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  1. More enlightenment on rocket guidance systems: That. Was. Awesome. hahahahahaha. I got through that first listen, slowly building up a laugh at the exact precision of ambiguity it gives you. Funny, that is seemingly "identical" to how our multi-rotor flight computer/controllers work through INS, GPS and compass. It's a somewhat good descriptor to a lot of automated navigation systems I'm sure.
  2. Also sounds a lot like the Titan 2 start cartridge spinning up the turbo pumps to initiate engine start. sadly I don't have clean audio of this to make a cool ringtone. This video explains the phenomenon, but not in great detail. Nothing wrong with watching Amy talk about rockets of course.
  3. I was doing a demo in Oregon and there was a string of Vipers practicing over the venue during down time. I kept hearing this wicked loud grind/spool up noise as they throttled up while passing overhead at about 1000'. I called my good viper pilot friend right off and asked him what that noise was. He said he does not know, he can't hear anything from the cockpit as he is being a god among men in his own F-16. I hung up on him. Dick. A few months before he had given me his (now replaced with the secret version) flight manual for the C models. He texted I should look in there. My thought was it could be the compressor wheel spooling up from low RPMs before the turbine and fan catches up and burner kicks on. Nope. Turns out it is the actuators for the stator vanes changing pitch to adjust for the optimum airflow ahead of the compressor. It sounds like happiness and awesome in the purest forms. Enjoy.
  4. Flight Management Computer with a pong game easter egg. Nothing but awesome. For those that do not know, a FMC is the brains of an aircraft, if it had any. Pilots input different performance, comms, nav, etc. info and the FMC spits out useful data and useful controls for motors and stuff. Turns out they have entertainment uses too.
  5. Longboarding is extra burly. The extent of my skating is riding the motorized/electric mountainboard towing other (real) longboarders back up hills in Boulder. It will do 25mph with me on it towing two guys my size (160b) uphill. LiPos are amazing.
  6. Naturally. I suppose someone who would need this medication might not know that. Yet.
  7. Thanks! this is a record thread for me to have started and I want to see 200.
  8. My cat is staying at my moms house for a while (I sold my house, so we are homeless) and I made a key for myself. The pink key is for my hangar. I'm like a 16yo girl.
  9. That was me. I was curious if there was an organized opposition to the 1975 petition to remove the mckinley name. I deleted it (in what I thought was about 3 seconds after posting) because I loosely remembered reading about the politicians/reasons the petition was denied. I wanted to read more about it before asking a stupid question. -SPACE-
  10. No apology needed, I was shotgun replying you this whole thread.
  11. From Billvon's article: That was exactly my point all along. This quote also illustrates that an opposition (anyone wanting to call it "McKinely") has suspicious motivations for it. In the grand scheme, it IS just a mountain, and anyone can call it anything they want in their circle. But teaching this propaganda McKinely name to the world through federally sponsored means was a mistake. It was recognized and corrected. (Finally). I apologize if I touted my responses as such. My point in communicating this travel experience was that everywhere I went and talked with people about the mountain it was called Denali. I witnessed Alaskans correcting people who called it mckinley. My reason for traveling was to gain flight/planning experience in Alaska mountains and weather. I also had a single goal (that did not really matter, just a bonus if the timing coincided) and that was to fly around Denali and try to photograph climbers on the West Buttress. Never worked out, best I got was some tents on 7500' camp. On weather days I would wander around whatever town I was in talking with people about my reason for being here and learn a little about their lives. Edit: My flight instructor's mom had a house in Juneau and one in Anchorage. We stayed at those places whenever we could. Camped the rest of the time. She had lived in Alaska her whole life. It was really cool to see all the family pictures on the walls from as early as the 40s with them on top of Mendenhall and lower Kahiltna Glaciers.
  12. Again, more simply, what vested interest do you have in Denali? Ok, you transplanted to Alaska. So what. I spent 2 months there over two years traveling anywhere from the southern Ketchikan to Nome. I do not 'live' there but I would venture to say I met and talked with a more diverse set of people. Transplants, workers and natives. Everyone called it Denali. A person living there is just another person living there. You get one opinion. no more, no less. I would venture to say that my opinion resides in the majority of the people with a vested interest in the name of a historical mountain. Ohio is a splotch of flat land, some rolling hills. Name the unremarkable geography of Ohio after McKinely. It fits better for a 150yo president from Ohio. If the reason for your position is to conserve what you learned in middle school, sure, go for it. Call it president McKinely in your inner circle of people who have no vested interest in a mountain you probably have only seen from a great distance or on a jump plane. No problem with that. No one will stop you. It will take years for Mckinely's name to decompose off that hill. My position is based on the decades of other people trying to change the name from bullshit propaganda back to the name that locals called it a century ago. People who HAVE a vested interest. -SPACE-
  13. Sounds like a group of people that have the most observable cultural, experiential or nostalgic interest in it. Now that your government has re-opened after the 40 years of doing nothing but deliberate and spend on this matter I'm guessing you can work out those big issues in stride.
  14. It's a pretty big mountain I'm guessing you're besties with all the native Alaskan cultures. It wasn't an issue until some guy in the front got himself shot and other guys in the front figured out that their' powers went beyond naming big boats and they could brand a completely natural feature. Sure, there is a deserving respect for most of the white house guys, but like I said. Boat. I feel like you haven't been paying attention According to you there would be more than two candidates, remember? Mountains are named by those who discovered them, or if there is a reliable historical or living record of the feature having a name, OR is named by the people who have an observable cultural, experiential or nostalgic interest in it. It is generally a combination thereof that evolved into a commonly recognized name. [canned snide rebuttal] I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that this lot of people are friends of yours that exist in the same cultural circles. Curious about what observable cultural, experiential or nostalgic interest you and your "lot" have in Denali. (that last one was not meant to be snide, I want to know) I want to know because the entirety of the "opposition" in this thread has cited nothing but relative privation fallacies, 'merika, and an (understandably financial) motivation to avoid changing the mountain's name in the nations middle school geography text books that are probably older than you and me. No one has to 're-learn' the name, because anyone who called it Denali was probably someone who learned it from someone who has "an observable cultural, experiential or nostalgic interest in it". Anyone who called it McKinely probably learned it from a middle school geography (©1995) textbook for the sake of memorizing for a test.
  15. With this and all the "other" relative privation fallacies in this thread, I am very curious of an estimated cent-per-tax-dollar as well as administration time-cost of this.
  16. The people who have a cultural, experiential or nostalgic interest in Denali call it Denali. It was a mistake to name a contextually irrelevant mountain after some president that got himself shot. Thats what aircraft carriers are for.
  17. Serios google news photo assignment fail. Or win. Better's choice.
  18. What difference, at this point, does it really make anyway!!?? For the betterment of human's place in the universe, probably no point. But... "Why the hell not"? Other than respect for the local community who actually saw the mountain and lived in its shadow. McKinley never even saw it. I always knew it as Denali through fellow climbers and knew that 'McKinley' was literally nothing but a political brand. I have never been on the ground near Denali, only flown around its summit twice in a light twin. I did freak out the climbers at base camp as I turned final for their snow runway (serviced exclusively by ski-equipped aircraft) while flying a PA-27 Twin Commanche with the gear down.
  19. I knew I should have posted this in bonfire.
  20. Finally.
  21. Interesting. I read several articles from different news reports, and all but one reiterate (correctly) that the investigators never said 'we will know if this piece came from MH370 or not through a thorough study of the part'. Of course they might eventually be fairly certain, though it will take time and creative methodology to determine. This illustrates (again) the general differences between armchair researchers and an experienced unbiased investigation.
  22. I am a member of crewseekers and have made a few inquiries in the last year or two. Of course I would prefer our 'own' boat on 'our' schedule, but crewing vs leading make little difference to me as long as the dynamics are good between crew members. I get along pretty easy with almost anyone, but I hate being in the middle of squabbles between other people if I have to bunk with them. That said, I will talk to my friend about doing this instead for a winter until he/we are both more ready to go it alone. If we can find connecting legs to crew that would be ideal. Part/half of the appeal of sailing is not knowing where you will end up and that would be the case with that plan. Side note- I just got back from Hawaii on a drone job filming/studying the corral reef bleaching events. I met a few scientists who work/have worked with WHOI and the Alvin DSRV. I think I would rather work on the RV Atlantis (Alvin's support ship) than sail. I can't be a commercial pilot, but I could theoretically be an Alvin pilot, eventually. Dream job #3.
  23. hahahahahahaha [inhale] ah hahahahahaha.. hehe. [wipe tear].. sniffle.. disclaimer: I'm a couch critic. I am not a nuclear scientist, chemist, or explosive expert. That said, I know enough about scientific investigations, identifying logical fallacies, nuclear weapons, and explosive engineering to still be laughing at how much work some guy at "veterans today" put into trying to scare ignorant people. That was a shitty thing to happen to a lot of people. I commend the teams who tried to stop the fires and who rescued all the people caught up in this. I reserve the right to laugh hysterically at the stupid people trying to make it worse than it was.