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  1. hahaha... we just travel cross country to move my GF and her/our cat from CO to WV for grad school. The DD cat did not want to take the Zanex she was prescribed but we got it in her. Noodly cat made the trip very well. cleaning herself and my feet for 1500 miles.
  2. Some hilarious screen grabs in this article. I hope my engineering and design get some creed so we can go do this again somewhere. Bigger. Faster. FUN!!! -SPACE-
  3. I hope I can make some dives in this or a similar machine someday. Such a cool engineering marvel. Alvin is now 50 years old. Of course, she has had many many upgrades over the years. I don't think there are any original parts in her at all now. -SPACE-
  4. The cops were all about it. Loved being part of it, 90% of the drivers loved it. Those are the two busiest roads in Panama. As usual, some of the drivers were idiots and screamed insults in Spanish that our local crew laughed at. The roads were shut down for 5min at a time. They will be fine.
  5. No, not possible to ride to the bottom. terminal speed was around 50mph and the anchors were two rental cars on a paved marina parking lot. We could have built a decelerator but this job called for falling from the line. -SPACE-
  6. I had a ton of fun designing this rig and building it. 4 days scouting on site, then a month coordinating and sourcing gear, then a week of 15 hour days rigging. We got 37 jumps on a stormy rainy day in the tropics. I can't wait to do more gigs like this. SO. MUCH. FUN.!!!!!!
  7. Yep. I would have put it anywhere that was empty. NOT where people are. Go for the water. Or 20' closer to the water than he did. Even if it flips over, it's shallow and there are people there to help you get out. Don't crash into people. That's the story for ANY crash landing. #1 priority is to avoid injury to people on the ground. No matter what, limit the chance of human casualties.
  8. I have a whitewater boat, but I'm never putting into these places. OUCH. If you don't like watching people getting wrecked and/or almost drowning this is not your link. Looks like most or all survived, but still. Ouch. -SPACE-
  9. 2 cylinder in-line? Not familiar with that one. What is it?
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    I have flown a gas Lazair, they are nice. Slow everything-acceleration, climb, stall, top speed, etc. Very different from this flynano in target market and design.
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    Yeah... I'm gonna call it. It's mid 2014 and the best they can do is 100km/hr 2m off the water. In a straight line. I told ya so. Aerodynamics are not the magic that they convinced click bait writers, gullible investors, and sensationalistic magazine editors of. The current design with a lot more power and a capable pilot inside would be a LOT of fun to fly as a normal aircraft, but like I said there is no way in hell that thing can be a safe flying machine.
  12. Me too! I turned 30 on location. I'm only a kid at heart. -SPACE-
  13. One of two commercials I was part of last month. I was lead stunt rigger for this one and appear in most of the helicopter shots. I'm the door gunner as well. It was my job to rig the small zipline, coordinate/spot the heli for jumping and external load rigging. Two good friends appear in the video as well as the jumper and zip liners. This was the small commercial, my big deodorant commercial should be out any day! SSP, sorry. -SPACE-
  14. Rigging and jumping a BASE zipline over two freeways and a marina in Panama City, Panama. -SPACE-
  15. I've done some work in the film industry (airborne cinematography) and worked with big hex and octocopters, with custom built aircraft a 10lb payload and 5min flight time is no sweat. With a larger budget, upwards of 20lb payload and longer range is very doable. Also, a 'riot drone' would probably be launched on sight, not scrambled from a different location.
  16. That's adorable. It would take a marginally capable person throwing 20 feet of string tied to a rock to bring down and destroy a $20,000 machine. Edit:yes, that is not the point of your post, but still. adorable.
  17. Hey... I didn't pay for it. But like I said, thank you. Last year I had zero withheld income. All contract work. Big check to write a couple months ago. I'm satisfied with my financial contribution.
