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  1. This guy deserved to get shot down for what he did. Even though I don't think he should be physically harmed. I do hope he gets thrown away in some max security facility for a good long while. NOT cool. I don't give a shit what your agenda is, don't make the world a crappier place for all the 103 pilots out there. Same with that drone idiot a few months back.
  2. A fundamentalist pro-war hick like you would post a link like that. -SPACE-
  3. Been working a lot. Cinematography UAS "drone" "pilot". Hiked up to the top of the First Flatiron in Boulder to get some stock. Skype screen grabs from talking with the girlfriend while she is away at grad school for two years. She took the special needs cat and I keep the fighter jet cat. -SPACE-
  4. The first (set of two) aircraft are remotely controlled aircraft, looks like 1/4-1/3 scale. Still amazingly impressive. The second act (Sukhoi) is a full scale manned ship. -SPACE-
  5. Calvin19

    TWA 800

    I read this entire thread and I am very disappointed. OP wanted to discuss TWA 800, not stir up another 9/11 thread. Nothing is more entertaining than conspiracy theories. Everything about them is interesting. From the stories the 'theorists' believe to the tactics they use to recruit to the psychology of the theorists themselves. Flight 800 is a very heavy read and illuminates a lot in the phenomenon. NTSB said the center wing tank exploded and killed everyone onboard. They identified a problem with hardware and procedure and recommended a change in existing 747 operations. A change was made that will remove the risk of future CWT explosions in future 747 flights. It was expensive to implement but they did it anyway to maintain and improve the safety of air travel. That is what happened. People who believe something different have nothing to offer besides entertainment. -SPACE-
  6. It's going to make a little noise even at .8 mach. And they can see it coming. -SPACE-
  7. Impressive views of a Tomahawk test + scaring the shit out of some flying rats.
  8. Good call on the Captain trip. I bought my boat with two friends who were in the Navy. We all had sailing experiences growing up, mostly racing smallboats and short day sailing in sloops. We set out into the pacific with little more training than this. The first two weeks was easy, and we learned (or thought we learned) a lot about cruising. the last leg we decided to go the long way, (you know, for the honor) and went NW from point conception, CA. We got cocky and ended up losing our spinnaker pole and blew our mainsail in half with improper reefing. Then the storm hit. 4 should be plenty on a 40' cat as long as everyone is willing to do their part. I'm confident I could sail my 40' sloop alone indefinitely in good weather. In long weather I feel like 2 would be barely enough.
  9. Unless you are going to be doing commercial stuff with your boat you should not need a certification. If you need a cert to rent that is something I do not know about. I have owned 1/3 share of a 40' cutter-rigged sloop since 2005. Initial cost we paid 17k$. Between the three of us since then we have put about $70k into it and it still is a POS. If you're looking for a partner, a friend and I are putting $ together for a 38-42' cat. (If you find something under 100k$ it is probably too good to be true) As many have said, boats are expensive. I've also owned an airplane and it was less than half of the upkeep/storage cost of a cruising boat. Get and keep insurance. Sailing is magical, but it is also uncomfortable, cold, wet, seasick hell sometimes. On a run from Baja to Monterey CA (in february) we spent 11 days outside land view. Through a storm. It WAS hell, 50 degree air and water spray, 14' @17sec seas. I never slept more than an hour or two. Three-hour shifts between three people. I was cold and wet and miserable for the second half. But the second I got out of the shower in Monterey (Moss Landing) all I wanted was to get back out there. That was years ago and it still calls me at least once a day.
  10. unzipped an alloy wheel after 377,000 miles. That was interesting.
  11. Hell I would have jumped and tracked a while . . . Since we're dreaming; I would have ran it out of gas circling the cruise ship, locked in the muscle memory of where the CAPS activator is, then dove at red line to within pucker distance of the waves (a "safe" distance from the boat) and pulled back up to 500'+ to pull the handle.
  12. my thought exactly. It looks like around 3000-4000MSL, the descent rate of a Cirrus CAPS is normally between 1000 and 1500 feet/min.
  13. For people with TLDNR syndrome and are not familiar with the situation; the 'search' for the plane is not called off. The search for survivors is called off. They are still looking for the plane and are continuing all related investigations. The change from 'Incident' to 'Accident' is ambiguous (like anything official) to anyone not directly involved with MH370 or aviation crash investigation.
