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  1. Ever wondered how to side-slide? Well Skydive Algarve dropzone has recently started a monthly series, and this is one of them. Animated too! Check it out!
  2. Hi, I have a Sony 410 with a 32Gb memory card. Does anyone know if it will take a 64gb card? The official website simply does not say. Thanks....
  3. Thanks. I tried to find it online - do you know anywhere I can find that?
  4. Hi there, I am trying to trace a very old (maybe 1960's) skydiving movie where there is a sequence of multiple parachutes opening one after another, but all from one skydiving system. I thought it might be the Gypsy Moths, but now I cannot find that sequence anywhere online. Can anyone remember? Thanks ...
  5. Well its official, a new UK record of 78 teams have registered for the UK Nationals in 4way & VFS. Not bad for a small island. Anyway, you can read news, scores and see some interviews and photos here - For those that do not know, this competition is being held at Skydive Hibaldstow which is near to the cities of Leeds and Hull.
  6. We have just had 75 teams attend the UK National Championships, so we decided to create a video of what happened: This w/e, we have the 8way, Freefly, Freestyle and Speed Skydiving Nationals. Thanks, Simon
  7. This is a fantastic little dropzone located just over 1hr from Porto Alegre in Southern Brazil. Whilst they only have a small aircraft, they are very friendly. When I visited the dropzone, I was able to borrow some nice gear. They operate most weekends (but not every one). Send them an email if you plan on visiting to ensure they are open. The landing area is big, they have evening parties and BBQ's, there is a cafeteria as well. If you are looking for a few simple jumps, you will have a ball.
  8. Turbo Finist SMG-92. 10 People to 15,000ft in 13 mins, STOL aircraft.
  9. Folks, At Skydive Hibaldstow, we have just (last weekend) had a record 55 4-ways teams take part at our National Championships. There were also 3 VFS teams who took part in addition. This weekend, it is part2 - the 8way FS, Freefly, Freestyle and Speed Skydiving disciplines. You can read the scores, news and blog here at Good luck to all the teams and individuals.
  10. I understand that OIS corrects for handshake, but how does that affect skydiving? I specialise in filming 4-way by the way.
  11. I have just been given a Panasonic HDC-SD10. So, has anyone used this camera for skydiving? One of the things which seems to be a pain is that the power button placement is inside the side-screen making it hard to switch on if it is on your helmet. Secondly, is there an alternative to the LANC socket for use with a CamEye? Cheers...
  12. At Skydive Hibaldstow we run: Dornier G92 (15 place aircraft to 15K in 13 minutes) Technoavia SM92 Finist (10 place porter type aircraft, also 15k 3 mins)
  13. The Nationals continues on again this weekend with the 8-way, Freefly, Freestyle and Speed skydiving.
  14. Folks, The UK National Championships in 4-way and VFS have just begun at Skydive Hibaldstow. You can read the scores, news and blog at Hopefully, there will be a few videos uploaded also. We have a record 54 teams in the 4way and 3 teams in the VFS.
  16. Thanks for the input everyone. Yes, this question was directed to the world of BASE. I am preparing to go out bigwall jumping. Its always good to hear what the wider community are doing. I will probably have to pull in full flight, although it will be much higher for the time being.
  17. Hi, I have heard of a few problems where some jumpers found it hard to deploy their pilot chute. This manifested itself in that the toggle was hard to find. I own a V3 and whilst I have not had any problems, I would like to hear of anyone else's experiences if they have had some? Did you find the toggle hard to find, was the wing in the way, do you do anything different compared to the V2?
  18. What a fantastic dropzone. I learned to skydive here more than a few years ago and one of the things I like the most is the sense of community. I have spent many a weekend skydiving at the dropzone from their turbine aircraft. The combination of efficient manifest and back to back loads makes Skydive Hibaldstow my favourite UK place to jump.
  19. Skywriter 3.0 is a big improvement on 2.70, however as far as I know its an upgrade not a re-write. The original was written in 1998, so you are going to have back-wards compatibility issues with newer operating systems.
  20. At my local DZ we do use a fleet of G92's. So yes its a pain in the neck to sit near the pilot. This is because if you have your legs either side of the bench then you risk leg wing damage from people sat in front of you. If you sit with you legs sideways, you do not have much room for your feet and it exposes your arm wing and ejection handles to the person in front of you. There is also the safety issue of causing damage through stress to the suit. Having a leg wing blow up in freefall is extremely dangerous. I have done wingsuits from many many aircraft and the only ones where it makes no difference to me are aircraft with side-facing seats such as Otters. Being seated on the floor (such as a Caravan) means you have to protect your leg wing also and it is often very crowded. In addition, if you are sat on the floor with you knees up, you are putting lots of extra stress on your suit. I guess my point is that there is a balance between safety (due to damage to the suit ) versus convience to other jumpers / comfort for yourself. I am seeing more and more examples of wingsuiters staying near the door.
  21. This question is directed to your local dropzone only. Some wingsuiters stay near the pilot, but then this means you have to watch you leg wing more. Others stay near the tail which gives more space, however you can get in the way of the other jumps / cause CofG problems. I want to know what the general trend is in the world.
  22. - Preliminary canopy course - 20th, 21st & 22nd Dec - Advanced canopy course - 2nd, 3rd & 4th For both courses there is a maximum space of 12 slots and they are filling up fast as we have already filled other courses over the Christmas Boogie. If you are interested in taking part send an email to the dropzone [email protected] or phone 01132505600. We are particularly interested in filling the Advanced course. Many people have done the basic course and this is designed for people who have quite a few jumps under their belt and would really like to learn how to get the most out of their canopy safely. Cheers, Simon
  23. We do this at Skydive Spain and Target Skysports with block 18 for those of you who know it. Its very stable and you can spin them 360.
  24. Target Skysports is hosting the Nationals in: 4-way 8-way Freefly Freestyle Skysurfing Speed skydiving 8-way CRW We have created a mini-site which can be found here. This will give you the chance to pre-register your team online which is especially usefull if you are travelling a long way to reach the dropzone. You will also find news, articles, photos, discipline information and much much more here. Cheers, Simon