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  1. I am still currently a student . Im on level 7 and was wondering if I should start looking at gear and if so what should I buy first? Maybe start with an altimeter or a helmet ?
  2. Yeah man was able to get 3 levels done yesterday . Hopefully the winds will stay calm for next weekend .
  3. awesome! Cant wait for level four ! Weather has been messing me up .
  4. Yeah Once I did my tandem that was it . Think about it ALLLL the time . I'm now on level 4 AFF I'm single though and have no kids. Make decent money as a UPS driver so I get to play . And It has been extremely aggravating trying to do it during this season between the cold and rain its almost impossible. Its been over a month since I was able to do a jump. Im planning on sticking with it for a long time.
  5. ….and I still haven't done my 4th level due to the stupid weather in South Carolina lol
  6. Got some good time in the other week in the tunnel. Did 15 minutes and really felt like I could control my flying lot better at the end. Just waiting for a clearish day and ill be back in the skies for level 4. Feels like its been months since my last jump witch was like three weeks ago.
  7. Heading to get some tunnel time Saturday (15min) and hopefully knocking out jumps 4 5 6 on Sunday. Cross your fingers for good weather !!! WHOOP WHOOP . When I did my 3rd jump I was able to turn back to the direction I was supposed to be looking at so I think that's why he passed me . Just not trying to fail any levels . Figure a repeat level is the same amount as tunnel time so I might as well get some .
  8. I'm In Columbia . got 1 about 2 1/2 from me . Gonna shoot up there this weekend sometime . Maybe do around 15 minutes or so of fly time . I think its gonna help me a lot with level 4. How long did it take you to get your license? Its going into spring and weather wants to be a brat. lol
  9. Hey I'm brand new at the sport and its all I can think about lol. I'm 30 years old and live in South Carolina. On another topic I did my tandem over a year ago in Florida and have also completed level three in the AFF/AFP program. Was looking for any tips as a new flyer . I noticed on my last jump that I turned without wanting to . Was able to turn back, but I'm wondering is that normal for first timers and what can I do to correct it . Also if there are any other tips as a newbie please let me know . thank you !