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  1. That is a valid point, but I should offer a little more about my friend. Him and I (and his GF) have talked about the 'him being required to hold his bit' if we do anything longer than a full daylight leg. He is an (extremely) active commercial pilot and understands responsibility. Probably better than I do. I know his GF(of a few years) too and I can confidently say she will be fine with it, probably insist on it. If this was not him or one of my other very close friends (that I trust and have trusted many times with my life) I would not have agreed to this short cruise or talked at length about seriously buying a boat. Not that it matters much, but there are 4 couples + me There is bound to be at least one pair in a fight. This is a good idea that I mentioned to him. Plan is not nearly as good, but I told him we should get at least a check out on the boat(for both our sakes) beforehand. We are going out on it with a skipper from the charter company for a half-day the day before everyone else gets there. Him, his friend(one of the other guys) and me are getting in 3 days early to get provisions and do this short introduction and will all be there. Also, not that it matters much, but the boat is a 46, not 48. I too don't think I could single hand it. I want the guy who can to teach me how to sail a cat. This is all good advice. I would want months of close-shore sailing with the boat and with him/a crew before going huge. Wouldn't go out of sight of land without being confident in a crews ability to get it and them home without me.
  2. This guy has no sailing experience? He was on a big diving cat for a week in Central America, but as a guest passenger. As crew, no. Maybe some inland sailing. No cabin boats or overnights. I explained to him that buying one that is not brand new (Of course I said i'm not opposed to that as long as he pays for 95% of a half million dollar boat) would take months to shake down and fit (the boat and him/us). He will have his first taste in November, but it won't be real open ocean, just predictable Bahamas. If he has any discomfort there I can just buy myself a 40' cutter with electric everything. Or wait. That would be great! thank you! I had a '79 40' Cutter-rigged sloop made by Yorktown. Center cockpit. I liked the visibility and the huge master. What is your reasoning?
  3. I have to say that reading Calvin/Matt's posts over the years his life has seemed anything but boring, and I expect even if he chose the "invest / regular adventuring" option it would still not be boring. How many remember the videos of the giant rope swing thing (can't remember the name they called it). Man... that was barely out of high school. FRASCA. Old New My thought was exactly that. Prices do vary, but I don't know enough about the used boat market to answer that. Coincidentally we have been eyeing listings in Panama. Made some friends when I was there.
  4. I am not too surprised at the voting results. I am going to go on a stock market forum and ask the same thing and see what they have to say. Well, maybe with the last few days of trading they would say the same thing -SPACE-
  5. That's one argument I had FOR a catamaran, With another few months at sea I could qualify for a captain's cert and we could use the boat for charters to keep us afloat. And before that, yes of course I will be looking for anything to supplement costs. I will be writing a blog anyway, might as well promote something.
  6. About the Cat vs mono comments: MY first choice is a big monohull. Well, my first choice is a HUGE monohull. A Perani Navi, specifically the The Maltese Falcon. But I'll take any huge ketch they make with the NYC ballet cast as the crew. First choice is a 50' center cockpit mono, but my 100% noob partner is dead set on a cat even after my arguments otherwise. (He has more money.) I have never sailed a cat bigger than a Hobie, but I am captaining a 48' cat in November with him, his GF, and 3 other couples out of Grenada. He SAYS he wants to do at least one double overnight leg to see how he likes it. Free trip for me, but I'll be a loaner amongst happy vacationers that I don't know. I would love to do the long legs too, but this is me as the ONLY experienced sailor, him, and 7 other people who are going on a Caribbean tour. Anyone who has cruised can tell you it's not a 'vacation' even in easy conditions. As for crew, the plan is to bring 1-3 crew/friends with us for any big legs. Even a week with only 2 crew sucks for shifts.
  7. Naturally. That's why the only distinction between the two options in the title is "regular" vs. "sailing" adventure life. I know that even without a huge sailing chapter (or, you know, all the way through epilogue) life will have more grand adventures.
