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  1. Thanks heaps for your thorough reply. I ask the question on here because my dz is 2hrs away and i wont be there until next weekend and my curiosity couldnt wait. I do intend on speaking with my instructors and following their advice. Not only because its the smart thing to do but because lives and health depend on it. 1:1 sounds okay. Im not too keen on jumping into a situation i cant control, i want just after a good guide for a rig i could look at with actual interest and if suit wouldnt waste a riggers time by having it looked at only to be told im an idiot because its way too small for me to be jumping.
  2. Hey guys. Recently completed my A license and am keeping an eye out for one time bargain Rigs. Question. Im 81kg and 192cm. The canopy i flew during training was a 240sqft. I have seen nothing fir sale around this. What would be a safe size for a new flyer? Keep looking around the 240 mark? Thanks in advance.