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  1. I was comparing it to the red bull 2-ship Blanik/jumper stunt. I guess I was too vague. -SPACE-
  2. No inverted vertical stab high five? (Looked like a ton of fun!) -SPACE-
  3. I fly paragliders and speed wings VERY close to the ground on a regular basis. and it is absolutely the most dangerous place for 'turbulence', as well as the least predictable. Usually, and I'm not pointing fingers here because the OP seems to know his shit, but usually the skydiver-turned-speed glider pilot is 99-100% ignorant of micrometeorology as it pertains to flying foot launched gliders off mountains and hills. 2 years ago there was huge surge of skydivers buying speed wings and breaking their ankle on the same hill. It was a monthly occurrence. Awesome used speed glider deals everywhere. It was all because kids would get to the hill and say "huh, looks fine" and would go fly. little did they know it was honking over the back (guilty of this myself back in the day) or the thermals are so sharp and nasty even the expert PG pilots are taking a break. (Even speed gliders need to be 'actively flown' in "turbulence", which is not turbulence at all to the paraglider pilot. Just "active air" that can be used to get high). I for one have 700+ ground launched small canopy flights, half of those more than 2000', I have flown anything from a JVX to a BASE canopy to a skate8 to a little cloud 16, and I have never had a collapse on any of those when foot launching. SO, what I am saying is, if you do not know how to predict the air conditions, if you do not know how to PREDICT THE TURBULENCE and deal with it, you should probably not be flying that day.
  4. Have you looked up the word 'turbulence' lately? tur·bu·lence   /ˈtɜrbyələns/ Show Spelled[tur-byuh-luhns] Show IPA noun 1. the quality or state of being turbulent; violent disorder or commotion. 2. Hydraulics . the haphazard secondary motion caused by eddies within a moving fluid. 3. Meteorology . irregular motion of the atmosphere, as that indicated by gusts and lulls in the wind. I added the bold to highlight my point. None of those words contributes to anyone 'knowing' what turbulence is doing. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you do. While I appreciate the lesson in vocabulary, and in some ways I agree, I personally use the predictable forms of turbulence A LOT. I soar sailplanes and my airplane in the wave, I use convective turbulence to thermal my paragliders, I use mechanical turbulence to soar my speed gliders. When close formation flying I use "wake turbulence" to my advantage and know where it will be and what it does to my airplane. Of course, heir on the side of caution. At my landing strip I know where the rollers are off the hangars and trees, I know where there is valley flow, I know where there will be drainage. The trick is to fly so that you have an out either way, if the 'turbulence' is there or not. You could argue that those are not 'turbulence' but predictable forms of airmass movement or "sink"and "lift" but in aviation it seems to me the two can be fairly easily interchanged, just need to adapt the vehicle and flying style. -SPACE-
  5. or that... but what kind of wind was there?
  6. Is this from the wake of another canopy a few seconds ahead of the pilot in this photo? a wake is really the only thing that could cause that kind of turbulence that low to the ground.
  7. when I had ~15 jumps I bought a well used Saber 170 (totally airworthy, but older) and after a few jumps on it one of the packers at good 'ol mile high told me "you're not jumping that thing again, the cells are blown up", I protested and told him that those are cross-ports, essentially every ram air canopy ever built has those holes. He went and asked an instructor, and no shit. Those are supposed to be there.
  8. Most of skydiving is vanity, don't spread your legs. You look like a moron.
  9. You obviously know nothing of dynamic soaring. Speed gliders are very capable of maintaining energy and stability through the abusive sheer layers required for dynamic soaring. The kid in the video (an idiot) is gaining altitude so fast he broke his paragliding variometer, so he borrowed a friends skydive altimeter. He launched from a grain silo in a tornado.
  10. There are GAPERs in every sport, and pretty much anyone trying to foot launch a skydiving canopy takes the cake.
  11. Well the pilot without a doubt held it in a spin, maybe not on purpose though. I can't imagine a tailwheel pilot that cannot recognize a spin. Seemed like a few jumpers were in on it though, and a few of them not.
  12. In most cases, yes. Stowing behind my head takes me all of about 5 seconds, and requires no rigging back on the ground. For me that is a much better solution than a removable slider. My god I love this shit. For a canopy-flight specific jump, I think a removable slider is not that big of a deal. Most likely the pilot is opening right out the door, and at slow speed. -SPACE-
  13. Pretty sure the pilot was wearing one. Jumping out of a spinning plane is fun as hell. Almost as fun as letting jumpers out of a spinning one. But maybe this one is not on purpose?
  14. Don't write shit like that on the internet. People might pull their heads out of their asses.
  15. Is there more than one "Justin Shorb" in skydiving? Because I for sure have some unrelated shit that a "Justin Shorb" is a worthy antagonist in.
  16. Hey Mothra, the "BEER!" rule for whenever someone does something "for the first time" or says the word "first" is all in good fun. It is amazingly one of the less annoying stereotypical skydiver habits.
  17. .???? The Petra may have an obvious ellipse, but it's design is nothing like the bullet, or most any paraglider based speed wing. Bullets have a symmetric ellipse, taking advantage of both leading edge and trailing edge curves. The Petra has a very leading edge dominant ellipse. From what I understand the Petra is a completely new planform. -SPACE-
  18. Anything you want, until someone who cares notices.
  19. what are we talking about here? skydiving canopies can launch just fine. so can kites. Hell, I have tried to launch a STEERABLE ROUND off a STEEP slope and failed, but I know I can do it. It's all about what you want to be teaching the endless supply of muppets that muppet see, muppet do. I have been teaching speed flying for two years now, and from my experience I would say that skydiving gear is counter-productive in comparison. But that's just me. -SPACE-
  20. Nick is impressively consistant. I believe he told the venue (his home turf) he would need more gravel at the ends. Other competitors would barely clear the pond with out getting wet, while Nick was running out of gravel on the far end. -SPACE-