  14. It helps all of the things you listed. More, it is a good meditation. concentration, being calm instead of tense. I'm not en expert. I started in 2001, I could walk a 40' high line in that other life and the best lowline I can walk now is 120'. I have not walked a successful high line in almost 10 years. Gibbon lines are a good start. VERY simple and easy to rig. I don't like the 2" flat that they send with their kits. 1" lines are easier IMO. You can build yourself a 60' primitive line kit for about $50 at REI or climbing store. Almost nobody walks on nylon anymore however.
  15. Was that Monday night? The night we got this stuff? none other
  16. Fun at work. We took the company UAS out for a personal shoot in 4k. This big bird (~35lb)came back after a 3min flight with .25" of clear ice on the LEs of the rotor blades. Got pretty unresponsive and hard to control for the hand catch. (slope is very steep, almost impossible to climb up there let alone level space to use as a pad) First flight we did with the lighter test ship and accumulated half that in a longer flight. Icing, in every encounter I have had with it, is nothing to fuck with. Unless the aircraft is not yours and you're not in it! Continued flight into known icing!
  17. The story said he used 50 tanks of helium. I presume that's the small party balloon size, which run about $50 each. So 50 x $50 = $2,500, just for the helium. Yikes... The small 'party balloon size' tanks vary, if you buy the pink or red ones from a walmart that helium is diluted. It does not take pure helium to keep a party balloon buoyant, so there is no need to put pure (rare/expensive) helium into it. In the video it looks like he was using K size tanks. (NOT small, and not cheap)
  18. Totally. I will bring beer to the DZ and share with all for no reason whatsoever. To me, the "BEER!" scream is exactly like the jokes the tandem masters play on their students every jump, of every day. The same jokes over and over. it just gets old. -SPACE-
  19. I can't stand it. I have not bought beer for a 'first' since I was in AFF. I'll buy my own beer and when someone offers me one I take it. I still buy beer and give it away when I'm drinking with friends and the stereotypical jumpers at the DZ. But the stereotypical idiots will still always calls 'beer!' when someone does a back-in park job instead of a forward one. It's adorable sure, and I love free drinking, but still. I've been jumping for more than a decade (1,800+ parachute flights) and I have never liked jumpers and the way they think everything is unique and amazing. We are all jumping out of airplanes, we are all having fun in the sky. from square dancing belly flyers to wannabe red-bull wing suit pilots. I am in the lower 10% of all the DZ skill levels. Always will be. I'm here to fly, have fun, not to compete.
  20. They're the only ones trying to re-use. Until someone else tries and fails, SpaceX is at #1 on the list. Granted, the cost will STILL be very high until the infrastructure is in place to re-use. But damn... Orion did awesome last week. If spaceX can stick this one, it will save 2014 for space flight. -SPACE-
  21. Off topic, and a shout out to my fellow "hard science fiction" fans; but I all but literally creamed my pants when I saw the RAMA style cylindrical spaceship in the end of the film.
  22. My sister worked at the theater here in Boulder for years as a projectionist. I was lucky enough to get to hang out in the dark hall with her for hours watching splices, etc. real cool stuff. I never saw a bulb be replaced but like you said this kind of thing is no longer used in the average theater? These projectors were mosters though... you could easily get a finger ripped off or start a serious fire with a film binding. The film plate is like two meters in diameter. Cool place. She eventually got bored with it, i'm sure I would too. but still. hand grenades sound fun. -SPACE-
  23. If this review and accompanied praises does not perfectly illustrate a genre-bias against hard science fiction I don't know what would. (it's ok, I have one too against other genres) The film was not what I thought it would be from previews. I loved it. I loved the 'theoretical' accuracies in astrophysics, relativity, manned space travel, Tsiolkovsky problems, etc. I never noticed the music being too loud. My ONLY complaint, that is also a praise, was that it was LONG. I normally don't mind 2:10 hour movies but this one was well over that. The praise part? i didn't even notice. I was glued the whole time. I also really liked the robots, technically and as literally the only comic relief in the film. I did not notice much of a love story, but I would have to say the most blatant was between robots and the pilot. 4.5/5 stars. -SPACE-