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  1. Topgunbase interviews Eric Dossantos, following his survival after a full-flight tree impact in Chamonix last month.
  2. Hey folks, What's the word on the street these days with RSL's on today's big wingsuits? Specifically, does anybody have actual incidents of RSL's making things worse in a given malfunction scenario? Old RSL/WS thread here from 2005:;post=1679424;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;
  3. Better to ask a question as opposed to figuring it out airborne, right? Even folks with 'mad skills' don't have all the answers. Maybe there should be a way to ask questions of people with more experience than myself. I know, we could call it a FORUM... for constructive dialogue. What a concept! Still, thanks for your answer. It's just that the unasked for attitudes made me stop paying much attention to this forum 10 years. I came back for a quick question... yep, same ol' response styles. Where is DorkZoneHero when you need him?
  4. Ha, thanks for the beta. And thanks for the sticking to the stereotype of a cutdown reply... I actually wondered how many responses it would take to get a negative remark. Turns out it took the standard... just one! Just sharing the love that comes my way :)
  5. I have always flown my V2 with the included BASE pouch for my PC but am considering skydiving with a normal BOC rig. Is the attached pic (obviously not a V2) the correct way to reach for the BOC... specifically with the hand reaching ABOVE the gripper when in flight. I would think that when you let go of the gripper, it would tend to elevate due to aero loads and not allow a grip as in the pic. Am I wrong? Reaching for the BASE pouch is so natural that I never really took into account what the gripper would be doing after I let go of it, but I swear it goes up and I reach under it for the BASE pouch. This pic reaching for the BOC goes OVER the gripper... is this correct?
  6. I'm in Oslo at the end of the week... would like to stop by and see how she's doing. Please PM if you have any contact info... much appreciated. Richard
  7. Maybe...? I couldn't resist
  8. I've already searched the archives, and found a few names... Ton Sai, Krabi, Raily Beach... but am looking for the key details to actually make it happen. Anyone have first-hand knowledge of the Thailand E's? Or know someone who does? I know I'll need a climbing harness and guide, etc... but really would like something more concrete from a jumper who's actually been there. This will be a post-KL scuba/jump/pillage trip if anyone's interested... Jim? Richard
  9. They're always hiring... right now they're offering 10-year contracts after you earn your wings. Given that it can take up to 36 months to get your wings, that's 13 years of job security. Unless you're craving knee-shaking landings in bad weather onto pitching decks in a high sea-state at night, I recommend the USAF... they have the cooler toys and bigger budgets. Plus their chicks are hotter...
  10. Over 90% of military aviation fatalities occur during peacetime or in training exercises, with the primary cause being pilot error. Same cause as most basejumping mishaps... We had a quote in the Tomcat community... "Not inherently dangerous, just very unforgiving."
  11. Do any basejumpers have previous claims experience with either of these companies to warrant a useful opinion. I'm looking for about 5 months of international coverage. Right now, I'm leaning towards Specialty Risk, Inc due to their $1M limit vs. $300K for IHI. But IHI has WAY less lawyer-speak in their policy, which is definitely attractive. Richard
  12. Thanks again for picking it up Jimmy! Kinda convenient that I was headed to Moab 2 days after you found it for me. Good thing I didn't buy that replacement helmet on sale yesterday. Richard
  13. Thanks! I knew something like that was out there... just couldn't find it!