  18. I don't know if my story belongs here, but here it is. I won't get out of bed without health insurance. I have multiple pre-existing conditions from a paragliding crash in 2006. I was insured, of course, 75$ a month premium and a $10,000 deductible. Awesome worst-case plan and I used every bit of it with over $800,000 in medical bills over 3 weeks coma ICU, 3 months in a hospital and 3 more months doing daily outpatient care and surgeries and the like. I kept the plan until 2012. The underwriter changed and I didn't notice that the auto-payments had stopped. I'm sure my spam folder was overflowing and the mailbox was filling up but I'm bad about getting the mail unless I'm expecting a check or a toy. The plan lapsed, and I was dropped. My fault. Well, shit. I have multiple pre-existing conditions, but no claims in 6 years. No one wanted me. They would laugh when I called to discuss my application. Finally I found CoverColorado, they were doing something to help people like me get worst-case coverage and that's all I want. I can give myself stitches, cure my cold with regular OTC drugs and even set a friends' tibia that may have been displaced to avoid his un-insured ass the 80k$ surgery to set the bone. But the hell if My family sells their house to pay for my dumb mistake and I rack up a hospital bill like the first. The story continues, Obamacare light goes on and I apply online, took about an hour going back and forth through screens to make sure everything is correct, and then a quick phone call and BAM. I have baddass insurance again. I'm an aspiring black market weed sales associate in the heart of Boulder, CO where they sell that stuff to anyone, from a store. ALL DAY LONG. I'm not rich, my jobs are many and sometimes pay very well, others I eat macncheese and tortillas for a month until I get my paycheck that goes entirely into fixing my house. Anyway, my friends at the IRS think I deserve a bit of money from obamacare. My premium is $400, I pay $144 a month. Rich people pay my other 256$. Thank you. It helps. Now, for my first doctor visit in a year, I show up thinking I'm going to have to give up my hard earned mixed-value bills in my pocket. I'm still broke(ish) but I can pay for gas to go paraglide and teach. And my cat's food and poop box sand, and bring my awesome girlfriend a sculpted red/white lettuce statue that we both decide is way better than flowers and sushi. But,,, back to obamacare. I have been sick for a month now, i started feeling down about 3 days before I left for a BASE/Rigging stunt for a commercial shoot in Panama City, Panama. I load up with the normal cold medications and stuff that covers up the symptoms so I could work 7 days in full sunlight rise-set and a few after that, then sleep in a 5 star hotel for a few hours, then go at it again at 4am. I can't say that only mucinex and robotussin pushed me through this gig. Being close to columbia has its benefits. OK. back to the story. Shoot went great, better than the producer and director wanted. All the shots were made, did 37 jumps in one day, and Devin loves the shots. I work one more commercial stunt as the rigger and stunt coordinator and then bam, back to the states. I'm feeling pretty sick, coughing painfully and lethargy all along. I try to power through it with the usual, mucinex and robotrippin but the symptoms don't stop. and as of monday I was still sick. So, I suck it up, get out my nice new insurance card, and take the moped to the doctors office one block away.v(i like riding mopeds.) I walk in with no apptment, and ask the front desk ladies if I can see Dr. Frollenson soon. I filled out the paperwork, handed the clipboard back, and the doc had an opening he could squeeze me into. Turns out there is a strain of phenmonia causing little buggies to multiply an find new hosts. I guess they found me and now I'm sick. Doctor was very nice, looked into my problem, samples, took about an hour. He comes back with a folder of scripts for me, we shake hands (I'm sure he washed his right off.) Anyway, I go back to the front desk and ask the ladies what I owe, for the visit. 'nada sir, your plan has 0$ on all outpatient visits. Score! I am now happy with Obamacare, (I was wishy washy for a while.) I plug on over to the pharmacy to fill my cash crop of prescriptions- doctor-signed drug tickets. They are filled in five minutes, and I bring them to the counter, The lady asks me to sign the electronic pad, "but I haven't given you any card. Her reply :"no charge man. Your insurance company takes care of the first 500$ per month of medications. you just have to confirm you received the meds and understand the risks" Double score the day. Totally free checkup, extra tests, genuine conversation about the cold as well as where I have been the last few months. Then totally free drugs, treatments, and antibiotics. win one for OBC. I would say my experience has been great. I get an awesome plan for 140$ a month. It's just me, one story. analogous, almost. But I doubt i'm alone.
  19. More pilots who forgot turn off the chemtrails. Really cool aerodynamics/meteorology phenomenons.
  20. Pretty sure not. If it did, man would I have a few uses for that. Interestingly, it would be perfectly easy to test it considering three meters is far more than enough distance to check for speed of light violations. As long as they plug everything in the correct way
  21. 18 is a good run. I'm sorry for your loss. What was her name?
  22. I've hitchhiked across the country a few times, it's an interesting experience. It's hard to stay smelling nice when you're in a sleeping bag every night and walking for miles at a time. I pick them up occasionally, never any bad experiences. Usually they are nice and thankful.
  23. I have been jumping for a decade and I cannot imagine a situation, especially on my JVX 79, where I would want anything smaller than my PD 149 reserve. I have a tertiary rig, I think I will give myself a 2-out deployment with my Safire2 149 and my JVX. It sounds like a good practice, and I want to know why people justify a dual parachute system where the total area of reserve + main is below 200 square feet.