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  1. Not to pull the thread drift too far, but airlocks IMO are counter-productive to avoiding heading loss (which is what kills people, not collapses). Ram air canopies are naturally able to breath and collapse to absorb minor turbulence. To delay the collapse only makes the results more intense, and less likely to maintain control through a collapse. Honestly, anyone flying a canopy, being it parachute or paraglider or speed glider, should be afraid of collapse-induced heading loss, not collapses. An "air locked" glider or parachute simply maintains internal pressure, collapsing means the glider's lifting surface is unloaded, causing the suspension lines to slack and the wing to fold. If it did anything but diminishing the safety or stability of a ram air canopy, the paragliding companies would still be using it. Trust me. -SPACE-
  2. I think we are all on the same page I have jumped paragliders and speed gliders from aircraft, and have ski launched and foot launched many different parachutes. "no inferior gliders, only inferior pilots" is a little broad, but I agree with the meaning behind it. The decision to fly inferior equipment would only be made by an inferior pilot. This exception is made for some of best canopy pilots* who learned good foot launch skills and want to take their wings out for some intimate granite surfing(tm) *because at this point it is no longer inferior equipment, just very demanding equipment. -SPACE-
  3. My point was it is bad for a noob to rely on wind. I have noticed that a lot of the people I meet defending the idea that skydiving gear is just as capable, only fly and launch in consistent headwind areas or on skis. I prefer zero wind myself, but there are some launches I have done that would never go without wind, skilled caddies, or a frame. If you can make skydiving gear work, go for it! but noobs sticking to a vestigial glider just because they "like/know the way it flies" regardless of it's significant downfalls in reliability and performance is bad. On high wind flying, it scares the hell out of me too. But a lot of these basic speed glider models are VERY good at flying in those kind of nasty winds. -SPACE-
  4. +1. Two fatalities just came to mind. Can´t really agree with this statement. A beginner should not take off in strong winds. A beginner should be carrying a radio-shack quality wind meter and pick something under 7knots. Below 15kts at the top is NOT strong winds. The difference between 3kts headwind and 0 is HUGE. less capable gear? Less capable pilots, not picking the right site, not enough take off practice, no training from instructors. What´s he doing with a slider on anyways. -SPACE-
  5. You have 4600 dork zone posts and 42 jumps? Holy shit.
  6. Word. Don't turn too low and flare, the rest is art.
  7. There were a few accidents that ended in a fatality, and a few that ended in severe injuries that almost certainly could have been avoided with proper equipment. It's kinda like BASE jumping with skydiving gear, sure it works, but there is WAY better and safer stuff out there. Even if you are not giving advice, I would rather not see skydiving gear in "ground launching" videos on youtube, just like I would rather not see skydiving gear used in BASE jumping videos, if for nothing more than to discourage the widespread misconception that a skydive canopy is just as safe as a speed glider. The use of a skydiving canopy in perfect strong headwind conditions is great, the problem is when people hike a place to find that there is less wind than normal, and still try to launch less capable gear. I have had a couple people call me from the hospital after crashing a skydive canopy ground launching from that exact scenario, asking to buy a speed wing. As for "more dangerous than BASE jumping", I strongly believe there is no way to quantify danger in these kind of sports. The best attitude, experience,luck, and proper gear will win. Accept and understand the risks, the personal responsibility, and if possible, Stay safe, -SPACE-
  8. While I somewhat agree with you here, I am going to go out on a limb and assume you did exactly that. I'm pretty sure it's obvious you have mad skills. Collapsing the slider before launch was an especially nice touch. I have read your posts, I think you should take a few steps back while giving advice. I have no problem with what you are doing, being the first person ever to speedride Heavenly or whatever, but you should probably avoid giving noobs your pennies. "ground launching" is pretty dangerous. A few idiot skydivers as well as a few of the BEST (original) speed glider pilots in world have died doing it. I have launched quite a few wings, and in most cases, skydiving gear is dangerous and unsafe in comparison. What is worse is the skydiver habits that go with it. Skydiving parachutes have their place, and if you prefer the way those wings fly then they are ok. One needs to understand that a similarly sized purpose built speed glider in almost all cases is more capable in almost all categories, especially in reliability and safety. I don't think you are endangering anyone, keep flying your hills.
