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    Pilot, Epicene, Lightning, Eiff Classic
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    Optimium 176
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    Cypres 2

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    BASE Jumping
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  1. my two arrived they look sweet as!
  2. I would go orange and reflective stripes and a goggle retainer our State Emergency Service has one that also has fold down ear muffs which is nice if your going to be on the chainsaw a bit
  3. Pilot is coming out in a 7 cell soon and Atair is also doing a new wingsuit canopy Winx and will have low bulk option as well. And of course PDs is happening as well
  4. International Tim Tam dealer opportunity is over.
  6. wow they really screwed up on the quality, improvements in software fixes?
  7. great snippet hopefully zpx available as well
  8. here is the text from the pic Orange 23" Mini Ring-Ty17 risers with truloc toggles-standard dive loops-RSL rings on both sides $100 BRAND NEW - NEVER JUMPED UPT has 18 pairs of risers from a canceled order. We are selling them for $100 a pair (normally $150 per pair). To place the order, email [email protected]
  9. UPT just posed a swag of orange 23" risers on sale from a cancelled order for $100 [/url][url]
  10. The Parachutes Australia Manual The Airforce Reserve Parachute has a service life of 20 years from the Date of Manufacture stamped on the Parachute Canopy (whether used or in storage), due to the natural degradation of the textiles used for its manufacture. At each periodic inspection the Packer/Riggers must check the age and condition of the equipment. Those components that have a finite service life shall be permanently withdrawn from service when they reach their service life, or earlier if deemed un-airworthy.
  11. seems weird on the used canopies. Maybe that perspective was changed Pulse sizes 190, 210, 230, and 260 with serial numbers between 000001 and 001378, Date of Manufacture prior to 16 July 2012.
  12. another pic ZP.exe
  13. All removed circa ? Basic intermediate advanced masters
  14. FUD, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt