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  1. gus

    Art Project

    I love finding cool things like that in unexpected places. Go for it. Gus
  2. gus

    EG wingsuits new website

    Good luck with the RM BASE. Cool project. The Corvus sounds interesting too. Gus
  3. gus

    Use of Neptune & Paralog in WS BASE

    I did a couple with my ProTrack in my pocket, to record my opening altitude and calculate glide. Our respective profiles tell me alot about my flights. And this was the best one! Gus
  4. Is it not a bit cheeky to rip off and re edit other people's footage? Gus
  5. gus

    G3-suit. VKB

    Exciting stuff dude! Can you post bigger pictures? It's difficult to see much in those ones. Gus
  6. gus

    BASE FJC Vids..

    Really nicely edited Darren and it looks like your jumps went well too, nice one. And if UC is not in porno with those shades then he should be. Gus
  7. gus

    Becoming a BPA rigger

    Try this. Gus
  8. That's not uncommon, search the wingsuit forum. You can try these 2 things: (1) Push as much cable as you can in to the cutaway loop, that will often take care of any excess. (2) Leave the excess hanging out of the top. That's what I do, it means you can pull it before exit to make sure it hasn't slipped. Gus
  9. You want a deep spot. You're the only one who checks the spot before getting out. You don't panic when the 4 ways teams take forever to get out. Your shoulders hurt. Gus
  10. gus

    ITW weekend observations.

    Hannes was rocking it in his wingsuit and I saw a couple of other people having nice flights too. But yeah, some 'funky' canopy control going on . Good to see you and Jane again Tracy, thanks for the laughs and all the sound advice. Gus
  11. gus

    you know the drill....MATT ROBINSON

    All BASE jumpers don't need to be best mates but it's pretty easy to avoid making enemies. Call the locals. Assume sites are sensitive unless you know otherwise. Don't jepardise other people's chances of jumping. "Call the locals" exists to protect our objects. It's not difficult, nor is it unreasonable. Gus
  12. There is a very easy way to avoid pissing in other people's pools: call the locals! You have plenty of experienced jumpers down in your corner of the country, I suggest you give them a ring or meet them for a beer. Gus
  13. gus


    I have more than 500 jumps with my 0.3 from xdream-optics and have had no problems at all - fogging or otherwise. Gus
  14. gus

    Wingsuit designs

    Check out some of the pics on I remember Robi or Yari posting quite a while back saying they'd tested wrist-to-ankle designs and that the arm strain was just too much. Gus