  9. Low experience. Multiple camera angles. Buzzing friends / spectators for video. Poor launch technique. Skydiving gear. Dude, you're really pushing it. On top of that, you're giving poor advice. Don't. yep -SPACE-
  10. Doing amateur CRW, ~3 sec exit separation, 0 sec delays. had an opening impact, our canopies hit pretty hard but nothing bad happened. continued jump as planned. good times. -SPACE-
  11. you say that because you are jealous you don't have his photoshop skillz Just pissed that he gets ALL the girls. -SPACE-
  12. That guy is an idiot and no one should ever believe anything he says. that video is fake and photoshopped.
  13. I would say no, it does not make anything but similar sports much "safer" HOWEVER, I would venture to say that learning and/or doing ANYTHING active that involves some amount of skill improves the ability to learn and do all other active things. -SPACE-
  14. I think a lot of it is that PG in europe is strictly governed and 'legally' governed(as opposed to industry standard clubs like USPA and USHPA, because in all reality it's just a club)when compared to the US and FAA rules. There was even that recent letter from the feds in parachutist about our multiple canopy fatalities. -SPACE-
  15. the comments to that video are hilarious. "get these in the military" "how can you shoot something so small going so fast?" Awesome.
  16. That is a good article. I do not compete or even participate in PG racing or any (legitimate) XC, but some of the controversial statements made in there I agree with. Governing bodies should make decisions and rules based on evidence and thought, not rash PR efforts. -SPACE-
  17. Maybe for those who have no clue that the canopy will do exactly what it is commanded to do. Not everyone is a gifted pilot. Some are just payloads playin "what does this button do". Sept 24th ITW. Take care, space I guess I see your point, there are students and less than gifted people. Either way, we throw IAD students out at 3000' or whatever, right? I also know more than a few skydivers that are unsafe on anything but a tandem who are convinced that DEPLOYING a parachute below 4000' is a safe maneuver. Homeslice here had his shit sorted out above some safe jumpers' hard decks. He obviously has the skill and foresight to be able to mess something up at even a lower altitude than that. He had his rescue parachute out and in control at a very reasonable and safe altitude, even after fighting the induced mal for a while. Also, it should be known that playin "what does this button do" game is how a lot of the coolest moves to ever be done are invented. -SPACE-
  18. I think Luigi's wl was 4.25 on 39 ft2 while Pal T had 7.4 kg / m2 which equals wing load of 1.51/ft2 Is there some different calculation? No different calculation, the difference is those maneuvers at that loading is just as impressive as merely landing. Obviously there is no issue being able to walk away from landing it. 12.5m for a paraglider makes a pretty twitchy control. This is not a speed glider, and it is amazing what agility Pal got out of the load research project. Normal acro loading is between 4.5 and 5 kg/m2 Pal is bumped it up a handful of notches. Pal is increasing the load by 25-35%% and doing things better as well as things that nobody has done before.
  19. Pal is easily the best in the world. Extremely creative and skilled. If you want a cool documentary, find "Adrenaline and Turbulance". This is true canopy flying. -SPACE-
  20. I don't even think the fun police are that jealous.
  21. (watch the whole thing through the landing swoop) This is Pal T on a 12.5m thriller. (the paragliding equivelent of Luigi landing the 39) Edit to add : Pal does not get started acro for a bit,, so unless you want to watch two minutes of a bad ass in an afro pretending to be on a radio talk show, skip to 2:00 -SPACE-
  22. Seem to be a lot of haters here. I don't know if you are an idiot or not, but you seem like you like to have fun under (or over) a glider up high, so you have my respect. I fly an all sail JVX 79, never taken more than 6 seconds delay on it and never less than 10k. I do not swoop. You should get into acro paragliding if you are not already. WAY more fun, dangerous, and time consuming than skydiving. -SPACE-
  23. It actually kinda sounds like you did a SAT entry, not usually possible to do a clean one on skydiving canopies. here is a similar thing I did jumping one of my OZONE Bullet speed gliders a year or so ago. -SPACE-
  24. a full mile off the ground is too low to do acro on ANY landable canopy?