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  1. Croc

    First time buying gear

    goggles. I can heartily recommend clear, soft plastic type, such as Flexvision or Kroops flexfold. don't get goggles that restrict your peripheral vision.
  2. WTF? DO NOT DO THAT! Get a Safire 2 or 3 if you want a slow, soft opening, although there is nothing wrong with a Pilot. Where did you get the idea to make your slider useless by spraying the lines with silicone?
  3. Croc

    Canopy size

    Regardless of what canopy you buy, you will have to land it. Some canopies are harder to land than others. Talk to you instructors and think about what you want in a canopy. Want to avoid hard openings? Off heading openings? A docile ride? A soft landing? What you want and your skill level will determine what you want in a canopy. IMHO wing loading is a factor, but not the main one. For example, a worn-out 288 sq. ft. F-111 main will land like a pallet of bricks, much harder than a Sabre II 190.
  4. Croc

    Fear of Landing

    What canopy are you jumping?
  5. An insurer (in my state, Indiana, at least) cannot raise the rates or make any change to a life insurance policy once it is issued as long ask the information gathered when the policy was applied for was truthful. I bought an accident policy which I had my agent examine. There is no exclusion for skydiving. I understand this is no longer the case, so I'll keep this policy as long as I am jumping. (My regular policy excludes skydiving.)
  6. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    Thanks for all the replies. After emailing Julian I will be looking at a Safire 3 149 or a Sabre 2 150. (Currently jumping a Safire 3 169.)
  7. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    It would be my first fully elliptical, and with 1200 jumps and loaded about 1.25 it does not seem to be too radical a move. I will demo it, of course. I have a Safire 3 which seems a bit docile, although I am considering just getting a smaller
  8. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    Thanks. I read that also. That does seem to be what I'm looking for.
  9. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    Thanks. That's what I was looking for.
  10. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    Can't figure out how to use this new format!
  11. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    OK. Thanks. I have a Safire 3.
  12. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    From the descriptions on the Icarus website the X-Fire seems to be much different than the NZ Aerosports Crossfire 3. Aren't they? I have an email to Julien at NZ Aerosports, so I'll see what he says. And yes, it is confusing.
  13. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    Not an X-Fire. Crossfire 3.I have a Safire 3. It is more like a Pilot than a Sabre 2, it seems to me. Sabre 2 flies like my storm and lands like nothing I have ever owned.
  14. Croc

    Sabre 2 or Crossfire 3?

    Maddingo, I will test jump the Crossfire 3, of course, but from the descriptions on the NZ Aerosports website I don't see the they are "totally different." How are they totally different?