  8. I am closing on my house tomorrow morning. Sold it to a nice couple with (I think) a kid and one on the way. Point is, I bought this house on a foreclosure 5 years ago and spent the last 8 months rebuilding it. EVERYTHING. Learned how to do it all from youtube. not kidding. Pocketing a number that surprised me. I did NOT learn cruising from youtube. I have been on 3 multi-week cruises on my old 40' cutter rigged sloop. Two as captain. That boat has been out of my hands for almost 5 years now. I was approved by Moorings charter company to captain any of the boats they rent (up to 58' cats). I do not have any ratings, only experience. I am captaining a 48' cat for 2 weeks in November, a friend of mine called me when none of them were approved by moorings to captain. Getting a paid cruise. Me and 4 couples. Should be interesting. Awesome, but interesting. Another friend (with money) expressed interest in buying an older (cruise-worthy) 38-42' catamaran and sailing for a while with me. Years. Tropics. Big water. LONG legs. We would split the cost of the boat and use standard minimizing of underway costs. Still safe, legal, etc. but as cheap as possible. See how long we last. Should be years. When we run out of money we sell the boat, split that and go home. Figure shit out then. Problem is, my family is pretty against it. They say I am 'running away', and what the house investment gained for me monetarily will be squandered and I'll have nothing to come back on. My dad is a hedge fund manager so you can imagine his position on buying a sailboat with modest real estate money. The number I got from this house sale is the higher 5 digits. I'm 31. I have NO responsibilities to anyone. I have an opportunity, and I know that if i just invest it and keep doing what I do I will regret it. My lower legs are also destroyed. I have early onset arthritis in both legs. My parents are 63, and I have more issues than they do. first glance I can do anything a normal in-shape 31yo can do, but I can't jog, etc. Will I be able to do this in 10 years? Probably not. A sailboat is not a great investment, but it's not really meant to be one. something the family seems to misunderstand, or refuse to understand. I don't know where I will be in 2 years if I do not buy a boat. I have an idea, and I understand that the possibilities, while endless, have probabilities that would allow a reliable narrowing down. This same could be said about my future if I buy a sailboat and sail south and away, but none of those probabilities are bad. Adventure, confidence, OCEAN, danger, misery, islands, fear, beaches. STARS. wind. I've asked my entire extended family about it, all my friends, and the responses are pretty divided evenly. I figured I would ask the skydivers here. All suggestions welcome.
  9. Backstory: my mom is a nurse of ~30 years. I love my mom. Story: On a round trip ride from Glenwood to Aspen, Mom tried to take a divot out of a rock when she wrecked her road bike but instead the rock won and took one out of her arm. She could see exposed white, that she THOUGHT was fat. This was 20miles into a 90mile ride. Like the badass my mom is, she wrapped her t-shirt around it(she is still a nurse) and FINISHED the ride. She re-bandaged it at her hotel that afternoon. THE NEXT DAY she decided to go to the ER. Doc cut out the ragged tissue and t-shirt bits, now there is exposed bone (4cm) told her it has to wait for closing because of infection risk (ya think?) Tomorrow they are doing a nerve block and will try to clean it again and close as much as they can. This is +94hrs from the wreck. It's going to be a wicked scar as long as she does not die of osteomyelitis. Dammit mom. She gets 'disappointed' in me when I treat a cold with gatorade and rum.
  10. It's seriously heroin. I have met 2 people (indirectly) that I have idolized for a couple years now.
  11. I have been asking questions for 2 hours, this is awesome. they said my name a couple times!! hahaha... it's seriously awesome.
  13. according to some of the articles about this find there has only been one 777 that has been lost at sea making the connection with MH370 (assuming that all other B777 parts matching this one are accounted for) all but definite.
  14. major battery fire on the DSC It was me!!! But in all seriousness, sad day for the challenger.
  15. No way! I coincidentally just received my ISA jacket. Waterproof, fireproof, radiation proof, and puncture proof with type IV armor.
  16. After a year working with high power lipos I am genuinely nervous just holding this thing it or it being in my pocket. We have a dedicated blast wall and much more efficient ways of shorting our worn out big batteries. This thing you would have to plug in by hand. That would weld a thick rubber glove to a finger bone and remove the front of a persons face.
  17. Yep. Just making sure the breaker trips on our 3 pound lipos. My evil new tool is in a sealed bag in a separate room after I left. Nobody has access to the lab but knowledgeable adults and I didn't even tell them where I put the device. I now have an intimate understanding of the paraphrase "Idle hands are the devil's handiwork".
  18. Rained all morning at work so did some Dividing by zero at Falkor Aerials. I made this thing with some spare parts and was immediately terrified to keep it in the same room as our flight batts.
  19. Awesome. But still, it's really scary to have a person dedicate an epic amount of time and money to ruin something.
  20. It's true. If you watch videos of her interviews it is so obvious that everything is canned. sure, she sucks at public speaking, but it's so OBVIOUS that she does not fully believe what she is saying to the extent that she leads on. Girl is insane. Armchair diagnosis: Manic Hyperacusis -SPACE-
  21. I don't know Guy, would YOU want to personally piss off Kim?
  22. Being of the generation where internet porn has been free for as long as it mattered to me I am amazed that this post is not flashing on the side of my page.
  23. How many times do I have to tell you people on here: 'Quit bringing up facts; they are such pesky little things.' Jerry Baumchen It's all 'lies' remember?