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  1. meekerboy

    Centro Gaucho de Paraquedismo

    This is a fantastic little dropzone located just over 1hr from Porto Alegre in Southern Brazil. Whilst they only have a small aircraft, they are very friendly. When I visited the dropzone, I was able to borrow some nice gear. They operate most weekends (but not every one). Send them an email if you plan on visiting to ensure they are open. The landing area is big, they have evening parties and BBQ's, there is a cafeteria as well. If you are looking for a few simple jumps, you will have a ball.
  2. meekerboy

    Skydive Hibaldstow

    What a fantastic dropzone. I learned to skydive here more than a few years ago and one of the things I like the most is the sense of community. I have spent many a weekend skydiving at the dropzone from their turbine aircraft. The combination of efficient manifest and back to back loads makes Skydive Hibaldstow my favourite UK place to jump.
  3. meekerboy

    NEW rig (home made)

    What did you jump off and how were you exits?
  4. meekerboy

    Beta Online Logbook

    I think it has a great look and feel and some very useful features. I also like the fact that you can track the no of jumps on each pilot chute. HOWEVER and its a big one, the fundemental concept of having my logbook online scares me. It could fall into the wrong hands much easier than having a paper logbook at home or on your home computer. That being said, if it was possible to package this up to run on your computer with some sort of encryption on the database files then I think it would be great.
  5. meekerboy

    Bodil Roland Heen.

    I am so sorry to hear this. Did she ever write anything down about her experiences. If not, it would be lovely at some time in the future to hear from Arne about Bodil's life. Legends must not be forgotton.
  6. meekerboy

    Cutaway or no cutaway???

    Another few benefits of cutaways are: - if you are stuck in a tree and need to free urself. (Providing you can see a safeish route down). - escaping from high profile objects. For example, you run to your car with canopy in hand. Dump the canopy in the back, pull the cutaway and drive off quickly while still in harness. I have done this a few times.