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  1. I have a Wings container with an RSL. If I have a pilot chute in tow I plan to cutaway and pull my reserve without disconnecting my RSL. Any potential problems with doing it that way?
  2. Don't ever count on making more money or losing weight. Safire 3 is an excellent canopy, in my opinion.
  3. Damn near quit two years ago when a hard opening (i.e., two seconds) knocked me unconscious. Pulled at 3500, open at 3499, woke up at 1700 having no idea where I was or what I was doing. Some long, hard thinking afterwards. I knew a guy who was packing when he noticed that one of his links was all the way open and bent severely so that his lines were a miracle from falling off one riser. Left his gear on the packing mat and never came back as far as I know. There are a jillion reasons for quitting.
  4. Croc

    Safire 3 - Jill Grantham's First Impressions

    Great! Now I feel like a real girly man! LOL
  5. Croc

    Safire 3

    As advertised, my Safire 3 has a long snivel (better open a little higher!), but they are as smooth as silk and on heading despite my pathetic efforts to get it in the bag. I've packed my own chute over 1000 times and, as with any new canopy, I still have a challenge getting it packed. On one jump I just balled the whole thing up and literally shoved it into the bag. (I do not recommend this, of course). Still had a beautiful opening. Toggle responce is excellent, and the landings are way fun, easy to swoop it even at my light (1.2) WL. Very satisfied. I've owned two Spectres, a Lightning, a Storm and two Pilots. The Safire 3 is the best by far.
  6. Croc

    Another Look at No-Wind Landings

    I think I read this years ago when I had a couple of hundred jumps. Now I have over a thousand and his advice is still excellent.
  7. WTF? Registered two weeks ago, blank profile, and you want to do what? You wouldn't happen to be a troll, would you?
  8. Croc

    Why Your Canopy Is Slapping You Around

    What are your credentials?
  9. Jack Lambert retired from the NFL because of turf toe. I don't know what it is, but if someone as tough as him says "It is the worst pain I have ever had," then it must be bad. My sympathies.
  10. Croc

    Our *irst Mr.Bill

    Good enough! Now stop that nonsense!
  11. Croc

    Newbie w/ Injury

    Can't help with your questions, but I wish you a speedy recovery and thanks for your service.
  12. Croc

    Hard opening

    Fill out your profile please, unless you're a troll. In that case, just go away.