 ft static line jump-gone-bad. No question, he would be dead without it. I've seen several pc's damaged from doing static lines, one of which was completely destroyed but it's still worth it in my mind. Most of the jumps where damage occurred it was quite predictable if we'd actually thought about it, and easy enough to lessen the chances. Gus
  8. Good luck with the RM BASE. Cool project. The Corvus sounds interesting too. Gus
  9. Didn't the original thread say it was not intentional? Gus
  10. Nice pics Darren, especially Monty doing his flippy-do shit and DTM over the rocks. Gus
  11. I did a couple with my ProTrack in my pocket, to record my opening altitude and calculate glide. Our respective profiles tell me alot about my flights. And this was the best one! Gus
  12. gus

    #110 (((

  13. gus

    Southern Swiss locals

    I'm looking at something about 100 km south of LB, would be great to get some PMs from locals. Thanks. Gus
  14. Is it not a bit cheeky to rip off and re edit other people's footage? Gus
  15. gus

    How safe is your A?

    Do you know what the percentage figures mean? Eg "100%: exposure for more than 30 minutes likely to cause permanant soft tissue damage". Gus