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  1. Decodiver

    Wingsuiters that freefly - help!

    I've seen people use an RSL shackle fixed to the elastic on one side and a loop on the other end.
  2. Decodiver

    Sauter en France avec un brevet americain.

    oui tu peux faire ta visite auprès de n'importe quel médecin généraliste mais il faudrait qu'il signe le certificat FFP que tu peux télécharger ici ainsi que la liste des contre-indications Sinon ici la liste des médecins agrées de la FFP
  3. Decodiver

    Swooping is fun when done right.

    I'm gonna buy me some popcorn....sit back and let the show begin......................
  4. Decodiver

    Tonfly vs Sonic

    Stela hi, I have 2 Tonfly Uno 620s which I use for free flying and they are comfortable have a lot of power range and are of great quality. Tonfly customer service is also first class. I have a Sonic tunnel suit which I occasionally use in the sky and have no problems with the quality of that suit either. Probably won't help but if I had to choose one over another I would go with the Tonfly suits. Cheers, Coops.
  5. Decodiver

    Parachutisme 74

    Firstly, this is my home DZ, so bear that in mind. This is a great DZ, people are friendly, inclusive and the place is safety driven. All new arrivals get a DZ briefing and where necessary check outs are conducted, including qualifications, logbooks and equipment. There are some hugely experienced people at this DZ but not an ego nor a Sky God in sight. The DZ is tight, sandwiched between a Helicopter area and a tree-line but more than adequate for beginners and the more experienced jumper alike. If you don’t speak French, don’t be put off, there is an excellent level of English spoken by the majority of the staff. Once a year the DZ moves to Corsica in October, for a week, to Morocco in January for 2 weeks and to Megeve, at the foot of Mont-Blanc for a week in June and one in September. Whether you’re local or not, interested in a Tandem, AFF or just getting Wingsuit, RW or Free Fly coaching you won’t be disappointed. Plenty of rental gear available, one aircraft, a Pilatus Porter and great staff. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.