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  1. Hey there... I am trying to convert DVD to WMV using MOVAVI sw and I have no clue what I am doing. I got it changed but when I play it on WMP v11 it is all choppy and the resolution sucks. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  2. JRock


    Thanks to PopsJumper and Jack the Hammer for helping me get current this weekend at Skydive the Farm!!!! Three years since the last jump and I have to admit I was a litte scared, but once the door opened, YIPPPEEE!!!! Thanks again!!!
  3. Life and if you get jacked up on a jump.
  4. i was just asking for who offered competitive rates.
  5. How do you send in a Sony Camcorder to get serviced? Where? How? Packaging? Thanks!
  6. Who offers inexpensive insurance for skydivers?
  7. Thanks for the input. Is there any way to fix it?
  8. I was wondering... does the port used to charge the camera tend to move a little when you put the plug in or is my shit broken?
  9. Hey J, Definitely.... she will beat it. Prayers and hugs big guy. J-Rock
  10. I am in ... I just weighed in this morning. 257.8 Lbs. My goal... the 165 I weigh six years ago by the end of this year. I went to the gym tonight for 1.5 hours of cardio and did my first karate lesson... hey I am already a white belt.
  11. Anyone fun jump there while on vacation in Mexico? Thx!
  12. Cumming, Georgia...farmers are selling their land now for $100K plus an acre. The 45 acre farm behind my house just went for $5 million dollars.
  13. What is the best way to become a bartender? I need to make that extra scratch to afford this sport. Looking for some pointers.
  14. I don't think Georgia would support more dropzones. You already have a dropzone that covers south of Atlanta and two that get the market share from the central and north parts. Given what it takes to keep a dropzone open, I don't think venturing into less populated areas farther away from Atlanta would be profitable. Yes, nice to have a variety, but economics kind of dictate business. Plus The Farm is all you need!