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  1. Can someone please point me in the direction of the official Greek parachute requirements concerning gear and especially the frequency of required repacks on reserves? Thanks in advance. Dave.
  2. I've seen people use an RSL shackle fixed to the elastic on one side and a loop on the other end.
  3. Chuck I now jump a fabric covered ring system from Parachute de France and I like it. I've also previously jumped pillows. I have 6 cutaways with pillows and 3 with rings......... I went for the ring because I like the ability to hook into it. And by the way my cutaway is the same type of handle. Suits me.
  4. I did my 2000th jump yesterday, not bad for 5 years in the sport. Followed it up with a celebratory 2001 as a tandem passenger and all my pals flying around trying to rip off my genitals. Too cool. next stop 3,000. Cheers, Coops
  5. Sounds an outstanding solid performance canopy. When is she likely to be commercialized? Blue skies. Coops.
  6. I'll share my canopy progression with you, not saying it's right but this is what I did. I started skydiving in August 2008 and I am 46 years of age now. I weighed 187lbs out of the door Jump #1 to #30 on a 260sq ft WL = 0.71 Jump #2 to #42 on a 220sq ft WL = 0.85 Jump #43 to #157 on a 210 sq ft WL = 0.89 Jump #158 to #278 on a Storm 190sq ft WL = 0.98 Jump #279 to #563 on a Sabre2 170sq ft WL = 1.10 Jump #564 to #614 on a Sabre 2 150sq ft WL = 1.24 Jump #615 to #737 on a Xfire2 129sq ft WL = 1.44 Jump #738 to #1057 on a Xfire2 119sq ft WL = 1.57 Jump #1058 to #1442 on a Xfire2 109sq ft WL = 1.71 Jump #1442 to #1806 on a JVX 99sq ft WL = 2.0 (I'd put on some weight) Jump #1806 to#1991 on a JVX 89sq ft WL = 2.2 (I've lost some weight now :-)) Started jumping my own rig at jump #158 at a WL of 0.98. Now I'm not saying I'm right, but I changed canopy size each time with the express permission of my DZO and of course I've scared myself a few times. I also badly sprained my ankle 4 months ago and I'm back in the air tomorrow for the first time since under a parachute, already been back under a paraglider. Tomorrow I'll be returning to the sky under a 170sq ft WL of 1.14 at least for a few jumps........
  7. It drives me mad, that an idiots on 110 size canopies who can't be bothered to de-twist their brake lines - fucking idiots.
  8. I'd recommend not to. Simply put, if it all works out great! If it doesn't work out it could completely fuck your season, you're call. Hope it all works out for you.
  9. Go the XXL it is what I have with a 23 inch/58cm head and it is fine.
  10. Why the fuck would you want to swoop at night? Day swoops require hundreds of jumps to get the sight picture why would you even attempt to do this at night? Sorry I just think this is fucked up.
  11. When I wear a camera helmet to film I wear contacts. When I am in the tunnel I wear a G2 with glasses and when I skydive and don't need to film I wear a G3 and glasses which I open as soon as I am under canopy.
  12. Well you start at 650-700 ft then you dial it down............. Awesome advice. Wrong and potentially deadly; but awesome. As Pablo H says "Awesome sometimes hurts..." Sarcasm. You really think the guy should get his setup altitude from people on the Internet? When by now if he has the ability to jump at a higher wingloading he should already know what extra altitude he needs to add to commence too high? And then dial-it down.......... Logic says to commence too high with a new canopy, one would assume jumping a Velo the guy should already have good sight picturing and an ability to tighten (ie speed up) or slow and widen the turn to still make the place he wants to land. All of this is subjective, subjective to the individual jump on the individual day at the individual height of the DZ etc etc. Trying to get an objective answer on the Internet is madness....... Just start too high and dial it down accordingly, doing try runs much higher are cool as a base line and offer a margin of safety as long as you are cerebral enough to add significant altitude to your initiation point. If you're not you shouldn't be jumping a HP canopy.
  13. Well you start at 650-700 ft then you dial it down.............
  14. Keep asking until you get someone who tells you what you my kids. Don't know you, but I'm gonna judge you on your behaviour here and you blowing off Dave and Ian. Have fun, I hope you don't hurt someone else that's all. Blue Skies.