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    Pilot, Epicene, Lightning, Eiff Classic
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    Optimium 176
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    Cypres 2

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  1. There all fine, you may want to select based on how long your prepared to wait. Serious consider a second hand main Pricing difference sometimes relates to options.
  2. strife

    Helmet with camera built in

    nice. havent seen one done on a sky helmet but some others. How is the quality of the footage.
  3. strife

    G'day from Newcastle, Australia

    That's the CI your strapped to You going to love it and the club! Blue Skies
  4. strife

    New helmet liner project

    looks good was looking at a liner project to have some pockets sewn in for a bluetooth comms kit in a G3, and ordering a new liner was going to cost $100.
  5. strife

    Rig bag

    I have a couple of PD Gear Bags and a Rig Sleeve
  6. strife

    Pack volume question

    it seems unlikely but perhaps more details of your container and see if a Pulse 170 fits in there.
  7. strife

    Gopro Front mount or "forehead" mount?

    what sort of helmet what about one of these
  8. strife

    Go Pro Front Mount, Which one to get??

    there is the other low profile front mount, downside is that screw in.
  9. I have OPs in two of my rigs and tried to get a Nano in my new rig and one wasn't available in time. cost was a little bit cheaper and I've only heard some anecdotal statements about material thickness in the nano but not sure if that was just marketing.
  10. strife

    So, a cypres is gonna..... so does the 3 month leeway help int his case ?
  11. strife

    Looking for a used Pulse

    try facebook groups OZ Eastern OZ (NZ) UK
  12. In WS forum they mentioned the Scala G9s
  13. strife

    Negotiating first rig

    if you dont ask you dont get you probably need to provide some more details about age etc, have a look in the classifieds for a commensurate setup and see how the pricing compares.
  14. strife

    Voodoo Curv Vc2 & Pilot 168 ZPX fit

    we have a Vc3 with 168zpx and he packs pretty neat and is relatively soft not sure its 50ci soft however
  15. strife

    Searching for a video...