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  1. I read it, and I did address it. Read my post again. The article talks about the " 'true' cost of wind energy." It reads like something between a freshman research project and a click-bait advertisement. I agree that the paper may be fairly accurate on it's main point, but it is a red herring. As I put in my last post, the subject of the paper was redundant and is well understood by 'most' people who look into it at all. My counter argument, for the second time, is that the paper is written as if the motivation for renewable energy is a short-term financial investment when it is in reality understood by proponents to be a long term environmental AND financially beneficial course of action, despite increase in energy cost. This is not a new concept, neither is the point made in the paper.
  2. ***Among the factors wind advocates fail to acknowledge, the report shows, is the “opportunity cost” of the massive subsidies which taxpayers are forced to provide in order to persuade producers to indulge in this otherwise grotesquely inefficient and largely pointless form of power generation. In the US this amounts to an annual $5 billion per year in Production Tax Credits (PTC). Here is money that could have been spent on education, healthcare, defence or, indeed, which could have been left in the pockets of taxpayers to spend as they prefer. Instead it has been squandered on bribing rent-seeking crony-capitalists to carpet the landscape with bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes to produce energy so intermittent that it is often unavailable when needed most (on very hot or very cold days when demand for air-conditioning or heating is high) and only too available on other occasions when a glut means that wind producers actually have to pay utilities to accept their unwanted energy. This phenomenon, known as “negative pricing”, is worthwhile to wind producers because they only get their subsidy credits when they are producing power (whether it is needed or not). But clearly not worthwhile to the people who end up footing the bill: ie taxpayers. Hence the observation of serial wind energy “investor” Warren Buffett, who says: “We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.” But even this report may underestimate the real costs of wind energy. It doesn’t account for the damage caused to the health of people unfortunate enough to live near wind turbines, as acknowledged officially for the first time in this report produced for the Australian government. World wide waste of money it seems I may be completely off base here, but I was under the impression that alternative/renewable energy sources were already understood to be more expensive and difficult to realize and integrate. I was under the impression that despite large concern for environmental degradation fossil fuels were known to be currently powers less expensive to generate electricity with. As expected from the dramatic title the "costs" cited are all but purely monetary with less than a page out of 31 content pages mentioning negative human and environmental impacts. [ad hominem] But really the best tell here is the person who posted it. It's always fun to see what you can dig up on the church side of the internet [/ad hominem] I'm sorry, I'm sorry. That's my college self talking. I'm not that person anymore.
  3. My favorite quote by our hero:
  4. Too much grid fin hydraulic fluid onboard.
  5. Huh... that really is similar to a lot of scenes in that book.
  6. Until I looked that up I would have called 100% KG size and type BS. After reading about it a bit I call 99.9% BS. CARRIER Specific sensitivity? ... sounds familiar.
  7. "starring at static on tv for hours at a time, listening to washing machines, Did you really think these stories wouldn't get out?" ----"I was looking for patterns in the chaos, come on!" "It doesn't matter anymore! It's a joke to them..." Gold star to whoever can name that movie/book.
  8. If it is a towered or very busy airport you might have to do something civil. But If you can get a truck to the wreck, just tie it on a 20' line and drag it to the other side of the airport. Airplanes are light, especially with the motor gone. Oh, and aluminum does burn. Bring a couple 5gal cans and have a party. -SPACE-
  9. But not really. It's a damn good fake other than the drone closing speed and the drone itself is scaled poorly.
  10. I love the pilot's eyes when he see it. Real big, real fast. Good thing it was not my big blonde boy........ he would have flayed everyone in the cockpit... 18 pounds of armed and dangerous cat that is skeered.... would not make a very safe passenger. I already learned the transport box to get him to the vet is mandatory safety equipment. I can hold my own when trying to subdue a pissed off cat, but cat's are HARD to catch and if flying furr-ball was to get lose and head to the back... shit. 10 pounds at the aft AFT station? F that. That's a light plane, anyone know the model? KitFox?
  11. Now that's just fucked up I have two cats that I love to death, but when that death comes I would do this to them in a SECOND. This is an HONOR.
  12. I've spent a lot of time on Squaw, a very good friend of mine lives up there. I have watched one cyclist (riding legally) die on that road from an idiot driver like that doing the EXACT same illegal pass.
  13. My planet also. In 2015, the Earth will reach its Aphelion at 19:41 (7:41 pm) UTC on July 6, 2015. I know, I know. I was paraphrasing one of my favorite science fiction novels. Mad points to anyone who can name it.
  14. Hate to tell you, but that is next January. on YOUR planet maybe.
  15. This is our working theory as well. It's this or a cracked tray. I like the fixable one better. A crack-pot team of the best experts in my area is stopping by after work tonight. We will know by perihelion.
  16. It has 2 drain lines, but they are two inches apart on the front (opposite side the holes in the video) I don't think there is any kind of float switch or mechanical part in the evap unit. And I don't think it can come apart/open up without a sawzall or a hatchet. I did vacuum out the drain line before this happened and I can see that maybe I dislodged a chunk of junk that dammed it up on the tray somewhere. shit. shit shit shit.
  17. How bad is bad? This is the back of my AC unit (Evap coil). The holes leaking water are the bottom of the evap coil section, beneath it is the heater section. The normal drain line is clear and working, but this is leaking out the back side. Anyone have any idea why this might be happening or how to fix it? All the HVAC guys I called are booked solid and I need to tile this room yesterday.
  18. Looks like DJI GPS antenna. Controller? good eye flight computer is an A2 After installing my full-immersion pilot kit the small bird (in pics above) will weigh just under 50lb with new downlink TX for full flight data (pitch/yaw/roll/translational speeds relative to earth and all 3 axis airspeed) The is nothing more terrifying than watching a Red Dragon go into an uncontrolled wobble while barelly descending or hovering in a thermal. Watched that happen TWICE to amateur teams, complete hull loss. With intentionally undersized rotors to avoid descending-with-power issues at low altitudes. I up the size a few inches at altitude over 10k' for efficiency. At low alt I use either (2) 10,000mah or (2) 16,000 mah with -INSANE-discharge rates. These ships are HEAVY. They sound like an airplane engine when they spool up. It's funny, once the director was sitting about 10' from where I was launching it and asked if he was ok to be there. I said 'sure, just stay behind me'. After I spooled upland launched i glanced back to see him running another 30' off set. -SPACE-
  19. Save the skydivers!!! this is awesome... another parody article about how backwards K bird and her followers are. This is a local longmont/boulder publication that has no tie to skydiving, they just see how backwards she is. -SPACE-
  20. We currently have 2 flight teams, I'm sure we will be expanding!
  21. I spent last weekend shooting aerials for the movie "The Revenant". It was a pretty sweet scene. Leonardo DiCaprio swimming down a class 4 rapid. Of course, he was not there, they are green-screening him into the shots we are modeling. Some of the most high-stress flying I have ever done. I'm not able to post any of the shots we took (they are in like 12k anyway) because they own the footage, but I did take a few BTS stills. I am very excited to be part of this exploding industry. Cinema drones are crazy... the one I piloted on this shoot was our mid-size bird, F1 @ 38lbs. Shooting with a 5D and 24mm glass. I'm not a camera guy, I just fly so that is all I know about the camera. We will re-shoot soon with a 6-camera array (6 RED Dragon cameras to build a 32k shot). I found the MCACU pic on the web, not mine, but that will be what we use. This is a crazy biz. Last pic is the drone me and my boss built. I fly the craft and he controls the camera, we are a 2-operator system with a spotter and the DP on top of that.
  22. No shit? I'm 100% serious it was my first CD too! I was 12. I saved my allowance for a month to buy it. One hit wonder, but that whole album is awesome.
  23. This is the good ship lifestyle.
  24. It's all energy! I ran out of Soylent. I think I will buy another bunch of it soon though. I did not like the 100% Soylent intake, but I think I would do 2 of 3 meals a day of it. -SPACE-